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Lyra – S.T.A.Y

Lyra – S.T.A.Y
Lyra – S.T.A.Y
Lyra – S.T.A.Y






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Lyra is a London five-set Neo Soul-Electronic pop group combining epic and sweeping vocals, driving and rhythmic guitar lines, with a euphoric rhythmic sound.
Lyra has been hard at work shaping a style and groove that can’t be ignored.
In an age of recording artists, it is truly refreshing to find a band that is as good, if not better live than on the recording.
Lyra comprises Paige Ellis’s drumbeats with funk edge aplenty, George Price’s smooth baselines, James Skingle’s R+B licks to his heavy solos, Ejike Nnodi’s Jazzy Keys, and Jenna Naylor-Tymon’s soulful yet haunting vocals. Their neo-soul originals ooze an irresistibly euphoric rhythm.



Discuss your singing ability.
I would say I am an advanced singer having studied vocals at university for four years, and I am a singing teacher also which means I can teach singing to an advanced level.


Tell us the reason you want to sing.
I want to sing because it feeds my soul, I couldn’t imagine a day going by without singing; it would be miserable!


Tell us your most memorable live performance.
Probably the two gigs we did at Th Gladstone arms just because it was packed and the audience were amazing and so supportive!


Discuss how you build your song.
It changes every time. Most of the time though, James the guitarist will write a riff and then I will start to sing melodies over the top, and then depending on how I’m feeling the song; the lyrics just come out.


Tell us how you impress your fans with your music.
With a great vibe/grove, strong solid performance, and a catchy melody.


Discuss the relevance of promotion to the music business.
This is massive! Also, a full-time job! Promotion is everything otherwise it doesn’t matter if you write the best songs if no one is going to hear them.


Tell us what you will do apart from music.
Promotion on social media, emailing different promotors, radio pluggers, organizing photo shoots, rehearsals, booking studios to record new songs, etc.
A lot goes into a band not just making the music.


List the names of the instruments you can play.
I personally can play the keyboard but not to a professional level so only use this when writing, and I’m the singer.
James plays Guitar, George Bass, EJ keys, Craig drums, and Manon backing vocals.


Tell us if you have any music background.
I have been a musician for years now, the same as everyone else in the band.
I studied music/vocals at university for four years and before that studied in college and have always had singing lessons from a very young age.


Tell us the piece of advice you will give to a new artist on entering the music chart.
Never give up! Even though we have been fighting to make it in the music industry for years and still not in the top 40! We will never give up as the fight is part of the journey!


Elaborate on melody and rhythm.
This is ultimately the most important part of a song, most people don’t always take on board lyrics to a song but will always sing along to a melody or tap along to a catchy rhythm, however, this is always the hardest part as you don’t want it to sound too cheesy but at the same time not too ‘dull.’


Tell us your future goals.
Play at bigger better festivals like Glastonbury. Be played on bigger radio stations and just make our band a full-time job and tour all over the world!


Share your music experience with us.
We have gigged pretty much all over London, sometimes to an audience of 7 and sometimes to a few hundred it’s all part of the journey.
We have had music played on BBC introducing which is exciting and this summer we will be branching out to a few venues/festivals in the UK.


Tell us the most difficult part of the recording.
Trying to get the same feel/vibe as live. It’s always hard when you record your parts separately and are trying to make it sound as good.


Discuss the greatest mistake you have ever made in your music career.
Probably not taking it seriously, a few years ago and not putting as much effort in as if we had might have done and we may have made it by now! As time flies!


Tell us how you build up your composition.
We start with the guitar riff and then vocals, then we show the song to the rest of the band when the bass and drums come together and create a groove and then finally keys and backing vocals, obviously, the vocals can change and sometimes do once the groove is added as this does change the feel of the whole song.


Discuss the relevance of the lyrics to the listeners.
Not every listener will listen to the lyrics so deeply and will just sing along to a catchy melody, however, a lot of people will listen to the lyrics so we do try and create lyrics that aren’t just personal to us but that everyone can relate to, a good saying I read once was to discuss senses as people will relate to this i.e. a certain smell that reminds you of something or the feel of something, etc.


Elaborate on the song.
With this song, we wrote this about a subject that most people can relate to, so it was very easy to write.
It’s about relationships that you try and make work but for whatever reason don’t, and then with time you still think about them and wonder if they do too.


Elaborate on your artist name and the title of the album.
Band names are always hard! Once you think of a great name you google it and it’s already gone!
However, we came up with Lyra which is a constellation and that’s what we like to think of ourselves – a constellation of stars!
As for the title of the song S.T.A.Y, this stands for Still Think About You.



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