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Maeve Steele – Real

Maeve Steele – Real

Maeve Steele – Real
Maeve Steele – Real



ARTIST NAME: Maeve Steele
ALBUM TITLE: Maeve Steele
RELEASE DATE: May 17, 2019
GENRE: Pop/Electro-Pop/Indie-Pop



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Pop-Noir songstress and blue-velvet vocalist Maeve Steele revives the timeless iconography that redefined commercial music.
Forged in flames ignited by the likes of Etta James, Billie Holiday, and Amy Winehouse, Maeve Steele’s music promises longevity, reminiscent of the soulful, rhythm & blues legends that came before her.
Born and raised in the larger-than-life Bay Area, California, Maeve was baptized by San Francisco’s paradigmatic summer of love melodies, captivated by counter-culture pioneers and rock n’ roll originators, like Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan.
Immersed in a haven for untamed creative souls, Maeve’s artistry was driven by a synergy of Folk, Rock, Hip-Hop, Soul, and new-wave Pop.
Her innate, uncompromising, and eclectic love of music led her to become a classically trained violinist, later learning to play guitar and piano.
Boasting intoxicating, cocktail-pop instrumentation and effortless swagger, Maeve holds the written word to a sanctified standard.
A champion on behalf of raw realism, Maeve’s lyricism allows universality to sound extraordinary, coupling fragility with an unmatched intensity— plain-spoken poetry, adorned with progressive pop production.
Steele made her debut with Burn— the stripped-down single, showcasing her authentic narration of walking truth. Maeve Steele’s sophomore project MAEVE STEELE-LP—a dual-track release, featuring the singles ‘Tourist’ and ‘Real’— is poised to both rival and inspire today’s mainstream hits.



Tell us when you are most comfortable singing.
In the car.


Tell us what you like to write about in your lyrics.
I like to write about how I’m feeling in ways I’ve never heard it worded or described before, that hits it right on the head without being obvious.


State your most emotional song and the reason.
‘Tourist’ is probably my most emotional song, at least to write. It really explores a specific period of time in my life, and how it felt to be going through the motions.


Discuss the process of finding the right sound for your vocals.
My songs always start with a line or string of words and turn into a full song often with a guitar, maybe a piano. Once the songs are fully written; it’s about exploring the themes to find the sounds that fit with them in order to build the song up and really convey what it is about.


State the challenges you have faced as a musician.
The hardest part of being a musician is putting yourself out there in a way that’s really vulnerable.


Tell us your opinion on how artists should raise funds for their music projects.
There are so many opportunities to make money through live performances, and so many unconventional live music opportunities.


Tell us about the present state of your fan base.
Small but powerful!


Tell us if you consider sharing your music with the world or a specific geographical zone.
Ideally, I’d love to share it with the world; it may take a while to get there.
State your genre of music.
My genre is kind of a compilation of all the previous genres and artists that have shaped me as a songwriter, I didn’t necessarily sit down and pick a genre as much as I just started writing and let it evolve over time.


State the title of your best song.
I don’t know about the best, but ‘Real’ is the most popular.


Tell us your greatest supporter.
My family – when I was too shy to even play outside of my bedroom they always encouraged and pushed me out of my comfort zone.


Tell us the artists that have impacted you.
Amy Winehouse, Tash Sultana, Tame Impala, Joni Mitchell.


Describe the listeners that listen to your music.
Crying on the dance floor.


Tell us many ways of generating revenue as an artist.
Live music is the big one – as well as using your songs alongside anything that can accompany them visually.


Tell us the future of the music business.
Diverse and accessible.


Discuss the gains and losses of technology to the music business.
Technology has given access to a lot of opportunities to create and share music without the connections and money that it used to take. However, it’s harder to make a splash in the music scene because there’s so much out there.


Tell us if you still make CDs of your release.
Not yet, but I’d love to get something on vinyl eventually!


Elaborate on the song.
‘Real’ and ‘Tourist’ kind of go hand in hand to explore a certain period of my life – both look at the ups and downs.



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