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LFII – Twilight

LFII - Twilight

LFII - Twilight

LFII – Twilight

SONG TITLE: Twilight
ALBUM TITLE: Le Midnite Tape 2 (Mixtape)
RELEASE DATE: May 25th 2022
GENRE: Hip Hop, Rap, Underground Rap, Experimental Rap


An artist from Europe that produces rap music with different and unique sounds. Born in Linz, Austria, LFII is one of the unique rappers rapping in English with a unique accent that has yet to gain everyone’s attention on what he can do and what he’s planning to do next.


Verse 1
Need for speed 2015 with the lights on
Shifting gears
LED lights on
Raining in the night
Going outta sight
Time to take flight before anything goes wrong
It goes on and on, life is a song
Cuz I be doing the same shit every damn time
And I’m on my prime
So I gotta keep raising myself up and showing them what’s up


(Ey) Push myself to the limit
(Ey) Only started and I’m hyping myself up within a minute
(Ey) Never going back to my shitty past
Let bygones be bygones
The way they’re spitting threats is like shooting with guns
This shit aint fun
Stop with the crap
Ain’t nobody got time for that
Where the fuck is the drama at
Don’t wanna go in detail
Gonna leave it at that
Cuz time is ticking and I’m picking and I’m dealing with my choices


Watch me move with the heat (what)
Mr need for speed (what)
It’s a whole ‘nother pursuit (what)
Lemme go proceed (what)
Speeding thru the highway (yep)
Limits I’ll exceed (yep)
Vibing thru twilight (yep)
Staying away from greed (yep)


Verse 2
Cautious, Cautious, I better stay cautious
Police watching
Tryna take the profit
When I play need for speed with the heat
Gotta go fast before the money I gotta forfeit
Staying serious, this shit mysterious
Fast ‘n’ furious
I’m so delirious
I’m always one step ahead and I’m always gaining ideas like I’m phineas
Watch me switch lanes, left and right
Going outta sight
Speeding up
Slowing down
Going through the town
It’s a ghost town when I don’t see people around
I’m obsessed with Tokyo
Shuto Expressway
Cruising through the highway in every way
I still wonder if I know how they live in Tokyo
Yeah I seen it and I mean it
Yeah I really gotta go, uh


(Back to Chorus)


Changes in Hip-Hop: For me, I feel like the rap genre evolved for the good and for the bad. The good side is that they have a lot of subgenres and unique sounds that people can associate and fit in with. The bad side is that we lack a lot of versatile rappers as the current rappers keep copying the trends instead of making their own and being original, which is why it sounds pretty stale at the moment. There’s also been a lot of negativity in the rap genre as usual as they keep talking about the same stuff like violence, drugs, girls and more, mainly because of the mainstream record labels popularizing and glorifying that, hence the reason why rap feels less innovative.
I am not sure how long the genre will stay relevant but I don’t want it to die out either. We’ll see how it goes.


Lyrics: I write my own lyrics with the help of the internet, inspiration from other songs and practicing my craft, making sure that my next songs are better than my others.


Beat: I made the Twilight beat back in Autumn 2019 in FL Studio. I used a melodic loop and then included more instruments like the low and high synthesizers and the hard hitting drums to make the beat full and complete, as well as including filters in some parts of the production for transitions.


Recording Experience: My experience with the studio consists of mixing the vocals properly by cutting the low frequencies, adding compressors to make it sound clear and consistent, adding a de-esser to reduce the harsh frequencies of the ‘s’ letters to make it easy for the ears and the listener and adding some effects like a bit of reverb and delay to make the vocals less dry and fit with the beat. I learned this with the help of tutorials online in case something sounds off and I need a solution to fix that.


Involvement in Hip-Hop: I started getting myself involved with the hip-hop scene since it started to get popular and because of its versatility. I originally used to make some electronic music before I published my first hip hop beat on SoundCloud back in 2018. Ever since then, I’ve been producing a lot of beats to experiment with their sounds and to improve my production quality. I took a hiatus in November 2019 for personal reasons and came back in March 2022, using the genre as a way to express myself and to escape from reality from experiences in the past.
My first rapper that I listened to was Eminem back in high school. To me he felt unique and later on I discovered even more rappers I love.


Gain and Loss: For my gains, I gained a lot of experience producing beats and recording my vocals with it as a hobby at first.
For my losses, I had the potential but I didn’t utilize it so I missed out on showing other people what I can do due to being an introvert at first and also doubting my skills.


Advice: Always try to talk to other artists in order to increase your relevancy in the rap game and collaborate as well to get more experience and popularity. Also, don’t be afraid to take yourself out of your comfort zone to try something new and different.
Another important thing is to do a lot of research to make sure you know what you’re doing before you make any mistakes that could cause problems and prevent you from achieving your goals of being an artist.


Music Industry: For me, the music industry is like a business where your music is a product that you have to advertise and show them what makes you unique and why they should listen and follow your music, in order for them to become your ‘customers’ that will definitely come back for your future tracks.


Future Goal: My future goal is to earn money from producing music as well as express my creativity to others so that they can get hooked on my style as well as influence a new sound to others.


Song Production: My normal process of producing every other song is writing down ideas and themes for my lyrics for the beat I made, rehearsing my lyrics before I record it and then mixing it with the beat to make sure it fits. Then I export the song and upload it to Soundcloud for promotion and distributing to all platforms to get exposure.
The process of recording the song was pretty fun since I was able to use unique flows and lyricism to make the song special and stand out. Definitely planning to unleash this potential further.


Song’s Detail: The song has that midnight feel as I talk about making moves, talking about my plans and how I’m tryna get there, including some references from games like Need For Speed and the Fast and Furious franchise that inspired the aesthetic and feel of the song.


Song’s Title and your Artist’s Name: I came up with the song’s title ‘Twilight’ because of how nice the twilight sky looks and because of its aesthetics.
My artist’s name came from the world ‘Lo-Fi’ since I remember vibing a lot to it during 2017 – 2019. It doesn’t have an actual meaning at the moment but I thought it was a cool name.

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