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Muzik Genesis – Bliss of Inspiration

Muzik Genesis – Bliss of Inspiration

Muzik Genesis – Bliss of Inspiration
Muzik Genesis – Bliss of Inspiration



Muzik Genesis – Bliss of Inspiration
ARTIST NAME:  Muzik Genesis
SONG TITLE: Bliss of Inspiration
RELEASE DATE: October 8th, 2018
GENRE: Hip-Hop






Tell us your opinion on creativity and originality.
Creativity comes from everything around us: art is a reflection of society and the various complex processes that society undertakes.


Tell us the beginning of your passion for music.
The beginning of my passion for music started when I was very small. I was exposed to music as soon as I was in my mother’s womb since my father was a musician. I first became intrigued by hard rock music growing up, and then in my early 20’s started an experimental/multi-genre rock band that played hip-hop infused with hard rock. My musical journey is still continuing.


Elaborate on how you make sure the quality of your sound is high.
Partnering with great industry professionals and being engaged in the creative processes in the writing, recording, mixing, and mastering stages.


Tell us how you get ideas to develop your songs.
For my latest album Sequoia, I gained a lot of inspiration from being outside in nature and the critical state of our ecosystem.


Describe your vocal ability.
I have been trained professionally and also self-taught by several of my favorite vocalists that I have been influenced by including: Serj Tankian, Chris Cornell and Tom Morello.


Tell us how you develop the instrumentation for this song.
I developed the instrumentation for the track utilizing various sources for samples and layered them all using Ableton.


State five hit songs and name the artists.
Harakiri – Serj Tankian
Chop Suey! – System of a Down
Bulls on Parade – Rage Against the Machine
Face my Fears – Utada Hikaru & Skrillex
Hunger Strike – Temple of the Dog


Tell us how you entertain the audience during a live performance.
Provide an engaging show with audience participation, and allowing folks to feel like they are part of the show.


List the name of artists that have a similar sound to yours.
Rage Against the Machine, System Of A Down, Nujabes, DJ Okawari.


Discuss how you think your music is impacting your fans.
It’s making them confused as hell because of the entire range of my musical eclecticism. But I hope that my listeners are confused in the sense that they see what appears to be contrasting aspects of life, and how they are able to meld together. Life is about having many experiences and not being limited to just one particular set of experiences, but a multitude.


Tell us what inspires you to sing.
Getting that emotion out there.


Discuss this song.
The bliss of Inspiration is a collaborative piece with a college friend of mine Khan; we both attended the University of California Santa Cruz. While I was living in New York City at the time, we both decided it was time for collaboration because I had embarked on a different musical journey by creating Sequoia; jazz and hip-hop-infused album with an environmental message.
The song Bliss of Inspiration represents the various forms of inspiration that we receive; we all motivate and inspire each other as human beings every single day.


Discuss how you develop your melody.
The melodies were sampled. 🙂


Share your press release and reviews with us.


Tell us how you master your songs after production.
Tracks on the Sequoia album were mastered at Tapley Sound.


Discuss how to generate income through music.
Develop connections and value to listeners.


Tell us your piece of advice to a new artist.
Make music, even if you are unsure how to make music. Continue to grow through each track that you make and continue to develop connections with professionals and listeners.


State your favorite radio station.
KZSC is my favorite radio station.


Go into details on this song.
The track Bliss of Inspiration was made in Ableton Live 9 and took around 2 months to complete using only 8 layers of tracks. I collaborated with Khan the emcee on the track while we were 3,000 miles away from each other. We never actually worked in the studio together when it was recorded. I recorded my part and worked on it in Ableton while living in New York City, and Khan recorded it at Tapley Sounds in Santa Cruz in the summer of 2018.



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