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MURKOCET is a cutthroat American heavy metal band from the desert of Phoenix Arizona formed in 2013. MURKOCET; a substance directly attributed to the aggressive and often times violent actions of it’s user; which in essence is their music. These Phoenix, Arizona’s heavy metal slayers released their debut album “Digging Mercy’s Grave on January 14th, 2017. The record is a remorselessly punishing hurricane encompassing a calming string instrumental which symbolizes the eye of this chaotic storm. Two of the album’s tracks have been aired on Phoenix’s 98KUPD “Into The Pit” and another was chosen by indie horror film director, Bob Clark (Reel Bloody Films) to be the title track of his movie, “Strip Club Massacre”. Murkocet’s lineup consists of vocalist Richie Jano, guitarist Nate Garrett, drummer Mike Mays and bassist Brandon Raeburn.

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