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Lake Folks – Astronaut

Lake Folks – Astronaut

Lake Folks – Astronaut
Lake Folks – Astronaut



ARTIST NAME:  Lake Folks
SONG TITLE:  Astronaut
ALBUM TITLE: Someone Else’s Dreams



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State your reason for choosing music as a career. 
I have tried other things before. Actually, I have a Master in Public International Law, and I have done a few law-related internships.
But to be fair, I have always wanted to do music, and I guess none of the other things I’ve done have made me as happy.


Tell us how you write the lyrics to your song.
It really varies. I don’t really have a process. It usually comes when inspiration comes.
I always have the music ready before the lyrics, so sometimes I do struggle and try to push myself to write these missing lyrics, but it doesn’t seem to work well that way for me.


Share your press release and reviews with us.
Lake Folks presents to you his new single ‘Astronaut’ that was released on February 26th, 2019 (music video coming out) …
The song talks about an imaginary love story between the author and an astronaut.
The music keeps the light atmosphere set by the lyrics and brings spring to the steps of its listeners with its upbeat and light-hearted atmosphere. A warm feel emanates from the acoustic arrangements and softly sung lyrics. A feel-good moment!
Lake Folks is an indie-folk artist from France, whose music varies between delicate guitar-voice folk to some more Americana-flavoured pieces.
You may find through his music accents of Ben Howard, Bob Dylan, Villagers or Mumford, and Sons.
Lake Folks started as a solo project with the release of his first EP in July 2017.
His single ‘The Old Man and the Lake’ was well-received on social media and music blogs, notably branded as the ‘new folk gem’ by LesInrocks TV. It allowed Lake Folks to tour in France and abroad, placing him in the Top 100 of the prestigious French music contest Tremplin Ricard S.A Live Music, and allowing him to receive a grant from the French PRS (SACEM) for his EP.
After this, Lake Folks decided to move to London in 2018 to broaden his musical horizon.
After a few months of settling in the London music scene, he got back to the studio with a full band this time to record his second EP ‘Someone else’s dreams’ which will be released in March 2019.


Discuss your life outside the music world.
Currently, I’m living in London, and I work in a small coffee shop as a barista part-time and as a French private tutor.


Discuss your music career.
Well, I started music a long time ago, when I was around 5, by playing the piano.
Later on, I decided to learn the guitar and really started singing when we started a band with a few friends at high school called “C.O.D.E.”, with whom I released my first ever EP.
But Lake Folks really started as I was living abroad, without my musician friends, and that I had no other choice than to compose and write music by myself.
When I decided I wanted to focus on music and put aside what I had studied for, I came back to my parents to record and release my first EP in July 2017.
My main title ‘The Old Man and the Lake’ was well-received on social media and music blogs, notably branded as the ‘new folk gem’ by LesInrocks TV.
But then after some time, I realized that being in the countryside, it would be hard for me to get much further, which is why I decided to move to London to meet more musicians and have more opportunities.
All the encounters I had since I came to London in February 2018, about a year ago, led to this new EP I’m currently releasing.


Elaborate on your artist’s name.
I come from the French Alps, and in my region, there are quite a few big and beautiful lakes, including in my home town (the ‘lac du Bourget’). This type of landscape has always been very inspiring, so this is why I thought it would make sense to include it in my stage name. It’s also a pun with ‘folk’ as I’m playing folk music. But yes it comes from me literally being a person from the lake.
Regarding the ‘s’ to Folks, I had it because when I started it, I thought it was going to become a band project as soon as I would go back home. It didn’t happen and I have been ‘Lake Folks’ whilst being alone for a long time.
But now it’s making sense again as I’m going to be performing with a band most of the time with the new EP being recorded that way.


List your five favorite music videos with reasons.
Lotus Flower by Radiohead: Just really beautiful, with Thom Yorke crazy dancing – which seems to fit so well with his personality.
Kings of Convenience – I’d Rather Dance With You: Love this band, and this video just shows how they don’t take themselves too seriously, which the exact same feeling as when you see them perform live.
Runnin’ by Naughty Boy: Not really the kind of music I listen to but this performance which was actually shot without after-effects is quite amazing.
Tilted by Christine and the Queens: I guess I just like dancing in videos. But not only the dancing is really beautiful, but the way it’s shot with the colors is beautiful as well. If you have seen her live, you know that this is only a glimpse of what she can do.
All the Pretty Girls – KALEO: I’m a bit of a romantic, and again, escapism and all these hippy naked swimming in lakes, or drinking with your friends around a fire loss in nature, are all very inspiring images to me. I know it’s a bit of an easy cheesy feel-good video but still like it. I like the colors as well.


Tell us your source of inspiration.
It varies a lot… it can be very personal situations that happen to me and that inspire me to write a song; it can be some story that I see in the news or in a movie which may inspire me to write my own story about it; it can be traveling, as escapism is definitely an inspiration to me.


Tell us your experience with dealing with fans.
I don’t currently have a big enough fan base for me to be bothered by any fan. It’s always a pleasure if someone reaches out to me that they like my music. It’s a healthy reminder of what we’re doing this for!


Elaborate on the recording of this song.
Unlike my first EP which was more acoustic, and in which I played most of the instruments, here the process was pretty different.
Indeed, we entered the studio as a band and made some ‘live’ recordings of every song, which gives it definitely a different sound!
Also, the conditions were more professional than with my first EP where it was quite ‘homemade’ with a friend, whilst here we did it at Mattison Studio which is a great place for any emerging artist in London!


Tell us about your future projects. 
Well, there’s still some work to be done to prepare the release of the single and the EP. And when this is out, I’ll see where this is taking me. I would like to do some touring to promote the EP.
Otherwise, keep going, writing new songs, maybe playing with new artists. I may have a collaborative album on which I’ve worked last year coming out at some point as well, so that could be interesting as well!


List the names of those that have supported you so far. 
Of course, my family, my friends, nothing too original. But I’m sure the people concerned know who they are without me citing their name.


Tell us your point of view on vocal tuning.
I think that everybody has got so used nowadays to hearing only pitch-perfect singing on every tune they’re listening to, that this is what has led a lot of people to use it.
I can’t really judge people who use it a lot, I mean it’s only one of the many tools that is used to make music nowadays.
Most of the instruments you hear are being modified to a certain extent, so why is it more chocking with the voice, I don’t know.
But then I’m the kind of person who’s going to listen to artists that may not sing perfectly on pitch (Neil Young, Elliot Smith, etc.) so I think it gives a certain charm to it and makes it more ‘humane,’ a bit more real.


Tell us your thought on quality and quantity for the release of songs.
If you’re referring to how most emerging artists nowadays release singles, I have to say I’m not a big fan of that.
I do get the point on how it’s much easier to produce one song at a time, and also it has a strong case in terms of creating more attention.
But, maybe I’m a bit old fashion, but I like songs being tied together on an EP or an album. Especially if they were written around the same time, recorded together, it does give a better ‘picture’ of where you were at when making the EP.
Also, when it comes to ‘quality’ as mentioned, the fact of releasing only singles makes artist produce only songs that can stand alone, only ‘hit’ songs, which I think is a bit sad because a lot of my favorite songs from other artists aren’t songs that could have been singles, but they make sense as part of the album and are beautiful as such.


Tell us your viewpoint on comparing a music career to a non-music career.
Most people say how music career is very challenging, but they also think ‘oh but it’s your passion so it can’t be that hard, you’re basically having fun all the time’ – Which is not really true.
Trying to make it as a singer-songwriter (which is a bit different from working as a musician in general) is so challenging, it requires a lot of sacrifices, a lot of work, creates so much uncertainty, questioning your choices, your talent, having to get a ‘small job’ alongside, etc.
So yes it’s definitely different from my other experiences of being in an office all day.
But then I can’t complain about it, because it makes me much happier than being in an office all because it is my passion and what drives me after all.
However, I guess music is not the only career where everything I’ve just said is true too.


Tell us your opinion on categorizing music into genres and sub-genres. 
I think it makes sense and does not make sense…It makes sense as when you give a name of genre, you can have a rough idea of what you’re going to listen to.
But then, there are so many genres and sub-genres nowadays, which are mostly dictated by Spotify playlist and such things I think, that it is very hard to know exactly what they all mean.
I have a very hard time defining my own music according to genres or sub-genres.


State the genre you despise most with reason.
I can’t ‘despise’ a genre. I think every genre has its place in the music world.
I could say that I don’t like ‘indie’ to be considered a genre because it really doesn’t mean much, but then again, if you say you’re doing ‘indie’ music, people still have a rough idea of how it’s going to be so, I guess I’m wrong.


List your five favorite movies with reasons.
The Departed by Martin Scorsese: such a great and clever movie with amazing actors!
The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson: big fan of Wes Anderson, love the way it’s shot with the colors and symmetry, and obviously the humor found in his movies.
O Brother, Where Art Thou? by Coen Brothers: again, big fan of the Coen Brothers and their humor, of the far west atmosphere. Also, the music in this movie is amazing.
Cold War by Paweł Pawlikowski: one of the latest movies I’ve watched. It’s a little black and white gem, in Polish. Not your usual love story, but so touching. Loved it!
The Lord of the Rings: a classic. I love just going to the movies and be transported to a different universe like this!


State the title of the song and the meaning.
The single that I’ve just released in which will be on my EP is ‘Astronaut’.
So the song talks about an imaginary love relationship with an astronaut (Spoiler: this isn’t a true story).
I actually wrote this as I was starting to see a girl, and I watched the movie ‘Gravity’; the mix of both has apparently been very inspiring.


State the title of the album and the reason for choosing the title.  
The EP is called ‘Someone Else’s Dreams’ which is the title of the last song of the EP, and which reflects how I’m slowly getting used to the fact that it’s okay for me to pursue a career as a musician, and that I can stop trying to follow dreams that society put in my head (having a stable job, earning lots of money, settling, etc.) because they are not my dreams.




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