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Lauren Nikohl – We Believe

Lauren Nikohl – We Believe
Lauren Nikohl – We Believe

Lauren Nikohl – We Believe

ARTIST NAME: Lauren Nikohl
SONG TITLE: We Believe
ALBUM TITLE: New York in Chains
RELEASE DATE: 9/1/2018
GENRE: Musical


Song Creation: It can start with a melody or a lyric idea.  It builds the more you try it. Sometimes two ideas fit together.
Themes: Inspirational, love, and hope.
Musical Works: Visit our website.
Music Process: Don Lewis and Jeffrey Bryan.
Goals: Write more songs to touch hearts.
Changes: The internet has made it easier to be discovered.
Mistake: Don’t be afraid to write better lyrics or add a bridge.
Song’s Structure: Verses, choruses, bridge.
Instruments: Piano is best.
Skills: Singer songwriter.
Favouite Artists: The Beatles and Beethoven.
Inspiration: Quiet.
Song: This song is about a single mom renting an Airbnb in a garage in NYC hoping to become a star. The Statue of Liberty comes to help her.
Elaboration: Lauren graduated from USC in communication. Jeffrey Bryan toured with Survivor.

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