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Mighty Bear – Burt

Mighty Bear – Burt
Mighty Bear – Burt
Mighty Bear – Burt



Artist Name: Mighty Bear
Song Title: Burt
Genre: Electropop
Release Date: 27/06/2018






Mighty Bear – Burt
The mysterious new “face” of the Icelandic electronic scene Mighty Bear makes for a mysterious new face on Iceland’s electronic scene.
This darkly glamorous figure debuted during last year’s Iceland Airwaves, cross-pollinating the worlds of drag culture and abstract electronic pop. Mighty Bear’s show is audio-visual in nature: any danger of laptop-staring, knob-twiddling boredom is immediately dispelled by the accompanying glittering gowns and towering heels, rippling film imagery, masks, wigs, and a bold, charismatic approach to the stage. Strutting onstage in a ghostly, glamorous mask to a soundtrack of intense but ethereal beats, Mighty Bear is the undisputed dark queen of the Reykjavík electronica scene.
Since last year’s Airwaves, Mighty Bear has been busy performing at Sonar Reykjavik, Secret Solstice Festival, and a tour in Italy.



Discuss the relevance of social networking to music.
Music is an expression and as such, it needs to be shared, I love creating music for myself but the joy you feel when other people listen to your music is indescribable.


Go into detail on why you decided to choose music as a career.
I have always since I was a little kid been creating songs and singing. For me it is almost as important as oxygen without creating I can’t seem to function.


Brief us the feedback you are getting from fans on your music.
My music and live shows have been well received and gaining popularity after multiple festival appearances in Iceland.


Tell us how you record your song.
My songs start with me just fiddling around with sounds and coming up with textures that I like. When I have a sonic palate I feel represents how I feel at the moment the songwriting begins. I usually take a little time fine-tuning specific things here and there.


Tell us the story behind the song.
‘Burt’ is about lost love, for me creating music is very cathartic and I use music as an emotional outlet. The lyrics describe how I felt I could just wait and see what happens, and in the end, I say in Icelandic “Because I don’t want to miss you”.


State your musical skills.
I have always approached music with a sense of DIY punk ascetic. I am not classically trained but have picked up some skills over the years.


Tell us how long it takes to complete a song from the start.
It really depends on the song; sometimes it can take a few weeks and sometimes months or years.


Go into detail on how you develop your lyrics and melody.
To me, lyrics come first. Lyrics can make or break a song in my opinion. My lyrics are in Icelandic as I feel there is a certain poetic aspect to it.


State your five favorite genres of music.
Black metal – Love the theatrics surrounding it.
Indie Rock – Always been a fan of guitar rock and especially Indie rock.
Electronic – Over the years I have interest in this genre.
Alternative – I have always been a fan of people who go against the grain Punk – Fuck the system.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
My artist name is a rough translation of my real name. I wanted this project to be mine but I didn’t want to use my real name.


Discuss your rehearsal.
I create everything myself, so for live shows, it is me and a lot of coffee.


State your favorite musical instruments.
The electric guitar – It’s such a versatile instrument if you are willing to think outside of the box. You have all these effects to play with along with using bows, screwdrivers, or whatever to play it.


Discuss your personality in full detail.
I am really shy, but my alter ego Mighty Bear is the complete opposite. I like to use this project to express my other side.


Discuss your music career.
I have been associated with the Icelandic hardcore/metal scene for years. This project was born out of the need to express a different side of me.



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