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Mr. Flamboyant – Lane

Mr. Flamboyant – Lane
Mr. Flamboyant – Lane
Mr. Flamboyant – Lane



ARTIST NAME: Mr. Flamboyant + John Boy + Ebony Camille
RELEASE DATE: 12/17/2018
GENRE: Hip Hop/Rap



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Mr. Flamboyant is an artist of many talents.  He is an accomplished entertainer with music in his DNA.
Coming from a family of musical legends, Gladys Knight and William Guest of the Pips, his talent, and passion for music and entertainment make it clear that the “music gene” is strong in his biological roots.
Mr. Flamboyant was born Phalando Jibouri Lawson in Atlanta, GA.  Being raised by a single mother, residing primarily on the south side of Atlanta (East Point, College Park, and Riverdale), from a young age he learned to work hard and hustle to help make ends meet.
As he grew into a young man, having mouths to feed and people depending on him, he’s always stayed on his grind providing for his loved ones, determined to be a success.
While working various 9-5’s and being a devout father, Mr. Flamboyant has managed to produce 4 of his own albums, with his single “I Made Her” featuring Benny Jones recently peaking at #10 on the Euro Indie Music Chart.  He has toured with many artists including Goodie MobOutcast, 8Ball and MJG, Pastor Troy, Trick Daddy, and the late Shawty Lo.
He has performed with his uncle William Guest from Gladys Knight and the Pips and appeared in other major artists’ music videos, such as Ne-Yo’s “The Way You Move” featuring Trey Songz and T-Pain.
In addition, Mr. Flamboyant has appeared in major films.  Most recently, he appears in Oprah Winfrey’s newest movie “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks”, which airs on HBO.
He has also appeared in other major films, such as “Change Up” and Disney’s “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”, as well as “Stomp the Yard” with Ne-Yo and Chris Brown.
You can even catch him in episodes of Tyler Perry’s “Meet the Browns”, BET’s “Second Generation Wayans”, USA Network’s “Necessary Roughness”.
Currently, Mr. Flamboyant is co-host of Mbodyment Radio on WIGO 1570 AM, 2017 Stellar Award winner for major market radio station of the year.  Mbodyment Radio airs every Monday-Friday 6 PM – 7 PM and features indie artists as well as small businesses in Georgia that serve their local community.
While Mr. Flamboyant is a busy man, he is working on releasing a new album and ready to come back with a vengeance!



State your reason for choosing music as a career.
Music was actually my second choice. Basketball was my first passion but I got my first record deal when I was 17 and the music took over from there.


Tell us how you write the lyrics to your song.
I hooked up with John Boy in the studio and he played me a few beats. I heard the beat for Lane and I already had the idea for the title so when I heard the verse John Boy already had on the beat and he mentioned lane in that verse I knew we had one because we were on the same wave. I started writing my verse about how we move in the industry.


Discuss your life outside the music world.
Music is my world. Everything about my life is in the lyrics of my music including my kids, my relationships, my past struggles, and endeavors that I embark on.


Discuss your music career.
I have been in the music industry for several years as a Writer, Producer, Publisher, Rapper, as well as the C.E.O of my own record label.


Elaborate on your artist’s name.
A good friend of mine in high school gave me that name because I dressed flashily. He passed away while we were still in high school so I kept that name to honor him.


List your five favorite music videos with reasons.
Lane is my #1 because I feel like this is an award-winning video. I Made Her is my #2 because it was my first computer-animated video.  Flam Boy Ant is my #3 because that was the first video that I did with the Icon Kilo Ali and the Icon DJ Taz.  Flam Boy Ant Remix is my #4 because we had some special features on the video, such as Kyle Norman from the Multi-Platinum group Jagged Edge as well as Comedian Mike Bend from the Ricky Smiley Show just to name a couple.
My 5th favorite is Pastor Off of the Fulton County Group Album because of the different concepts we used. I was a villain and Kilo was a survivor of a purge.


Tell us your source of inspiration.
My inspiration comes from being able to be creative with my music and being able to bond with other creative artists.


Tell us your experience of dealing with fans.
I love when I get to communicate with my fans on social media and especially at my concerts. I enjoy being able to talk to my fans and take pictures with them at events.


Elaborate on the recording of this song.
After I wrote my verse and the hook I sent the idea to Ebony Camille and asked her to put her spin on it. We went into the studio and recorded it and made another hit.


Tell us about your future projects.
Currently, we are working on the Icon DJ Taz’s album titled “DJ Taz Presents”. The first single off the album that we are promoting right now is “We Be Like” under JLawason Music Group. We are also in the process of creating an album for Ebony Camille under JLawson Music Group.
I also have a lingerie line in the works.


List the names of those that have supported you so far.
I don’t want to accidentally leave anyone out so I will say: my family and friends. All of the DJs as well as radio stations that play our music and all media outlets as well as our fans.


Tell us your point of view on vocal tuning.
I personally think it enhances the music.


Tell us your thought on quality and quantity for the release of songs.
I prefer quality over quantity.


Tell us your viewpoint on comparing a music career to a non-music career.
It depends on the individual’s personal preferences.


State the genre you despise most with reason.
I don’t despise any genre of music. I love all music.


List your five favorite movies with reasons.
  1. Warriors – It shows the struggle of a group trying to overcome something they were falsely accused of.
  2. Star Wars – Return of The Jedi – I am a huge fan of Sci-Fi.
  3. Black Panther – I’m a big Marvel movie fan.
  4. Training Day – Denzel Washington is my favorite actor and I think this is one of his best films.
  5. The Scorpion King – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is my second favorite actor. I liked all of the action and fighting scenes in this movie.


State the title of the song and the meaning.
Lane. The meaning behind it is that we are making our own way in the music industry and in life. We stay in our own lane and we don’t follow anyone’s trends.



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