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Matt Cordasco – Bad Habits

Matt Cordasco - Bad Habits

Matt Cordasco - Bad Habits
Matt Cordasco – Bad Habits


Tell us how you develop your sound and style to make it different from other musicians.
My sound has developed as a reflection of the genres I had been exposed to growing up and the never-ending process of current sounds that I will always draw inspiration from. I think especially in the age of music we’re currently in, it’s never been easier to blend all types of genres together and create something unique and beautiful that can still work in the realm of popular music. That’s something I definitely try to use to my advantage and allows me to create the music that just feels natural for me to make. That has helped shape my style to differ from other musicians and maintain my artistic individuality.


Tell us your opinion on the way new artists are coming up and the frequent release of songs.
I’m a huge fan of the DIY/Independent approach that has shown to benefit a lot of up-and-coming artists and seems to be the way things have been trending. Music will always be subjective, there will never be an instance where every single person that hears the same song will love it, it’s simply impossible. By frequently releasing new tracks, it gives artists a better opportunity to reach more potential listeners by giving them a larger catalog of music to find something they may resonate with. Being independent gives you this advantage of releasing however many songs you feel like when you feel like it.


Tell us your experience as a musician.
I have always had a love for music since I can remember. I believe my first attempt to write a song was when I was 5, it was horrible, but it was the beginning of my interest in the craft. Fast-forwarding a bit, I had received a guitar for Christmas when I was 11 and taught myself by playing along to a bunch of pop-punk bands like Fall Out Boy and Blink-182. By high school, I had formed a band and began writing and recording original songs. It was really during this time when it all clicked for me that this was something I wanted to make a career out of. Once things with the band broke off towards the end of high school, I had gained an interest in other genres like Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B and began teaching myself how to play the piano and produce music with the Apple program GarageBand. Since that point, through a lot of trial and error, I’ve come to where I’m at today, writing, recording, and producing my songs myself.


Tell us your opinion on streaming and digital download of songs.
The benefits of streaming far outweigh the negative aspects of it in my opinion. It’s a great platform for up-and-coming artists to get discovered. It has also definitely helped deter listeners from pirating music. Though the royalties earned per stream are laughable, I think it’s still better than having your music being illegally downloaded. It also helps show listeners so many different types of artists and genres that they may have otherwise had no clue about without streaming services.


Tell us how you see yourself in the coming time as a musician.
As a musician in the coming time, I see myself as someone who isn’t afraid to push things forward. I look at Kanye West as a prime example of this. Kanye has always been 5 steps ahead when releasing a record and drives the mainstream to adapt to what he’s doing. I’m by no means claiming to be on the level of Kanye but being an artist that has an understanding of the direction things are going to be heading in and helping guide it and push it forward in a new direction would be my ultimate goal as a creator.


Tell us five current artists that are your favorite presently.
Miguel, Troy Sivan, Lauv, Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar.


Tell us your best song up to date and share the link.




Tell us your dream and hope for the future.
My dream and hope for the future are to be able to do this as a career and hopefully pay it forward and inspire some kid somewhere with a dream.


Tell us what you think has changed in the music industry.
I think the biggest change in the industry is that there is more power in the hands of the artists. Labels will always have the edge but things have tilted ever so slightly in the other direction towards the artists.


Tell us your opinion on TV and radio stations playing the same songs from established artists mostly and giving little chances to independent artists.
This further elaborates on the edge labels have. Big labels having big budgets and connections will always land the promotional opportunities for their artists and get them the airplay compared to independents. It sucks but unfortunately, it’s still the nature of the business.


Tell us the challenges you think independent artists are facing and how they can be tackled.
Definitely not having as many promotional opportunities, budgets, and connections as the labels do. This can and will always be tackled by good ol’ fashioned hard work and personal networking.


Tell us your opinion on how corruption is affecting society and how it can be eradicated.
Corruption unfortunately is something that will never go away. People that possess power, greed, and immorality altogether are a dangerous combination that holds us back from progressing as a society. Being informed and knowledgeable of important topics and keeping track of current events is a start to eradicate corruption. So many people are either misinformed or don’t care enough to read between the lines or see how corrupt things truly are. As cliché as this is going to be, it is so true that knowledge is power.


State the links to your social media and stores.


Tell us what you think about using social media to promote music online.
Having a strong social media presence is so essential to successfully promoting your music online. If you have a strong social media following, it instantly adds to your credibility and will help push your music forward to more ears.


Tell us how you start as a musician.
Like anything else, it needs to start with a passion and desire to learn. Music is a craft that one really can never master; it’s a continual learning experience. You have to be willing to humble yourself and be willing to put the hours in to learn and progress. Today, there are so many different routes you can take to get started. You really don’t even need to buy an instrument anymore. It’s as easy as downloading a digital audio workstation and beginning to explore.


 Tell us what still motivates you to go on with your music career.
What motivates me is that feeling I get when I’ve created or heard something that just resonates with me. Sometimes just hearing a certain melody or chord progression that either I’ve written or heard in a song I’m listening to, reminds me all over again why I love making and listening to music so much. It inspires me to keep going and keep creating for the love of the craft.


Tell us about you as a person.
As a person, I’d like to think I’m someone who tries to be an optimist and look for the good in things and as someone who’s not afraid to learn from failure. Perspective is so important and I always keep that in mind and try to create a positive outlook on life in general. Of course, sometimes that’s easier said than done.


Elaborate on the story behind the song.
This song came about me trying to write something musically a bit more upbeat. I tend to find my comfort zone in slower more ambient type tracks and I wanted to break out of that. I’m a huge fan of contradictions and when looking at the lyrical content compared to the music itself they are telling two very different stories. That’s a theme I wanted to follow through with on this track.


Tell us the process involved in making this song.
A lot of the process for this song was me breaking out of my usual songwriting routine. Most times, I’ll begin a track by playing around on my keyboard and searching for a chord progression that catches my attention. In the case of this track, I started with the drums and let that set the vibe of where this song was going to go. The drums are very upbeat; this song has a real Summer Feel to it. After the drums, I started figuring out a chord progression and key I wanted on the piano that complemented the feel of the drums, and once that foundation was set, I began adding all the layers (Guitar, Bass, Synths, Horns, etc…) and working on the vocal melodies and lyrics.


List the people that deserved to be given credits for the making of the song.
The song was written and produced by me. Mixing was done by Matt James Dougherty and mastering was done by Mercury Mastering.


Tell us how you get funds to run your music career.
I’m currently working a day job to help fund everything. Since I do a lot of things myself, my budget is pretty easy to maintain.


Tell us the genre of your music and the reason you decided to go for this genre.
Overall, my music falls into the Pop category. I love writing songs that people can simply enjoy and can help them forget about any problems in their lives for that 3 minutes or so, there’s some magic to that. This doesn’t mean the songs have to be generic and void of all emotion, I think that’s the big misconception people have with Pop music. There’s nothing wrong with writing something a large demographic can find joy or feel something in. Also, being a producer as well, making a good Pop song really is a joy!


Tell us if you prefer to write your own songs or you prefer to write with professional songwriters.
No musician is perfect, it’s important to know your strengths and weaknesses. For me, my biggest weakness is definitely in my lyrics. However, I don’t think I’d be comfortable performing an original song I had no hand in writing the lyrics to at all. I have no problem collaborating and getting help from other songwriters but I at least want to be a part of the process.


Tell us if you prefer to produce your songs or you prefer to work with reputable producers.
Production, I would say is definitely my strong point. If I was presented with a beat that I loved though, I would have no problem performing over it with no production credit. I think collaborating with another producer on a track can be a huge game-changer too. Having someone else perspective and having them add their own personal flair to the right track can take it from good to great.




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