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Kyan Palmer – Poetry In Motion

Kyan Palmer - Poetry In Motion

Kyan Palmer - Poetry In Motion
Kyan Palmer – Poetry In Motion


State your reason for choosing music as a career.
I don’t think I ever really had a choice to choose music. In a way, it chose me. Music has always been a natural outlet for me and it was something I always knew I would eventually pursue.
Tell us how you write the lyrics to your song. 
As a songwriter, I am writing every day with different people so my process always changes. But I try to write from a personal place and create a surrounding track that helps emphasize what I’m feeling.
Tell us about your life outside the music world. 
To be honest, I really have no life outside of the music world. Right now, music is pretty much all I do and I love it! I still like to go to dinner with friends and family when I can.
Brief us about your music career. 
My career started when I was in college in Arizona. I decided to record a song and market it as a part of my thesis. At the same time, I accepted a job at a major record label in NYC. As I sat at the office my first single, “Burn Mona Lisa” climbed to Spotify Viral 50 and now has over 3 Million streams.
Elaborate on how you come about your artist’s name. 
My momma gave it to me.


List your five favorite music videos and why.
“My My My!” Troy Sivan
“God’s Plan” Drake
“Baby One More Time” Britney Spears
“Thriller” Michael Jackson
“Lemonade” Beyonce.
All of these videos show what a star looks like in many shapes and forms. All of them are amazing in their own ways.
Tell us about your sources of inspiration. 
More than anything, I am inspired by life, and the stories of those around me. Every song I write I try to be as authentic to myself as possible.
Elaborate on the A-Z process of this song. 
I actually wrote this song almost a year ago. It was quick to write. I wrote it at a friend’s house and recorded it the next day. It took a while for it to come out, but we were trying to make it as perfect as we could. I’m happy that it’s finally out!
Tell us what you have on the way for your fans.
A lot more songs, videos, performances, collaborations. You name it.
List the people you will thank for supporting you so far. 
Obviously, I have to thank my parents, I wouldn’t be anywhere without them. My friends and family, my manager Ava who deals with my craziness every day, and all of the people out there that have given my music a chance. It takes a very big team to make it in the music industry, and I have the best support around!
Tell us your opinion on the use of auto-tune. 
You know what, it is heavily utilized in today’s music culture, and I think it has become a way for people to express themselves in a nontraditional way. Honestly, if the music sounds good, go for it. Just don’t rely on it, people’s ears change.
Tell us your opinion on quality and quantity in terms of releasing songs. 
Quality first, but it takes a large quantity of songs to have consistent quality. I am a believer that my odds of writing 10 good songs is better if I write 100 songs than if I took the same amount of time to write just 10 songs. So it’s really about finding the balance and learning how to write a lot of good quality songs.
Tell us your opinion on comparing a music career to a non-music career. 
I’d say it’s like most careers in the way that you have to continually work hard and smart if you want to succeed and get promoted, but it is different in the way that a music career is the center point of your life and everything else revolves around it. It’s a lot of work and commitment to be a musician, but if you’re passionate and diligent, it’s worth it.
Tell us your opinion on categorizing music into genres and sub-genres. 
I think that genres are a good way to use language to describe a type of music, but today’s music is a combination of so many genres. It is pretty rare for a song to be truly considered one genre and not a mixture of many.
List your five favorite movies with reasons.
Silver Linings Playbook
Step Brothers – Classic
Avatar – Great cinematography
X-Men – I love superhero movies
Trolls – I don’t know why, but this one really spoke to me.
State the links to your stores and website. 


State the title of the song and the meaning. 
Poetry In Motion – A moody pop ballad.



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