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MARBL – The Mechanism

MARBL – The Mechanism
MARBL – The Mechanism
MARBL – The Mechanism



SONG TITLE: The Mechanism Of All Temporary Things
EP TITLE: The Flight of The Hawks
RELEASE DATE: 22.2.2019
GENRE: Trap hop/Dream pop



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Israeli MARBL releases her new single “The Mechanism Of All Temporary Things”. The song is initiated by a perverted dream where fears and desires living under the same skin, come alive.



MARBL opens the single with:
“I’ve got a lion in my bag,
And I’m bleeding in my pocket,
I gotta rearrange my debts,
To think of what I need,
To stick it in and lock it”



The single represents how we try to protect ourselves from getting hurt, we pack the pieces with our thick skin, yet sometimes the walls get pierced and the restless spiders come out to play.
Video director Tomer Levi exposes in a disturbing yet comforting manner how we all share our weaknesses and wounds until the catharsis.
“The Mechanism Of All Temporary Things” is about accepting what we need to let go of and that nothing is here to stay. It’s the second single on the upcoming EP “The Flight of the Hawks” that will be released later during the year.



State your reason for choosing music as a career.
I was always a musician. I play the piano since I was 4 years old, not long after that, I got fascinated with writing lyrics and composing music, and then started singing. I think music grew up on me.  It was always there, even when it wasn’t my main occupation. Guess it was only natural to also seek a career in my natural environment.


Tell us how you write the lyrics to your song.
This song initiated with a dream. In that dream, all of my fears and desires (if you ask me they live together under the same skin) came to live. In the dream, I was blinded by my passions while my greatest fears shaded on them and on me.
I remember waking up and writing the verses. The chorus came a bit later, as the main conclusion. Everybody hurts, we have our walls of thick skin to pack the pieces, sometimes they’re getting pierced and those restless spiders come out.
Tomer Levy, a very good friend of mine listened to this song and visualized it in the best way that even I couldn’t express better.
He took out the bruises we tend to hide in a disturbing yet full of comfort manner. The video exposes all of our weaknesses and wounds, shows that we all share them, until the katharsis – the acceptance and understanding that everything is temporary and we have to let it go, and that’s the mechanism of all temporary things.


Discuss your life outside the music world.
I own a music studio where I teach voice, piano, and songwriting. I also teach songwriting in English in Rimon School of Music (the Israeli collaborator with Berklee School of Music) and I enjoy every second of it.
I’m a sports addict, most of my mornings begin with a run or a Pilate’s lesson, it’s like a meditation to me. My mother is my best friend; I talk to her ten times a day 🙂 I’m mad about dogs, I love to cook in my spare time, and I clean my house 8 days a week.


Discuss your music career.
My first album (before MARBL) was released in 2010. It was produced by Luis Lahav (who worked with Bruce Springsteen back in the day). I was very young and this album collected many of my first connections with the grown-up’s world. Then MARBL was initiated. I was thrilled with writing the first songs for this act, and even before naming this music project, it just felt right.
The first album was published in 2015, and it was followed by a long and wide concert tour. After almost three years I felt that I have to re-ignite MARBL’s flames, as I wrote around 60 new songs, and I had to let them out. So I called an old friend of mine Maor Shvartzberg and went to visit him in his studio. It was clear that he’s gonna be the one I’m gonna embark on this new journey.
I enjoyed every moment of recording this album, and we have already started to record sketches to the third one and it gets me really excited.


Elaborate on your artist’s name.
MARBL came after the music. Jonathan, who produced the first album and I were in London for some gigs. As for all of my London visits, I had to check what’s interesting at the Museum of Natural History. Jon joined me and we followed the 1.5 hours queue to see a mesmerizing marble exhibition. There were large signs everywhere to tell about the super amazing exhibition, and I couldn’t wait to see it. While waiting, one of the promoting gigs’ blogs sent an email and asked for the name of the act for promotional use. We looked up and saw those marble signs everywhere and sent them “marbl”, laughing. We must have forgotten the “e”, and that’s how MARBL got its stamp. We actually liked it better with the typo. 🙂


List your five favorite music videos with reasons.
Lykke lee – Sadness Is a Blessing. I love the aesthetics. Everything and everyone’s so classy, and she fit right in the scenery, at first, until she’s getting drunk and dancing. Sometimes I wish to act the same.
Aurora – Runaway. First, the view behind her is legendary. Secondly, I can watch her for hours. She moves in her own mesmerizing way.
Tzili Yanko – Get Ready. Because the story there makes me shed a tear. Children’s minds always get me emotional. They are the most creative-minded ones, if they won’t fight to hold and maintain that exciting and innocent minds, they are so easy to lose. I love the idea of this video; the two sweetest children want to fly…
Radiohead – Burn The Witch. They manage to deliver a strong and serious message in a simple and charming way. The video is an amazing masterpiece even for those who watch it without knowing what’s behind it.
Alt-J – Breezeblock. I don’t know why, this passionate video can’t pass through me. It’s very loaded emotionally and once it’s on, I can’t pause it.


Tell us your source of inspiration.
For me, there’s not only one way of writing lyrics. Sometimes there’s music playing in my head (or in my hands by the piano), and the lyrics come right through.
Some other times, I can get really inspirational by taking a night walk, with no distractions, then my imagination is the most alive, and sometimes I get myself to sit and write, and setting myself a writing session. I pour myself a glass of whisky or red wine, and then hours can go by without me even noticing.
Oh, writing songs is the best thing in the world.


Tell us your experience of dealing with fans.
Nothing special, I am always thrilled to get a message or comments after a gig, during a release, or just like that. 🙂


Elaborate on the recording of this song.
It was very smooth actually. Nir Mardan (MARBL’s drummer) came over to my place and we started gigging on it. He suggested this trip-hop cool vibes, and we made a sketch. When we came to the studio – Maor loved it and kept this kind of soft-dark line of ours.


Tell us about your future projects.
We have just begun to collect and record new sketches in order to choose the next album’s repertoire; in the meantime, we recorded one of my favorite songs, a piano ballad accompanied by a strings quartet, can’t wait for you to hear! But we have more singles and songs from the current album which we’re about to release very soon.


List the names of those that have supported you so far.
First of all my parents are always supportive in every way. They are proud of every step I make, they’re always here to listen and help me when I need, and most important of all – they encouraged me to choose the life I want and supported me along the way, and still are.
Maor Shvartzberg the producer is always there for me as a friend and as a leading character in my musical life.
Tomer Levi is one of my best friends, influences, and inspiration. He takes my music and visualizes it in a way that no one else can.
My dearest partner, that roles so many parts in my life, my best friend, my safe home, my smile when things get tough, and my inspiration.
I have amazing friends that are always here to support me.


Tell us your point of view on vocal tuning.
I’m not opposed; it even created a specific musical genre. On the other hand, the music I love to listen to is very human and realistic, so I got convinced that I wanna be heard like those artists that I love. In this album, we tried to keep it as fresh as possible.


Tell us your thought on quality and quantity for the release of songs.
I think that quality is something one can’t compromise on, whether it’s the lyrics, the music, the production, performing, or recordings. This is your one chance to deliver your song in the best way, so give your all.
I have many songs in my pocket, but I believe in frequent releases that allow keeping doing music all the time, so I release them in small packages every few months.


Tell us your viewpoint on comparing a music career to a non-music career.
As a musician, I don’t know how to answer this question. There are musicians that have other passions and they choose to do other things for living alongside their music, and it’s great. Others choose to do music for a living which is also great.


Tell us your opinion on categorizing music into genres and sub-genres.
In our modern world, it’s quite hard because it’s not black and white anymore. Music is available in masses, we absorb many genres and we adopt many elements to our music. I can say that I do folk music, indie music, pop music, alternative music, the new single is trip-hop, dream pop, and it’s all packed in the same box that is my songwriting, the production sound, and my voice and all of those components create MARBL, and MARBL has its own sound. That’s the beauty in today’s music.


State the genre you despise most with reason.
I don’t despise ‘music.’ I despise spiders, onions, and bad people.


List your favorite movies with reasons.
Bohemian Rhapsody – The best movie – The acting, the music, the storyboard, and of course the show at Wembley that felt as if we attended it. My mother and I wanted to applause, with all the other people in the cinema. It touched all ages, all genders, everyone. Gotta see this one again.
Life Is Beautiful – Roberto Benigni’s best movie. You can’t pass through this one.
Shutter Island – Because everyone understood the end differently and you don’t really know who the crazy person is anymore.
Noting Hill – A kitsch romantic movie that I used to watch every night as a teenager before going to sleep. The soundtrack is so beautiful…
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – Amusing and fun, and of course creative.
Amadeus – Although it wasn’t the real autobiography of Mozart – as a pianist and music lover I love it.


State the title of the song and the meaning.
The Mechanism Of All Temporary Things, R.E.M once wrote: “Everybody’s Hurt”. We all have our wounds, even when we hide them very well. Our desires and our fears lead us through our way, and we want to live a meaningful life, leave our stamp in some way, and justify our being, otherwise, it will all go away, and this is the scariest thought.
Everything is temporary, and in order to deal with this knowledge, we have to let it go and leave it. This is the mechanism of all temporary things.


State the title of the album and the reason for choosing the title.
I was on a holiday vacation with my family, as I was reading “The Alchemist”. I was sitting under a late September sun as I read these words: “He watched the hawks as they drifted on the wind. Although their flight appeared to have no pattern, it made a certain kind of sense to the boy. It was just that he couldn’t grasp what it meant.” “In his heart, he wanted to remain awake, but he also wanted to sleep.” I am learning the Language of the World, and everything in the world is beginning to make sense to me, even the flight of the hawks.
At that very moment, it all made a certain kind of sense to me too. I know exactly what I have to do, I called Maor and told him that we’re doing it, and so it was.




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