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MARBL – You’re On My Mind

MARBL – You’re On My Mind


MARBL – You’re On My Mind
MARBL – You’re On My Mind



SONG TITLE:  You’re on my Mind
EP TITLE: The Flight Of The Hawks
RELEASE DATE: 12.4.2019
GENRE: Eclectic-Folk/Pop/Trip-Hop



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Discuss the story behind your music video.
Tomer Levi is in charge of MARBL’s music videos. He listened to the song and visualized the video in his mind…
In the video, we tell the fantastic tale of an ageless lady, living in a majestic house, reminiscing about her past loves from different points in time. Time becomes blurry and mixed, in this hazy daydreaming.
First, we looked for a very special location, after weeks of searching, we decided to construct our own shooting zone, the way we want it to be.
Trying to do so – we happened to luckily meet Ronen Sas, an artist, and a very special and thrilling person, who already built his house the way we dreamed of… We met him there, astounded by the beauty, and began to seek actors, clothes, settings… it was a long month since Tomer and I did all by ourselves.
The beautiful cake was made by my talented cousin Michal; it was so perfectly made (inside and outside) that I was so excited while cutting it.


State the name of the locations in your music video.
Surprisingly, it was filmed in Tel Aviv, in the Florentine neighborhood. One can tell that it’s so rare and unique in a city such as Tel Aviv.


List the members of the crew that produced this video and use this opportunity to thank them.
Well, first of all, I would like to thank Tomer Levi, the talented director, photographer, and editor. He did an amazing job.
Then, I would love to thank Michal Glazer for the amazing cake and for all the help during that exhausting day, Itai Admi, Ronen Sas for the majestic place, Ayala Liss the makeup artist, Bamoss Square for the beautiful suits, and of course the handsome and lovely actors: Maor Maman, Tal Sadeh, Guy Kalian, Moti Melamed, Aviv Bix, Netanel Gitis, Smigol the Cat.


Explain your emotional state while shooting the music video. 
It was a crazy day; we worked so long to produce this video.
We hardly slept the night before the shootings, and we had so much work to do starting at 5:00 AM, but somehow, the energy on the set was magical like the atmosphere in the video, and I was so high because of that – that I couldn’t feel tired at all. I had a blast.


Discuss your music career so far.
This is the third and last single of this EP “The Flight of the Hawks” – MARBL’s second EP which is about to be released by May 3rd.
I have been working on this piece for more than a year, and it’s mostly exciting to release a new EP after almost four long years of performing and writing new songs…


Tell us if you aspire to go into acting.
Frankly, I haven’t thought about it, but who knows?


Tell us your gains and losses in the music business.
I’m trying to look for the silver lining, which is acknowledgment, fulfillment, emotional experience, and appreciation. When I’ve been told that someone was emotionally moved by my songs it’s worth it. I live for these moments.


Tell us how you manage your time.
I teach music, mostly singing, piano and songwriting, I write songs, practice, rehearsing, spend time working at the studio, once in a while producing music videos, performing, and have music-related meetings.
My days are extremely busy, but I never miss my Pilates exercises and morning runs, I never miss a chance to have lunch with my mom, I love spending time with family and friends, and my late evenings are mostly quality time with my partner.


Tell us how you are able to actualize success in your music career.
No one can guarantee success, and maybe it depends on the definition of “success” among each one of us, but I state that I do what I love to do the most, and when you do that, constantly…not bluffing, when you work hard and don’t compromise – You’re most likely to succeed.


Tell us if you an independent artist or you are a signed artist and tell us how you run your music career.
I am an independent artist; I do most of the work myself. I’m surrounding myself with talented co-workers like my band members Nir, Michael and Jonny, Maor the producer, Tomer the video artist, Alon Farid from Helicon LTD who is in charge of the distribution, and assists me with everything I need, Merav Blumenfeld and Greywood Records (Heiko and Fatma) and many more amazing friends to accompany me throughout…


List the individuals responsible for writing, production, recording, directing, choreography, promotion, and marketing of this project.
Production: Maor Shvartzberg.
Video Artist: Tomer Levi.
Graphic Designer: Itai Weinshtock.
Distribution: Helicon and Alon Farid.
P.R (Israel): Merav Blumenfeld.
P.R (EU) Greywood Records (Heiko and Fatma).


Tell us the instruments put together for the song.
Drums (Nir Mardan), Bass (Maor Alush), Guitar and Keyboards (Maor Shvartzberg), Piano (Moria Or – me).


Tell us your viewpoint on comparing a music career to a non-music career.
There are musicians that have other passions and they choose to do other things for living alongside their music, and it’s great. Others choose to do music for a living which is also great.


Tell us the advice you will give to a new artist planning to shoot a music video. 
Be sure to know you’re about to work hard and be prepared for it. Don’t compromise, give your 100%.


Tell us the reason you shot a video for this song.
I believe that the more ways you have to enter one’s heart – the better. So, if we have a song, why not visualize it?
It was also very clear to us that it should be a daydreaming, alternative world, blurry one, all that we had left is to make it happen.


State the title of the song and the meaning.
You’re on My Mind. This is a pure longing song. It spilled out at once, telling the story of a sneaky moment; I somehow found myself lingering in.
Unlike other longing songs I know and wrote, I was so vividly present in that very moment, leaving the past behind, and stripped from future hopes, ignoring the consequences of my wild thoughts, I just needed to say it out loud: “You’re on my mind”.
What are we, if not a bag of memories? I remember that autumn afternoon, I was all alone in my apartment, and I found some solace in closing my eyes and let myself be at a different point in time, where I can fill my void with the warm feeling I missed so much.


State the title of the album and the reason for choosing the title.
The Flight of the Hawks – EP
I was on a holiday vacation with my family, as I was reading “The Alchemist”. I was sitting under a late September sun as I read these words: “He watched the hawks as they drifted on the wind. Although their flight appeared to have no pattern, it made a certain kind of sense to the boy. It was just that he couldn’t grasp what it meant.” “In his heart, he wanted to remain awake, but he also wanted to sleep.”
I am learning the ‘Language of the World’ and everything in the world is beginning to make sense to me, even the flight of the hawks. At that very moment, it all made a certain kind of sense to me too. I know exactly what I have to do, I called Maor and told him that we’re doing it, and so it was.



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