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Kodey Brims – Out of Hands

Kodey Brims – Out of Hands

Kodey Brims – Out of Hands
Kodey Brims – Out of Hands



ARTIST NAME: Kodey Brims
SONG TITLE: Out of Hands
ALBUM TITLE:  Out of My Hands EP



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Discuss your recording experience with your producer.
I had a fantastic time with Invisible Heroes. They are three Berklee alumni working out of their home studio in Nashville, TN. It was a collaborative and experimental process for all of us and I learned a lot from them.


Discuss what comes first and last while creating a song.
What comes first for me is the emotion of the song. That is extremely important!
What comes last for me is the lyrics, which might be a bit backward but that’s how it happens for me. I like to really spend time on the lyrics so I like to leave them, last.


Tell us the piece of advice you will give to a new artist.
Figure out what it is you have to say and trust yourself! Every person has something special to say and you have to stand up for that.


Discuss your worse experience in the music business.
I was playing at a tiny bar at midnight in Nashville. I had quite a captive little crowd who seemed to really be enjoying my songs.
I then announced my next song as “my gay country song” (I am bisexual) and instantly the crowd soured. One guy downed his drink and left. The organizer walked into a corner and didn’t watch. The other people looked extremely uncomfortable when I sang about having a female love interest. At the end of the song one woman clapped, and it was a pity clap. Haha, I didn’t perform that song around Nashville again.


Tell us how you deal with rejection.
Rejection is hard to take but I let myself feel hurt at the moment and then I move on. There is no point dwelling on it. Looking to the future always helps me through it! There is always a tomorrow and another opportunity to put your music out there.


Tell us what you are doing to impact the people around you.
My main objective is to be a kind, supportive person to the people around me. Happiness is infectious, and while it’s not always possible all the time, giving it to other people can really make the world better. I also really love supporting my fellow independent artist friends. I love being a fangirl to amazing upcoming artists!


Tell us the music that makes you happy.
I love the new Maggie Rogers album. It instantly puts me in a good mood. The lyrics, beats, and sound are amazing. She’s a really creative and genuine artist.


Tell us how you make instrumentation to your song.
Since I write on guitar my songs tend to always have the guitar in them – I then think of a drum beat and place other instrumentation around that.
I also love to have a lot of backing vocals to layer the sound as I sang a Cappella in college and I love that medium of composition.
Ultimately though, it all depends on what happens in the studio. Anything can happen!


Tell us how you feel when you sing and your fans sing along to your song.
Singing is the purest form of self-expression that I have. My voice is not perfect, but I love how it comes from within me and I have complete control over it. I feel so much lighter and happier when I sing! When people sing along to my songs it’s a really cool feeling.


Tell us the goals you aim to achieve when creating a song.
I aim to express an emotion as purely as possible. I want the listener to feel what I am feeling at that moment and I use the songwriting and composition tools I know to try and make that happen. It’s a work in progress but that’s what I love about songwriting!


State your approach to writing.
I like to sit with my guitar for a moment and think about what kind of emotion I want to express. Once I have that I strum and sing for a bit and then find the melody. The lyrics tend to come last for me and I spend a lot of time working on them to make sure they fit. I then like to make a demo on my computer to save any extra compositional ideas I might have and then if I really like the song, I’ll bring it to the studio.


Tell us how you plan to develop a unique music style.
I am in the process of figuring out just what that is. With the EP I experimented with a more relaxed vocal technique combined with pop instrumentation and folk guitar and lyrics.


Tell us if you are collaborating with other songwriters or you write alone.
I love co-writing! Some of my favorite songs are ones that I’ve co-written. With this EP, however, it was a very independent project for me so I wrote everything myself. In the future, I am definitely looking to co-write more and record those songs too!


Discuss your experience with fans.
Only positive experience! Having someone tell me that they connected with one of my songs can just make my day.


State your experience with booking gigs and shows.
I used to work as a Booking Agent in Nashville for other bands so I’ve learned a thing or two about it. It involves A LOT of strategically timed emails! You also have to make sure your music and the size of your fan base suits the venue. It can be tricky, but if you persevere you can definitely make it work.


Tell us if you consider a song placement in TV or Film.
I would love ‘Red Dust’ to be placed on TV or Film.


Elaborate on ‘Red Dust.’
My producers and I set out to experiment with ‘Red Dust’ to make the sonic landscape reflect that of a desert. It is sparse and lonely and haunting and I think it would be great in a cowboy film or something! I love the Americana guitar riff after the chorus and it could be a cool motif for something in a show.


Elaborate on your artist name and the title of the album.
My artist name is my real name. The title of my album is ‘Out of My Hands’ because I feel that that song from the EP really sums up what the whole EP is about. It is about dealing with change and being okay with it. Out of My Hands is quite an emotional song for me and my favorite song on the EP, so I wanted that to be the name.


Share your press release and review with us.
Kodey Brims
Australian pop/folk artist Kodey Brims embraces honesty and growth with her new EP ‘Out of My Hands.’
After discovering her sound in the writer’s rounds of Nashville USA, Brims set out to create an EP that captured the intensity of growing into a young adult.
The opening track ‘Red Dust’ paints a vivid picture of feeling lost in one’s early twenties juxtaposed in the landscape of the Australian desert.
The title track ‘Out of My Hands’ is an honest confession of growth and accepting change with lush pop instrumentation and soaring vocals.
‘Neon Colours’ is an upbeat pop track erasing self-doubt and jumping into a relationship and the final track Thunder is a step into self-empowerment.
Recorded and produced in Nashville with fellow Berklee College of Music alumni Invisible Heroes, Brims set out to sonically reflect the story of the lyrics.
The ‘Out of My Hands’ EP creates stark desert landscapes, honest revelations, and gathering storm clouds, beneath layered vocals and guitar textures.



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