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Lucius Blackworth – Want You Gone

Lucius Blackworth - Want You Gone

Lucius Blackworth - Want You Gone
Lucius Blackworth – Want You Gone



Tell us everything will need to know about you.
Solo acoustic artist hailing from Vancouver BC! This is my first solo album after playing in many bands and touring Canada over the years. I am a combination of darkness and light and it reflects so in my music. This EP was a real struggle as it was the first time I have attempted to do everything myself – writing, recording, mixing, and mastering. I also tackled some huge issues surrounding mental health that I have been on the fence about in the past. This release is a culmination of everything that is in my soul. 🙂


State your favorite genre of music and your reason.
I love most genres. Once I became an Audio Engineer I ascended from liking genres to enjoying individual aspects of sounds! I like everything from Death Metal to mega pop and I love it all!


Tell us your experience as a musician.
My experience has been a long tough road that has made me who I am today. It is an ever-changing life but when you do what you love, you never work a day in your life.


Tell us the theme of your song.
Heartbreak and woe. An in-depth look into mental health and the struggles it brings to a relationship both internally and externally.


Name the people behind your success and thank them on this platform.
Travis Dean and Dean Maher.


Tell us about your future goals.
To release more music in the digital world and start touring again.


Go into detail about your opinion on religion and politics.
I am a paradox, I consider myself a nihilist but if I believe in that then I can’t be a nihilist… it’s tough. I believe government and religion are the only reason we still hate in the world.


Elaborate on how you think your music is inspiring your fans.
I hope that people can relate to it in a way they may not be able to voice themselves and want to let them know that they are not alone.


Explain the changes you have observed so far in the music industry.
So many! With the death of physical media and the birth of streaming; the music industry is a very different monster. Indie artists now have so many tools at their disposal to get their music out there and it is very liberating!


State the artists you cherish most and your reason.
Dave Grohl… he is my spirit animal.


Give us the links to your social network and stores.
Google Play
Instagram: lucius_blackworth


Elaborate on how you develop your lyrics.
Broken heart from a broken mind.


Tell us if you enjoy collaborating with other artists or just singing as a solo artist.
I love collaborating! But I also really love being in complete control of my art.


Brief us your opinion on making music that makes people dance or making the kind of music with a genuine message that inspires them.
Music should inspire and engage. I always have the goal of eliciting the emotions that I felt when I wrote and when the crowd understands and gives you that energy back. There is no greater feeling.


Elaborate on how you develop your melody and instrumentation.
I do a lot of whistling and experimentation.


Go into detail on the recording process of this song.
All Stereo all the time!!! I am a huge fan of recording and recorded everything at Unbiased Media in Vancouver with Travis Dean. Started with pre-production and demos and then just built off of that sometimes adding too much and sometimes not enough. The trick is knowing when to call it and commit to an idea. Lots of takes lol.


Discuss your music performance.
I add a lot of humor to my act as I believe smiles are needed after a touchy song. 🙂


Tell us how you will rate yourself as an artist.
I rate myself as a semi-pro – I have been around, but there is always room to grow!




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