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Lea B. – Promise Me You’ll Stay

Lea B. - Promise Me You'll Stay

Lea B. - Promise Me You'll Stay
Lea B. – Promise Me You’ll Stay
Discuss your personality.
Honest, kind, and hard-working. Like my music, I am an open book. What you see and hear, are what you get with Lea B.


Brief us about you as a musician.
My path as a musician started when I was in sixth grade. I started writing poetry, which later became lyrics. I then began to sing those poems aloud to others which including my mother and my middle school science teacher. I would stay up for hours writing three to four songs a night about emotions or situations I observed among my peers in school. Now, I write purely from my own personal experiences.


Go into details on what has changed in your life for choosing music as a career.
I am still very new to the music industry. Since I am an unsigned, DIY musician, I still have a great amount of free time. Though, when I am working on a new record or practicing for an upcoming show, that free time dissipates and I become fully immersed in my work.
What continues to change though is my self-esteem. Lately, I have noticed that with every performance, I am slowly gaining more confidence in my musical abilities. I have always struggled greatly with self-confidence. I am still extremely self-conscious about myself, and nowhere near the confidence level, I want to be at. Though, I have faith that I will be there and totally okay in my own skin one day.


Tell us the benefits and drawbacks of choosing music as a career.
Benefits: With music as my chosen career, I am free to express my inner thoughts and emotions in a healthy way. I get to do what I love and create something that can help others cope or relate to how I am feeling. That unspoken bond between that listener and the musician is so special.
Drawbacks: As a full-time college student, earning a degree while making a living with music can be very challenging at times. It can be very stressful as well. Thankfully, I am a Popular Music Emphasis major at William Paterson University. While In school, my peers and I are still surrounded by music and have a chance to learn all there is to know within the music industry.


Tell us how you will manage fame as an established artist.
With fame, comes great responsibility. Not only must an established artist remain true to the public eye, but more importantly to oneself. Everyone is always worried about “image” or what people will think of them. As a young artist today, it is becoming more and more acceptable to be yourself. I know that whenever I reach my point of fame, I will always remain true to myself. I will always be open-minded and accepting towards other’s insecurities because I still battle with mine. I’m not afraid to be open about my health issues or what I am dealing with at the time. Again, with Lea B., what you see is what you get.


Elaborate on the storyline of this song.
This song started as a normal break-up song. I wrote it after my first break up with my high school boyfriend. At the time, I was indeed looking for “the one.” So, I began to sing and write a song about calling out to that special person in hopes of him finding me. Then, once he would find me, my love for him would be enough to make him stay.


Tell us the means of connecting to you and purchasing your music online.
You can follow me and my music on SoundCloud and Bandcamp at Lea B. My music can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play. You can also purchase “Promise Me You’ll Stay” on iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp. Check out my Instagram at @leab.xo and my Facebook page, Lea B.


Let us know the greatest moment of your music career.
My greatest moment thus far has got to be the day that I released my debut album, “History”. It was recently released this past December 29th, 2017. I have been dreaming of that day for such a long time and once it came around, it felt bittersweet.


Tell us the highest amount of money you have ever received from your music career and how it happened.
Since I am a fairly new artist to the industry, the highest amount of money I have received thus far would probably be around $250. I received this amount from one of my many shows at the legendary, Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey.


Discuss your experience pertaining to live performances, gigs, shows, and tours.
As a child, I have always loved to perform and entertain others. I have been performing on a stage for quite a while and I can tell you, that I still get nervous. Live performances are absolutely magical. You go into them not knowing what the outcome will be, but you dive in headfirst and ignore any mistakes made. I am still relatively new at performing/booking shows, so I would love to tour and play some bigger venues in the near future.


Tell us how you interact with your fans.
Music is such a powerful platform. It unites people from different backgrounds; it helps bring forth acceptance and an understanding of the human condition. My music allows me to be completely honest with myself and my fans. I look to write about situations that people of my age or even older are going through at the moment. More than anything, I just want my fans to know that they are not alone with whatever they are going through. When I am literally crying on stage while singing and see my fans’ faces, I see the same emotions reflected back to me. It’s unbelievable how music can bring people together with the way it does.


Tell us what you will like to change if you have the chance to turn back the hands of time.
I would have wanted to start out on this path much sooner. I wish I learned piano and mastered music theory at a younger age. That way, I would not be playing catch up with all my other musical peers who understand the theory and the piano.


Tell us the most important people that have boosted your music career and how you met them.
There are so many. My first choice would be my family. Since I still live at home, my parents and my sister, Calista Bourinaris, have gone through this entire experience with me. They have helped me sell tickets to shows, carpooled those who have attended my shows, and helped me fund my merchandise/album. My parents have inspired me to work towards this dream every single day. My family always knew that I was meant for this chosen career. They were the ones who believed in me before anyone really did. I love them so much and hope to one day become as successful as them.
My second choice would be my music instructors throughout middle school and high school. Their names are Melissa Ayvas-Manolakakis and Toni Baumgartner. When I was younger, I attended a middle school in my town that was conjoined to the high school. These two women were the most amazing music teachers. They both taught me pretty much everything I needed to know early on about music and the many emotions behind it. They even went as far as to fight for the rights to keep music education within our school system. I owe so much to them.
My third choice would be my best friend, Valeria Crescimbeni. I met Valeria in middle school. We stopped being friends for a while but reunited in our senior year of high school. Like my parents, Valeria has always remained supportive of my career goals in life. She probably is my biggest fan along with her sister, Alexandra Crescimbeni. Both Valeria and Alexandra also film my music videos/take my artist photos. These girls are life-long friends and are like my sisters.
My fourth and final choice would be my amazing boyfriend, Nick DePietro. I met Nick through the app, Vine, in 2015. We only talked through text and Facetime before eventually meeting in Asbury Park, New Jersey on May 15th, 2016. From then on, we hit it off and began dating on June 7th, 2016. Like myself, Nick is a musician as well. He is the lead singer of the Maryland-based Reggae-Rock band named, The Vibesmen. I have performed a song or two with The Vibesmen and have written songs with Nick. I have even gained many friends who admire my music in Maryland because of it. With his music and writing styles, Nick is so driven and inspiring. I have never seen someone work so hard on their craft before. He is one of my biggest supporters and fans as well. I love him endlessly and don’t know what I would do without him in my life.


Brief us on what you have in mind before considering music as a career.
I had always dreamt of pursuing a career in music. I couldn’t really see myself doing anything else. At one point in my collegiate career, I attended Montclair State University and became a Psychology major with the hopes of becoming a Music Therapist. Though it never amounted to anything, so I transferred to William Paterson and became a Popular Music Emphasis major. I would love to someday go back to school for a degree in music therapy. The thought of helping those in need with music sounds so beautiful and heart-warming.


Discuss your good and bad experience in life.
In my eyes, with every bad experience comes a lesson or a good experience. For example, my family and their many health issues have always brought up absolutely horrible situations. My sister had Thyroid Cancer, I was just recently diagnosed with Endometriosis, and within the past two years, my family has dealt with constant hospitalizations among the four of us. With all these terrible occurrences, our bond as a family has gotten stronger. We also have a greater sense of empathy for those struggling with autoimmune issues and other various illnesses/diseases. You simply cannot dwell on all the bad happening in the world because once it happens, the good is surely on its way.


Name the artists that have influenced the world.
Lady Gaga. Freddie Mercury. Stevie Nicks. The Beatles. Stevie Wonder. Michael Jackson. Jeff Buckley.
I could add many names to this list. Though, these are the artists that have influenced me throughout my many musical endeavors.


Tell us about your moment of rejection as a musician and how you are able to cope and move on.
This album was created purely from rejection. It stemmed from both my own self-esteem issues and the opinions of those I used to surround myself with. As an artist, I am a very honest and sensitive person. With that being said, it can be difficult at times to cope with rejection. I personally cope with it by writing more songs about it. To me, writing music has always felt like a therapy session. The more songs I write that are based on rejection, the easier it is for me to write out everything I am feeling and move on.


Tell us the most negative comment you have ever received about your music.
Being a new, young artist in this generation, I have received various comments that were extremely negative. Although, the worst one I have ever received was about one of my music videos. I was told not to put it out because I would be “embarrassing” myself and that my music was bad. That one hurt because it came from two people who meant a lot to me at one point in my life. However, with negative comments such as that one, I have always taken them with a grain of salt. I would rather fail at something and learn from it than never trying at all.


Elaborate on the recording process of this song.
The recording process of “Promise Me You’ll Stay” was very exciting and emotional. I worked closely on this song with my producer and friend, Tyler Herrick. Prior to recording “Promise Me You’ll Stay”, Tyler and I would meet at school and rehearse/dissect the song organically. By doing this, the true structure of “Promise Me You’ll Stay” was created.
Being that we both attended William Paterson University at the time, Tyler and I utilized the university’s recording studio. We spent about three to four hours recording “Promise Me You’ll Stay”. I even had my best friend, Valeria Crescimbeni, Livestream the session on Facebook. Since “Promise Me You’ll Stay” was the first song I had written for this album, it holds a very dear place in my heart. That being said, the process of recording it got very emotional at times. I would stop just to cry because of the sheer disbelief that this song was finally taking flight. It feels amazing to open up in front of others in the studio like that.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
I am the artist singing on this track. My stage name is Lea B. and it comes from my full name, Evangelia Rose Bourinaris. Being that my name is incredibly long, I typically go by the nickname, Lea.


State the title of the song and the meaning.
The title of this song is “Promise Me You’ll Stay.” The meaning of this song is that one day if you remain positive and believe in a love that will stay, it will come for you. At the end of the day, love isn’t meant to be searched for; it happens unexpectedly.


State the title of the album and the reason for picking the title.
The title of my album is “History”. The reason behind the title stems from the past three years of my life. I wanted to create an album that documented my own “history” with both people who have entered my life and exited my life within that duration of time. I just wanted to document the many happy or sad moments that made me the artist I am today.




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