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Los Fiascos – Stitch

Los Fiascos – Stitch

Los Fiascos – Stitch

Los Fiascos – Stitch



ARTIST NAME: Los Fiascos
RELEASE DATE: June 18, 2019
GENRE:  Punk/Ska






Los Fiascos is a project by songwriter, Aaron Hanlon, based out of Phoenix.
The songs are written across the alternative, punk, ska, and reggae genres and typically have some throwback elements mixed with modern production.
Each song is conceived as a single and typically not grouped within an ‘album or collection’ which gives Los Fiascos the freedom to bring different sounds.
Los Fiascos spends significant time with fellow musicians, bloggers, and playlisters to both promote songs and get feedback/ideas for new tracks.
While the new songs are written by Aaron, each track typically has guest musicians from the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, Brazil, and Argentina.
Los Fiascos is designed to be a modern, social project. All songs are free on CD Baby and available on all streaming platforms and proceeds from streams are donated to
Los Fiascos are published and distributed by Summer Sessions Releases.



Discuss how you find the sounds that fit your vocals.
I typically start with a riff and then build the song around a riff.  Then I add in a top-line melody with pacing with keys.  Once I have that together I write lyrics that fit the mood of the riff and top-line.


Tell us how you come up with ideas to create your lyrics.
I usually write about broad emotions, situations or topics so the listener can apply his/her own meaning or interpretation to the song.


Tell us how you ensure the music producer balances your vocals with the instrumentals properly.
I produce the songs so I make sure it is to my liking, but then I also get feedback from other musicians.


Discuss the recording process of this song.
This song is a little different from my other songs because it is slower and has a repetitive groove. I wrote it on acoustic guitar first and then sat on it for a year or two before returning to the studio to finish it.


Tell us your experience recording the vocals.
These were fun vocals to record because they were spoken more than sung.


Tell us how you ensure your songs sound well.
I write for me, so if they sound good to me, that would be enough… but I also get feedback from other musicians and the people that regularly listen to my music or genre.


State the best means of generating income in today’s music business.
My motive isn’t income.  I just enjoy making music, giving it away for free (see CD Baby) and hopefully someone will listen besides me.


State the people involved in creating this song and their roles.
I write the songs, but I will get friends and fellow musicians that can play better than me to record the instrumentation.  I record the vocals and sometimes will also do the bass or guitar.


Explain how you get involved in music.
Concerts, social, collaborations.


State your favorite song and the reason.
I don’t really have a favorite song, but I’m really into the reggae-rock genre right now.


Tell us your opinion on the use of digital effects on vocals.
I typically don’t like autotune, but if there’s a spot for echo or overdrive that adds to the song or mood, then I do it.


Explain the relevance of creativity to music.
Creativity and music are one and the same to me.


Tell us the steps to take before going into the studio to record.
I write the song, record a demo, revise the structure, and then record.


Tell us what you know about your fans.
I don’t think I have fans.  The people that like my music are usually into the genres I play and like seeking out new artists.


Tell us if you see music as a rewarding career.
Music isn’t my career, it’s my entertainment.


Tell us what you will do apart from music.
Spend time with friends, family, and of course my career.


Tell us if you will prefer to watch a movie to listening to music.
I prefer music because you can do so much more while listening to music.


Elaborate on the song.
The single ‘Stitch’ is a vibey track with a punk rock edge that explores the emotion of carrying on and moving forward after making a bad decision.


Elaborate on your artist name and the title of the album.
Los Fiascos was the original name of a punk band I was in in the early ’00s and I continued to use the name.  The EP is titled Nomadic.  Nomadic is about moving from place to place and if you listen to the three songs, they move from genre to genre.



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