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Little Saint – Round and Round

Little Saint - Round and Round
Little Saint - Round and Round
Little Saint – Round and Round


Go into detail on how you decide to choose music as a career.
I started making music at the age of 11. It was a thing where I didn’t choose music, music chose me. Once I got a taste for it I was hooked. It was a very natural feeling and progression for me to become more and more serious about my craft.


Brief us the feedback you are getting from fans concerning your music.
I’ve been getting really positive reactions to my music and I’m really thankful that I am able to imagine something that can make a person’s life better. Really I see myself as the same as that person listening to my music. I see my listeners as friends, not fans. I’m not a deity or anything to be worshipped. I’m a musician that makes the best music he can and hopes that when you hear it, it makes your life a bit better than before.


Discuss the relevance of social networking to music.
Social media is relevant. Social media connects the world in an amazing way. However, sometimes there are so many voices it gets hard to hear your own. For a lot of people, I suppose sending a tweet or posting a status is like therapy. I think it’s great that it connects people and I’ve had some really interesting conversations with people on there.


Brief us about the recording of this song.
The song “Round and Round” happened very organically. The initial idea was to strip things back and start with the foundations. Building from there only up until the track had the elements it needed. It was necessary for the concept and vibe of the songs to just use really good ingredients in a subtle manner. It seems fairly simple and that was the most complicated thing about creating it. With “Round and Round” it was more of a moment where everything came rushing in as I started playing the chords. It was as if a spirit hijacked my body. I started with the high oohs that you hear at the beginning and throughout the track. Then I just let my subconscious do the rest. I was so immersed in the music at that point. In a trance-like state, the rest of the lyrics practically wrote themselves.


Tell us the story behind the song.
Ahh, this is an interesting one. There are some things I can tell you about the song and the video. There are some things I would like people to discover for themselves. The first thing I will say is that the song has more than two meanings. There are layers conceptually and for me personally, the message is very important. If you follow the bread crumbs you’ll be able to discover the meaning and will find the answer, the deepest level of the meaning of this song. For me, part of the fun for the listener could be putting the pieces of the puzzle together.


State your area of specialization in music.
I am an artist, songwriter, producer, audio engineer, pianist, and guitarist


Tell us how long it takes to finish a song from the start.
It’s like saying how long is a piece of string I suppose. Some songs take minutes and others take years. I am a perfectionist so at times I can be really hard on myself and keep on working on something that’s already as good as it can be. I’m learning to say “Ok, good enough” more. I just have a very specific sound in my head when I’m making music and I carry on until what I’m hearing in my head is what I’m hearing coming from those speakers.


Go into detail on how you develop your lyrics and melody.
I collect a lot of ideas whether it is on my phone or on notepads, anything I can get my hands on at the time. I’m always getting ideas and then after a while something will happen where it’ll click and I’ll know what the idea means and how I want to do it. Sometimes I have a specific goal and I’m collecting ideas for that. Sometimes I have no fixed plan and it’s all spontaneous. Depends on the time, the place, and the vibe. I’m not opposed to any form of writing. Melody is something that comes from within. I hear it in my head and then I play it on the piano most of the time. There’s something really intimate and beautiful about just playing the piano and letting your feelings guide you. However you’re feeling in that moment affects not only what you play, it also affects how you play and ensures you are playing something genuine.


Discuss music generally in full detail.
Music is magic. Music is life. Music is an expression of the very essence of creation. Music has the power to shape you, form your thoughts and ideas. In my opinion, music when done correctly can be even more powerful than film. Music is traveling inspiration. I believe music has the power to heal people not only psychologically but music has the power to heal people physiologically and spiritually too.


State your five favourite genres of music.
Classical Music
Classical music to me is the most sophisticated form of music even to this day. I love classical music because of the emotional expression and sonic adventures it provides. I’m especially into Bach and Chopin. Sometimes I’ll listen to a classical piece created way before I was born and just be in complete awe of how incredibly brilliant composers in those times truly were. I love the subtle nuances, the dynamics, the silent moments, and of course those powerful moments of sheer musical force.



I love Jazz music because I love the sophistication and daring qualities of Jazz. Jazz is an untamed human expression. Jazz can be as warm and calm as a sunrise or as persistent and thundering as a hail storm. I’m also very fond of old Jazz recordings where there’s just this special vibe that was captured. A moment in time that lives forever. Nina Simone is someone that inspires me a lot. Her songwriting and inversions are beautiful. I am also particularly fond of Miles Davis and his groundbreaking work in Jazz. Some of the music that guy created was really incredible.



Alternative is a genre I love because it encourages breaking rules musically. For any art form to progress someone daring needs to come along and break the rules in the right way. Music isn’t just a bunch of scales and modes, music is so much more. Alternative music moves the needle forward and looks for new paths and new destinations. Many alternative artists deserve more credit for their contributions to music. The beauty of alternative music though is that many of those artists don’t care because they do it for the love of the creation rather than the accolades and awards.



Hip Hop
Hip Hop is in here because I love the hard-hitting drums and hypnotic loops as well the poetry of Hip-Hop. Sometimes people miss the complexity of Hip-Hop as an art form. There’s a lot that goes into writing a really good rap. Multi-Syllabic flow patterns, metaphors, storytelling, rhythm. Rappers are what poetry sounds like as a drum. The rhythm of a really good rapper is like that of a drummer. Just like every drummer has a unique feel, every rapper has a unique feel too. Some of the pictures rappers paint sometimes are truly poetic. I love the fact that in Hip-Hop you can fuse any culture, feeling, or genre, and then when someone raps on it all of a sudden it becomes Hip- Hop. I’m really into Kendrick Lamar’s music and MF DOOM.



I love Funk because of the groove, the warm bass, and the freedom of expression. Funk shaped music in a manner that is undeniable. There are some really amazing Funk records that were way ahead of their time. I love the music of Funkadelic and George Clinton. Some of the most original music I hear is Funk music.



Discuss your rehearsal.
Rehearsal is me just playing the piano and singing again and again until it sounds bearable.


State your favorite musical instruments.
Piano, Guitar, Trumpet, Trombone, Sax, Tuba, Violin, Viola, Double Bass, Cello, Guitar, Computer.


Describe the chemistry between you and your fans during a live performance.
I look at the top of their heads when possible so they think I’m looking at them.


Discuss your personality in full detail.
I’m a truth seeker. I’m somewhat introverted. I’m never really comfortable in social settings. I read a lot and have interests in a lot of peculiar subjects. I’m a dreamer. I’m interested in the metaphysical because it allows me access to an ambiguous, abstract world of questions for which the answers are a mystery. I’m spiritual but not religious. I often ask myself questions like “What is life all about? Why am I here?” etc. I have a dry sense of humor. I am very into different art movements and artists. I’m drawn to eccentric people. I love deep people and shallow people bore me. I’m not into politics. I have a fairly strong sense of justice. I love sushi.


Tell us about your musical background.
I am self-taught in both piano and guitar. I have been making music for more than 10 years.  I spent the majority of this time mastering my craft.


List your musical work.
Pandora’s Box – EP
Round and Round – Single


Give us the links to purchase your music and contact you.



State what takes your time apart from music.
Learning, reading, spending time with my girlfriend, and eating.
Things most humans do.


Share your memorable experiences with us.
I remember a field. In that field was a magic house. In that house, there was a box. The box had a little case in it. In the case was a little silver sphere. In the sphere, there was a scroll. On the scroll was the answer to all that ever was and all that ever will be. That was memorable.


Tell us the good and bad side of mankind you know.
The good side of mankind is intellect, imagination, empathy, gratitude, compassion, innovation, selflessness, integrity. The negatives are probably all the opposites to those I suppose.



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