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Lexxicon – Angel/Devil

Lexxicon - Angel:Devil

Lexxicon - Angel/Devil
Lexxicon – Angel/Devil


Tell us how you develop your sound and style to make it different from other musicians.
Developing my sound came from listening to different genres of music and singing them in my own voice instead of trying to imitate them. I spend over two years songwriting in different genres and tried to find the best one to suit my voice and my passion and that’s how I landed on an R&B/Dancehall fusion type of sound as it was most true to me and captured the different element I love in a song. What’s makes my style different is my delivery and my own way of storytelling from my perspective.


Tell us your opinion on the way new artists are coming up and the frequent release of songs.
I think the new way artists are coming up is amazing and speaks to the power of the internet. This is the time in music to make your voice heard and find your fan base as there is a lane for everyone. I personally really enjoy the frequency of song releases and will be releasing a new song every month this year.


Tell us your experience as a musician.
My experience as a musician is mixed in with my experience in musical theatre where I was able to do acting, singing, and dancing all in one, which really prepared me for performance on a stage in front of a live audience. After that, I focused a lot on songwriting and create new songs every day while reading articles on songwriting and different song structures. After gaining confidence in my writing I was able to do a few songs for other local upcoming artists as well as some co-writing. So far my experience as a musician has been great and I look forward to achieving bigger milestones in the coming years.


Tell us your opinion on streaming and digital download of songs.
I believe streaming and digital downloads are fantastic as your music will live forever because the internet never dies. The way people consume music will continue to change over the years but I believe in embracing change and listening to your fan base.


Tell us how you see yourself in the coming time as a musician.
I see myself as a brand and not just a musician as these are times when artists have to branch out into other areas to have stable revenue. Being a musician isn’t only about music but the way you present the music and the way you present yourself. We have to wear different hats at times to get some things done and to be competitive with the other musicians of today.


Tell us five current artists that are your favorite presently.
Post Malone
Dj Khaled
Cardi B.


Tell us your best song up to date and share the link.
I’d say my best song to date is “Angel/Devil”.


Tell us your dream and hope for the future.
My dream is to become more well-known locally in Toronto and then internationally where I am able to create and collaborate on songs with artists all over the world especially those who won’t speak English. I think music can transcend language and I want to be part of that movement. My hope for the future is to have a world tour and be able to perform in as many countries as possible.


Tell us what you think has changed in the music industry.
I think the music industry has become more open and accepting; allowing for different kinds of people and stories to be told. People aren’t afraid to give their story on how they got to where they are which allows me to learn a lot and not make all the same mistakes they did.


Tell us your opinion on TV and radio stations playing the same songs from established artists mostly and giving little chances to independent artists.
I would say that has been happening a long time and it’s our job as artists to find a way around that system and get our voice heard. This is why streaming is a great tool that anyone has access to and can influence radio. Over time TV and radio will have to adapt to the new landscape of music and independent artists may be the answer.


Tell us the challenges you think independent artists are facing and how they can be tackled.
Some challenges would be not having a team behind you who are experts in their fields and have the know-how to effectively promote your music. Along with having to build social media from the ground up without a lot of funds to invest in ads. Independent artists have to be creative on how we will pull our projects together as many of us are doing it on our own.


Tell us your opinion on how corruption is affecting society and how it can be eradicated.
Corruption undermines citizens’ trust in the system and in those who are elected to govern them and when that trust is violated people turn to other means to get what they need which may not be legal and often have consequences for themselves and for their communities. Corruption further perpetuates the inequalities in society and erodes progress. I’m not sure if it can be 100% eradicated however it can be reduced by having people in power having more oversight and a group of people to check their work and their action to make sure it’s in line with their job and is a proper reflection of responsibility.


State the links to your social media and stores.


Tell us what you think about using social media to promote music online.
I think social media is great and once you have a group of people who love your music they will share it and you can gain new fans. Social media takes a daily work ethic and if you are consistent you can really get your song to your audience.


Tell us how you start as a musician.
I started going fully into music after attending a songwriting workshop where I learned key skills and that my real passion wasn’t acting but music.


Tell us what still motivates you to go on with your music career.
My love of music motivates me to keep pushing as well as seeing the reaction from listeners. Being able to have something go from a thought into a full product and then out into the world is an amazing experience. I love songwriting and I love listening to music and the entire process behind music creation and promotion. Watching other indie artists create their fan base and make moves, continues to inspire me; knowing that I can do it too.


Tell us about you as a person.
I’m just your neighborhood Jamaican living in Toronto making the steps to make music a full-time source of income. I love sugar cane, orange juice, candy, and chicken. I’m a big foodie who loves to eat and can be very picky if I don’t like something. I am also fully in love with Netflix and we have a very strong bond together, and I’m super excited to watch Black Panther once it hits the movie theaters.


Elaborate on the story behind the song.
The song came about while I was working on a dualism type of concept as at the time I was feeling torn between multiple different emotions and wanted to put the two together. It took about 6 hours to write and just really capture what I wanted to say at the time.


Tell us the process involved in making this song.
The process went from having an idea in my head to writing in my room and recording it in the studio, a very streamlined process.


List the people that deserved to be given credits for the making of the song.
The song is written by me, produced by OGE Beats, and engineered by KR Moore from Sandbox Studios in Toronto.


Tell us how you get funds to run your music career.
I currently work full time and use the fund to run my music career.


Tell us the genre of your music and the reason you decided to go for this genre.
My genre of music is modern Dancehall with R&B/Afro-pop influences. I chose this genre because I love it and have been listening to it for years. And also it’s the best way to express my personality and energy.


Tell us if you prefer to write your own songs or you prefer to write with professional songwriters.
I prefer to write my own songs or sometimes do some co-writing but I’m not opposed to having another songwriter create a song for me; if it fits the direction I’m going and it’s in line with who I am as an artist.


Tell us if you prefer to produce your songs or you prefer to work with reputable producers.
I prefer to work with talented producers who I believe can do an amazing job. Some I have met locally, others through Instagram or online.




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