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Maybe Gemini – Friend

Maybe Gemini – Friend


Maybe Gemini – Friend
Maybe Gemini – Friend


ARTIST NAME: Maybe Gemini



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Tell us about you.
I was born on 28.05.1984 in Russia. Natalia Pavolotckaia. I was singing from early childhood.
My professional career began with participation in Russian Pop Idol in 2003.
The producer formed a girl’s band (six members). We had a contract for seven years and became popular.
Then we created our own band without a producer (N.A.O.M.I.). I was additionally performing with other famous artists and DJs.
Then I decided to come to London to start my solo career and a completely new life! So here I am! – The second-year already.


Tell us what your fans are saying about your music.
My fans usually are very devoted and specific regarding their preferences. They adore my style and my vocal manner especially my timbre. I’ve also heard people commenting on my outstanding performance skills. I’m a good dancer as well.


Tell us the factors you consider in choosing a song as your favorite.
It’s just my personal intuitive musical preferences and also my favorite style, genre, etc.


Tell us the names of producers you will collaborate with if you have the chance.
Native Management for instance (they are doing similar stuff as I do).


Tell us the names of the songwriters you will collaborate with if you have the chance.
I’m writing my own original music but I like many songs…I can’t name the songwriters though.


Tell us your best mood to create a song.
Different! I can ‘tune on’ various kinds of moods depending on what I’m going to create. I’m very easy, flexible, and universal.


Tell us your interpretation of fame or success.
My own selective audience and fan base…the chance to perform my original music and to spread my musical vibes as far as I can. And to enjoy every single moment of performing in front of the people who came to watch me! Who chose me!


Tell us the names of artists you will collaborate with if you have the chance.
Mura Masa, Anomalie, Pat Lok, Wantigga, Gigamesh, etc.


Tell us about your experience performing on stage for the first time or recording in the studio for the first time.
I’ve been performing since 2003. My career began with Russian Pop Idol (I was born there). But I first started to record professionally before I came to Moscow.
Tell us how you approach songwriting.
The songwriting and composing…oh god, it’s a healing process to me. It’s one of my favorite activities ever!!! I immerse entirely in it! – Giving all of me.


Tell us your opinion on blending genres or experimenting with sound.
I adore it! Especially in terms of electronic music.


Tell us how you deal with rejection.
I stay always positive and what is mine will be mine.


Elaborate on what compels you to sing.
I force myself to do it only when it comes to professional work if I’m not in the mood. The rest of my time I’m singing always and everywhere I can.


Tell us the comparison between digital recording and analog recording.
Digital audio refers to sound recorded using methods that replicate the original sound waves. An analog audio signal is an electronic copy of an original audio signal as found in nature.


Tell us how you record your vocals.
Firstly, I warm-up doing adlibs and runs throughout the song. Then I do lead, verses, choruses… And then adlibs, melisma, etc.


Tell us the software you used mostly for recording.
Logic Pro at home plus Scarlett… (Shure SM 58 which is not the best for a recording of course).


Discuss the selling of CDs and the selling of digital files through digital stores.
Well, with all these iTunes and Spotify, I guess nowadays nobody buys CDs. Sometimes I want to hold in my hands a real CD like in the past.


Elaborate on the song.
Speaking about ‘Friend’- It’s about my alter-ego.


Elaborate on your artist name and the title of the album.
MAYBE GEMINI – My sign is Gemini…and I just added ‘maybe’ because in my view it sounds more mysterious and intriguing.



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