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Kingstaf – Kings

Kingstaf – Kings


Kingstaf – Kings
Kingstaf – Kings


ALBUM TITLE: Reign Supreme
RELEASE DATE: March 20th, 2019
GENRE: Hip Hop / Rap



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Discuss your recording experience with your producer.
I deal with different super dope producers on a respected level due to the fact that I run my own record label whatever catches my ear I go from there and work out the exclusive contract.


Discuss what comes first and last while creating a song.
Being a writer sometimes the hook comes first or the verses, whatever is the defying moment at that particular time then I tie it all together.


Tell us the piece of advice you will give to a new artist.
Consistent behavior will be your win game.


Discuss your worse experience in the music business.
When you are performing and the crowd is not interested.


Tell us how you deal with rejection.
Raise my head high and keep fighting.


Tell us what you are doing to impact people around you.
Being able to inspire through my talent and experience.


Tell us the music that makes you happy.
I love jazz and I love writing music that will change lives.


Tell us how you make instrumentation to your song.
Everything is harmony combined with intellect and vibration.


Tell us how you feel when you sing and your fans sing along to your song.
That’s when you know that finally, you are a household name.


Tell us the goals you aim to achieve when creating a song.
I usually try to paint a picture and hopefully you can relate.


Tell us your approach to writing.
Concepts are everything; I love writing about events that surround us in our everyday life.


Tell us how you plan to develop a unique music style.
My style took a while to develop; it’s at a high-end stage now – very professional.


Tell us if you are collaborating with other songwriters or you write alone.
I write all my own stuff and have never collaborated with anyone other than a feature.


Discuss your experience with fans.
I love the fans and this is why we do this.


Tell us your experience of booking gigs and shows.
A little different when you are running your own business but you learn to network.
Tell us if you consider a song placement in TV or Film.
Yes, I’m very open to song placement.


Elaborate on the song.
The song is entitled ‘Kings’ and it means every man is a king in his own right.



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