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Mariane – Sound of Drums

Mariane – Sound of Drums


Mariane – Sound of Drums
Mariane – Sound of Drums



Artist Name: Mariane
Song Title: Sound of Drums
Genre: Deep Indie Pop
Release Date: 26th of October






Mariane – Sound of Drums
Rising Mexican singer and songwriter releases a new video for her new song SOUND OF DRUMS, a mix of a dramatic soul with melancholic pop. The music video features people from all different races and backgrounds, inspired by portraits from photographers around the world. The main message of the song and the video is to create awareness and conscientize people about the social and political tensions in the world; it’s a call to action for people to stand together despite their differences in beliefs, race, or origin.



Brief us on how to impress fans during a live performance.
My live performances are based on raw feelings and stories; the songs that I perform are part of my upcoming album, including this single and they are all different stories about love, thoughts, and the world. I love telling people what inspired a song and also ways to relate to it; behind every feeling, there is a story to tell.


List the names of your biggest supporters.
Miguel Godinez, Alejandra Rivera, Maria Jose, Barajas Daniel Azpe, my family and friends.


Explain what has motivated you so far in your music career.
I truly do believe, especially in this century, that music is the key to changing the world. For me art is a reflection of society, therefore I think there should be better content that brings people together and gives something valuable and good to people’s lives, I want to be a part of that with music, I want to make good music for people and by “good” I mean music that adds something positive to their lives, music that makes people change for good, moves hearts, encourages values, makes them happy, gives hope or helps them find answers. I want to grow in my songwriting and mostly meet and learn from all people that I meet, I think collaborating and teamwork is key. I would love to be part of such an amazing project that brings people together like this for music and I hope to add to it with what I am and what I have to give as much as I can.


Discuss your experience as an artist.
I was always very shy until I took the courage to burst my bubble and sing because I always loved it and dreamed about doing it, it took me a while but in the end, I managed to be brave enough. Ever since then I keep pushing myself to explore and get out of my comfort zone more often, being an artist is a lifetime journey, filled with bumps and turns but worth living for, you get to know and discover a lot about the world, the people around you and yourself.


Tell us the biggest mistake you have ever made in your music career.
Expecting to grow quickly or expecting to be good fast. Well not actually expecting but wanting it and being impatient.


Discuss the story behind the song.
We are living in a very delicate moment in the history of the world. There are many political and social problems everywhere you look at; there is an environment of uncertainty. This song is a call to the world to do something, to speak up, to think, to open our eyes and solve our issues, to stand by each other.


Tell us how to fund a music project.
Self-funding and doing side jobs to get the money is my experience on this, but for sure there are many ways to do it.


Discuss your opinion on the safety of fans during shows and live performances.
The most important thing is that people should be safe and comfortable in a musical atmosphere, especially if it’s from an artist that they admire and feel related to the music. In a perfect world, it shouldn’t even be something to talk about the cause.


Tell us the greatest piece of advice someone has given you as an artist.
Follow your own feeling and gut. Your soul always knows what you have to do to get to where you are going, the rest is only noise.


Tell us what you will improve or change in your music.
I want to have more soul and jazz, more vibe but still deep and with meaning.


Discuss vocal training and how you protect your vocal.
I think is key, although the feeling should never be put aside. But correct vocal training will give you a bit more confidence to control and take care of your voice and therefore express with less worry and at more ease.


Discuss your best mood during a performance.
The best mood is when I completely let go of my thoughts and I’m 100% feeling and expressing the song.


List your best artists with reasons.
Lianne La Havas: great guitar style, she is vibey and fresh sound.
Tom Mishc: amazing guitarist and he mixed jazz with disco genre in a modern, cool, and vibey way.
Jorja Smith: great lyrics and cool proposal.
Corinne Bailey: a lot of soul and truthfulness with jazzy chords.


Discuss your existence as an artist.
I think I am here to talk about topics that not a lot of people talk about through music: love in a bigger picture (not just as in “love stories”), social and political issues, personal growth, values, etc…


Tell us the greatest problem you think is facing society and the solution.
People don´t know or love themselves truthfully and genuinely, that brings fuzz and shallowness. I think the word “love” is sometimes misconceived and misunderstood and even underestimated. Also, I’m sure the world needs humbleness and faith, the world needs to acknowledge God’s presence.


Discuss your songwriting and recording.
My songwriting process comes in different ways but mostly I get melody ideas with lyrics and build up a song from that, other times is with an instrument.



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