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LZ The Rapper – They Might See

LZ The Rapper - They Might See
LZ The Rapper - They Might See
LZ The Rapper – They Might See


Discuss your personality.
My personality is a rough one. I spend most days in fear of every move I make. I suffer from a severe anxiety disorder which affects my decisions and my perception a lot of the time. I try and counterbalance it with maintaining positivity and an ambitious outlook. If you were to categorize me in a sentence it would be; severely anxious, sometimes confident, intelligent, depressed weirdo, happy talker, who loves music!


Brief us about you as a musician.
I really just enjoy making music and I like listening too. I love leaving the studio and binge listening to my new song until it annoys me. I stay out of the mainstream normally a little bit, but I still listen to some top 100. I’m currently working on a few new songs which have a little more mainstream flavor. It’s all about that 808!


Go into details on what has changed in your life for choosing music as a career.
I stopped going to school. It was hard to go to school anyways. I’m a broke a## musician and managing work, school, and music became too much. My goal is to make it in music and go back and get a science degree. I don’t get to hide from anxiety anymore. I have to go on stage and challenge myself.


Tell us the benefits and drawbacks of choosing music as a career.
The girls and experiences. I’m still so fresh in the industry and girls are already getting easier to talk to. The beer is always better after a show. The biggest drawback for me is there is no money until there is all the money. It ain’t about money but if it is a career you need to be getting more in than out. Our production team did a dope job on the first album. It gets costly!!! That and going on stage is always going to be a struggle for me. I just practice every day and try and to be the best I can be.


Tell us how you will manage fame as an established artist.
I don’t think I’m going to manage fame well… lol. It’s the people around me that will make the difference. I’m stoked for sold-out shows and being able to have a voice in the world. I can just see myself letting things getting out of hand without noticing it.


Elaborate on the storyline of this song.
It’s about mental struggles as well as real-life struggles with the idea of a future most can’t imagine. It all comes from my experiences growing up. I’ve continuously made bad decisions and now it’s time to take life head-on.


Tell us the means of connecting you and purchasing your music online.
You can purchase or stream my music virtually anywhere. Spotify, iTunes, Google, YouTube, Amazon, etc… You can also follow me on Instagram at LZ.Music.


Let us know the greatest moment of your music career.
I was in the bar twice now and convinced the DJ to let me plug in my phone and rap for the bar. No one knows what’s about to happen and I always get people to start dancing and vibing with me.


Tell us the highest amount of money you have ever received from your music career and how it happened.
I have sold a few CDs and whatever I get when the distribution company cuts the check-in a few months. Lol, this is the part I’m working on.


Discuss your experience pertaining to live performances, gigs, shows, and tours.
I do open mics every week for live practice and I always gain fans and followers. I’ve opened for Mac Mall and Nef the Pharaoh on different occasions. The Nef concert was packed and I had at least a few hundred people singing along to one of my songs. I had to leave my set a song early because I panicked. Overall it was good but I was too green at the time for that kind of crowd.


Tell us how you interact with your fans.
Fans are easy to relate to. I write music that I love and if you love it too then we already got something to work off. I’m not a mean person so it’s usually easy talking.


Tell us what you will like to change if you have the chance to turn back the hands of time.
Definitely my attitude at the beginning of this. I thought I knew everything but I didn’t know S**t. My timing was off and multiple studio sessions wasted.


Tell us the most important people that have boosted your music career and how you met them.
The first and foremost is my Dad, if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be doing this. He is a crazy guitar shredder and has played music with different bands for over 20 years. I told him I could rap and didn’t believe me so he challenged me to write a song (which is where SUBI came from). It’s by no means a handout from my Dad. We are both struggling together to achieve this. We are far from well off. That being said if it wasn’t for the people he has met I wouldn’t have had my foot in the door as quick. The second is our engineer Deegan at sound Management Studios in San Jose owned by the band Smash Mouth. He is a big player in this first album.


Brief us on what you have in mind before considering music as a career.
I’ve always wanted to be an astronomer. There is something about staring up.


Discuss your good and bad experience in life.
There are always ups and downs. I have a hardworking and caring family. Everyone got each other’s back.


Name the artists that have influenced the world.
Tom Petty, Mac Dre, Wiz Khalifa, and Eminem.


Tell us about your moment of rejection as a musician and how you are able to cope and move on.
I always have slight moments of rejection. Even recently with another blog, but who cares. Everyone has an opinion. If you weren’t being hated on then you would be doing something wrong. Although if you are musically not talented then it’s not the career for you. You have to have positive feedback as well.


Tell us the most negative comment you have ever received about your music.
I was told I was too offensive to play at a venue. That with what is going on in the world I should watch what I say etc… People need to lighten up and take a joke.


Tell us how to become a famous artist.
I have no idea. I think just make music for you with the fans in mind. You always have to take advice and listen to the team around you but overall just do whatever you want whenever you want. People see the sense of freedom and follow it.


Tell us how you plan to make an impact on society.
I’m going to put myself through school then I’d allocate 50% of my income to scientific research and helping others. I’d open an allergen-free restaurant and I’d like to send my cousin to beauty school and open a salon. Too many ideas to count. I want a few nice things but I don’t really care about the money, it’s more about freedom.


Elaborate on the recording process of this song.
I broke up with my girlfriend 2 days before and got blacked out drunk in Santa Cruz. The day before I went in I was so hung-over, it was disgusting. When I went I wasn’t hung-over anymore so it was one of those days where you are stoked to be alive. Just good vibes. It is usually pretty mellow in the studio. Just all business. Time is money so we don’t mess around. I bust out my takes and then we edit.




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