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Molosser – Solid Gold

Molosser – Solid Gold

 Molosser – Solid Gold

Molosser – Solid Gold



SONG TITLE: Solid Gold




RELEASE DATE: April 14, 2021


GENRE: Acoustic Alternative













Tess and Jahn of Molosser found each other in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city and home of a lively music scene. There, both were playing in various bands and constellations, mainly of the loud and noisy variety. After a while, though, they moved to a small farm in the province of Småland, where they found themselves in the company of a couple of horses, an American bulldog, a gang of cats, some chickens, and three sheep. They started making music on their acoustic guitars and lacking a bass player they tuned them down so they could share that duty between them. The music that emerged is colored by both their urban past and their current rural surroundings, a bit like when the blues moved from the delta to the city and got electrified, but the other way around. The nerve and drive remain but have widened and grown to fill the windy woodlands and dusty, open fields as well as the deeper darkness beyond the edge of town.
Molosser’s music springs from a tight-knit, symbiotic relationship outside the music as well as inside it. It is built around the interplay between the two down-tuned guitars, the intimate vocals, strong lyrics, and meticulous, creative songwriting. Rather than using traditional acoustic guitar techniques of strumming or fingerpicking, Molosser weave deceptively simple and minimalistic lines and riffs into dancing, rolling patterns. Tess’s vocals add one more voice and deliver strong, poetical, and highly personal lyrics, and on the studio recordings, her drums make this little unit into a complete band. Any virtuosity involved is less about dexterity or speed and more about composition, arrangement, and balance. One of the foundations for Molosser’s music is having access to two rather different musical temperaments, intent on creating a common territory – not necessarily a middle ground but rather a wide, including landscape.
Molosser are reluctant to speak of their influences since that won’t say much about what their music sounds like now. Tess’s experience as vocalist, guitarist, and drummer in heavily riffing noise rock bands surely lends stability to rhythms and songwriting, and Jahn’s past as an improvising saxophonist serves him well in crafting melody lines for the guitar – just to mention a couple of things – but Unsane and Albert Ayler are probably not the first names that come to mind when you hear Molosser’s music. You’re just as likely to think about something that neither of the members has even heard.
Both musically and lyric-wise, Molosser tend to dive down into the deeper waters of life, since the surface is already well taken care of elsewhere. This does not mean that they are wallowing in darkness as a default mode of life, though – living close to nature it’s impossible not to feel joy from watching ravens play in the sky or listening to the wind in the high branches, and being able to make music together gives a golden glow to life. But there are demons to fight and tough questions to try to figure out, and there the music comes in both as a useful tool and a fulfilling end in itself.
Molosser’s first album, Appear, will be released May 11, 2021, preceded by four singles – Saguaro, 4th of July (a cover of the Soundgarden song), Unsolid, and Solid Gold – each with an official music video that can be seen on YouTube, and followed by videos for the remaining tracks as well. Meanwhile, Molosser are working on the material for their next album, fine-tuning their gear for when the live scene hopefully opens up again, and recording live versions of their songs with just the two guitars and vocals, for the “Barebones/Live” video series that also will be released before and after the album release.




I wrung out my soul ‘til the sun was mauled
And the sky bled.
And from my heart, I think,
A thousand holes just shed
So tangle me up
Before I’m dissolving at my edges
I am lost, numb to life and to living


Show me where the gold is


A good day to go
I blew out the moon while the sun was still low
And my mind, like a million stars, is widening
There is no maze
I know this path I have taken
I was lost, you see
Numb to life and to living


Show me where the gold is
Tell me where the gold is
Take me where the gold is
Leave me where the gold is
Take me where the gold is



Discuss your existence as a musician.
We have been making music for almost as long as we can remember, so existing without music is hard to imagine. What’s special with Molosser is that we have found a perfect blend of differences and similarities that drives us along roads that we would never have found each on our own.


Go into details on the changes in your life for choosing music as a career.
We have worked with different musical projects before, but when it comes to Molosser, it has grown into an extremely important part of our lives. Here, it feels that we have come across something that is actually our very own kind of music and is worth working for in every possible way. In no small part, music is what gives life meaning.


Tell us the benefits and drawbacks of choosing music as a career.
Taking music-making seriously as opposed to just having it as a hobby can make you grow as a musician and as a person, and also forces you to focus your efforts on something tangible. The downside is that it can be very consuming, mentally as well as when it comes to time. You have to watch out so that enthusiasm doesn’t turn into madness.


Elaborate on the storyline of this song.
The song is about lifting your eyes from a dark point in life and start following another path. To be able to leave an enduring darkness, let the light back in, and finding something new to hold on to when a sense of being lost has been prevailing for a long time. The insight that even darkness leads you forward and can be a way to find your own Solid Gold in life – the thing that means something real for yourself. A journey that we’ve made and still is on.


Let us know the greatest moment of your music career.
That would probably be when all the pieces of what became Molosser fell into place and we realized that what had started as an experiment actually had a life all of its own.


Share your press release and reviews with us.
On Solid Gold, Swedish combo Molosser walk you into a soulfully swinging landscape with their down-tuned acoustic guitars, vocals, and drums.






Discuss your experience pertaining live performances, gigs, shows, and tours.
Since Molosser has existed in its full-blown form only for a year or so, there has been virtually no chance for live performances due to the pandemic. We are working hard, though, on a live set with songs from the album as well as new material that will eventually be released on a second album. We also record live videos with just the two guitars and vocals that we release under the name “Barebones/live”. Two of them can be seen on link, and more will be released in the months to come.


Discuss the changes in your life as an artist.
The most profound change with Molosser as opposed to the other projects we have worked with earlier is that it is a true collaboration, a kind of symbiotic growth where it after a while becomes hard to know who has done what. Since we are two rather individualistic persons, this has not always been easy to come by, but now that we have found it, it’s actually a relief to be able to throw in an idea and let each other work on it until we have an organic entity that’s part of us both and still very much its own thing. A bit like having kids, actually.


State the names of the most important people that boosted your music career and how you met them.
The most important person for Molosser is the mysterious entity called Evil Ear that supports us in every conceivable way with the means to record and present our music to the world. We cannot at this time divulge more information about this, though.


Explain what you have in mind before considering music as a career.
The first and foremost thing to consider is that hardly anyone makes any money on music anymore – rather the opposite – due to everything being more or less free at the consumer level, and what little money there is being swept up by all the levels in-between artist and listener. So if you want to pursue music as anything more than a hobby, you’ll have to be passionate enough to live on air or work a day job to get by. Also, it’s not easy to get your music out there with so many music makers on different levels. But if you feel you have no other choice, go for it!


Name the artists that have influenced the world.
We don’t know about the world in general, but our musical world… been influenced by artists in louder genres than what Molosser turned out to be. A prime example is Soundgarden, in whose music you can, if you listen closely, hear a subtle, textural richness not found in many other rock bands.


Discuss your moment of rejection as a musician/artist and how you are able to cope and move on with your career.
Obviously, you make music to be heard, so it’s tough when you feel that you can’t reach those who would like what you’re doing. Not all music is for everyone, though, so the only way is to keep faith in your music and keep pushing it out until it reaches the right ears. Also, playing and producing music is a reward in itself.


Tell us the most negative comment you have ever received.
That would just be “No thanks” – no one has bothered to be actually negative about our music … yet.


Elaborate on the song.
“Solid Gold” is built around a bass line that goes almost all the way through the song – played by Jahn, in this instance. Around this line, Tess weaves a lighter texture with her guitar while the vocals tell their story, supported by airy drums and a steadily walking pair of feet.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
Molosser is a group of dogs where mastiffs, bulldogs, and boxers are some of the members. We used to have an American bulldog called Wilson, who looked kind of terrifying but actually was the gentlest creature that could be imagined. Sadly, he went on to other sniffing grounds a couple of years ago, but it seemed right to name the band after him. Great strength and a gentle touch combined … Wilson can be seen in the picture gallery.


State the title of the song and the meaning.
The song is called “Solid Gold”, which is a picture of what really means something in life, what is real and solid inside yourself.


State the title of the album and the reason for choosing the title.
The album is called “Appear” since that is what we do with this album. We have arrived, and we’re not about to leave again anytime soon.



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