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Mawsua – Oceans

Mawsua – Oceans

Mawsua – Oceans
Mawsua – Oceans



SONG TITLE:  Oceans (Featuring Vllixat)
ALBUM TITLE: Oceans – Single
RELEASE DATE: July 26, 2019.



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Electronic producer Mawsua has just started to leave his mark in the music industry.
Combining forces with Louise Cristinne, Mawsua’s first song was Here With Me, which was popular locally in Los Angeles and Brazil.
Mawsua creates melodic-bass music that gives an energetic feel to the listener.
Mawsua does not stick to just one genre, the artist also likes making hard-hitting songs that will make anyone headbang on the spot.



Tell us your definition of being a talented artist.
Being a talented artist has its own perks, you can do so many different things in your own way that can impress people. It’s like you are giving your own little sauce, to what you are doing. Having talent is a natural skill that can differentiate you in a world full of talented people.


Share your opinion with us on digital distribution.
Digital distribution is a blessing for me, having the right type of technology in this world is a must. Having a distributor helps you to connect to the people that are willing to listen to your music, without music distributors, that connection is gone. Digital distribution nowadays helps a lot of artists in the come up.


Send a message to those involved in helping you with this project.
I just want to thank my parents first, for always believing in me, by giving me the right tools to help build my career as an artist. I want to thank my middle school friends, they know who they are, and they gave me hope when I needed it. I also want to thank my friends in California, especially Sergio for all the advice that he has given to me. And I want to thank Allison, for keeping my head up when I needed it the most.


Describe how you get involved in music.
So, when I was around 15 years old, my Dad at this point was one of the closest people that introduced me to different types of genres in music. His love for rock, pop, and even electronic music helped me to develop my love for music. At the time I was experimenting with my laptop with music software and I asked myself, “Wouldn’t it be cool to make your own music?” and yeah, that is exactly what I did.


Tell us about your childhood experience.
My childhood was different, that I can say. But I am grateful that I was able to find music, this was the best cure that I was ever able to find. I think sometimes at this point, “Did music find me or did I find music?”


Tell us if you are a starter or an established artist at the moment.
At the moment with this project “Mawsua”, I am trying to find a name for myself. In a way, I am already an established artist because I’ve had work with different artists and even attending a few award shows.


Tell us your opinion on old music and new music in terms of preference.
Old music is the granddad for new music, without old music I think we wouldn’t have new music, it’s that simple. Almost everything comes from experimentation, and that is the beauty of new music and what it provides nowadays.


Elaborate on the themes of most of your songs.
Most of the themes in my songs are about heartbreak or partying and being with your friends, I always try to do different themes when creating a new song. It gives a different feel to the listener, and they appreciate that.


State your greatest performance.
One of my greatest performances was when I was starting out as a DJ. It was at a friend’s birthday party, I was so nervous and anxious, it was literally my first ever gig as a DJ. In the end, I was able to do my best and no one was let down. I had so much fun because it gave me another perspective on Djing.


Tell us the greatest mistake to avoid while recording a song.
I think generally there is not a right way or a wrong way to make or record a song. I mean there are different steps to follow to make the best out of it, but all you have to know is that those rules just help you to stay inline and that’s because those rules have helped other artists to have a stress-free recording session. But yeah, all I have to say is that; make sure to stay out from the red.


Tell us your definition of a hit song.
A hit song, something that everyone starting out as an artist wants, I think the definition is a song that is excessively being played over and over, plus that is also giving the song more credibility because people cannot stop playing it, they just love it. To this day, there’s not a hit song generator, it either happens or it doesn’t happen at all.


Tell us what you know about your fans.
My fans are people that enjoy electronic dance music as much as I do, they just cannot stop listening to EDM, and well that is also something that I just cannot stop doing.


Describe your mood during recording or performance.
My mood overall is always happy, vibey, and energetic. I enjoy making music; it really is something that I genuinely love doing.


Discuss your songwriting.
My type of songwriting consists of driving a specific emotion to the listener, I always try to put myself into their shoes, and I just want them to feel that they’re not alone at all.


Discuss your recording process.
My recording process overall consists of me going into Ableton, opening a new project, and literally putting my mind into creating something that drives emotions and creativity.


Discuss the difference between live recording and studio recording.
Live recording can be applied when performing, for example, DJ’s, in general, are mixing and doing different transitions, some festivals record that and then you can just simply play it back.
Studio recording is a more professional way to get things done and also taking your time because everyone has their own creative process.


Discuss how you experiment with different sounds.
Well sometimes I find the weirdest plug-ins and I try different things with them, also a good way to experiment is by adding different layers and effects on top of that certain sound that you are experimenting with. It’s so fun to see the final result after playing for a few hours.


Elaborate on the song.
‘Oceans’ is a song about growing mentally and not letting negativity control you. You cannot put yourself down because of someone that used to be that “special someone” and now they are toxic all around.
Elaborate on your artist’s name and the title of the song.
My artist name has a peculiar origin story, I used to live in Aruba, an island in the Caribbean, it’s too close to Miami and Venezuela. They speak Papiamento, Dutch, Spanish, and English. They have a word that is always being used, which is “sua.” The word regularly on the Island means “dude, brother, and chill.” At the time I really liked it, and I decided to use ‘sua’ after my nickname which is Mau but decided to get a little creative and switched the ‘u’ for the ‘w,’ creating my artist name which is “Mawsua”.
“Oceans” was a name that Allison also known as Vllixat, the artist that is featuring with me on the song suggested and we agreed to call it like that.


Share your press release and review with us.
Mawsua just released his 4th single titled “Oceans” featuring Vllixat.
The producer once again makes his mark in the music industry by experimenting and combining different elements.
In this instance, we can say that “Oceans” is a song that is made to catch the listeners’ attention by providing a meaningful story that anyone can relate to.
The producer now signed with NoFace Records a sub-label of the giant Armada Music is trying to demonstrate that he does not stick to just one genre; he keeps experimenting and creating new music that is well received in the EDM-music scene.



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