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Nala Spark – Fly My Kite

Nala Spark – Fly My Kite

 Nala Spark – Fly My Kite

Nala Spark – Fly My Kite





ALBUM TITLE: El Manifesto


RELEASE DATE: 18.05.2021


GENRE: Singer/Songwriter, Indie Pop, Acoustic Pop























Nala Spark is a Polish singer-songwriter with passionate, expressive vocals. Nala’s songs often turn difficult experiences into personal strength and peace, which gives them a transformative power.
Her music is sometimes described as “soothing” and “cheerful”, but also “theatrical”. No wonder, because Spark has experience as a pantomime actress and opera director (under her family name). This also explains why she enjoys directing and editing music videos for her songs.
Nala uses a wide vocal range, combining various vocal techniques. The lyrics are very important to her, so the vocals follow the meaning, playing with it. Her music shows influences of pop, folk, and jazz, and the author herself describes her music as a singer-songwriter genre and independent pop. Her style is considered quite unique, although some listeners compare her to Katie Melua and Adele. Nala openly talks about being inspired by artists such as Regina Spektor and Norah Jones.
Nala Spark’s debut EP “El Manifesto” is a speech of a soul manifesting inner power and the human ability of transformation. The Spanish titled album contains English and Polish lyrics and represents the three-linguistic reality of a singer-songwriter who lived in Poland, Malta, Spain, and now in Peru. “El Manifesto” is being released single-by-single starting with “Fly My Kite” on 18 of May. The whole album will be available for purchase on July 14th.
Each of Nala’s songs on the EP has a different character, “Fly My Kite” is soothing, “Little MEs” grotesque-ish, “Martian Bar” fairy-talish “Piękni” joyful, and “Napisać Sobie” is a poetic lullaby. However instrumentally they are all based on piano played by Jedrzej Skajster and accordion played by Michal Mihok. Nala Spark, the author of all songs, plays her ukulele here and there and binds everything together with her characteristic vocals and storytelling.
The whole album was recorded and engineered by Mateusz Janiczak in Village Records, Poland.





Fly My Kite (Nala Spark)


Verse 1
Look, your tears won’t fall
I will catch them all
Soon your face will shine
The next day will be fine


You know you have in me someone you can trust
And if life’s a fireplace we won’t turn it into dust
We’re gonna fight for our own blue skies
And for the right to fall sometimes
They are not gonna tell us where to ride and which vehicle to choose
We will fly our kites


Verse 2
Pray for those who can’t
Hear their own heart’s chant
Pray but hold your shield
Because for them
Life’s a battlefield


You know you have in me someone you can trust
And if life’s a fireplace we won’t turn it into dust
We’re gonna fight for our own blue skies
And for the right to fall sometimes
They are not gonna tell us where to ride and which vehicle to choose
We will fly our kites


Piano Solo


You know you have in me someone you can trust
And if life’s a fireplace we won’t turn it into dust
We’re gonna fight for our own blue skies
And for the right to fall sometimes
They are not gonna tell us where to ride and which vehicle to choose
We will fly our kites


We can’t lose



Discuss your music life.
As a debuting indie artist, my current music life is very much reduced to setting up all this infrastructure in the music business, so at the moment I feel more like an entrepreneur than a musician.;) But it’s all almost ready and I start to have a room in my head to think about concerts (I’m looking for a manager;)). But in my daily life music is present anyway, music is my medicine, my voice is my way of diving into myself, is my joy and my relaxation.


Discuss the recording of this song.
“Fly My Kite” was recorded in the beautiful Polish mountains in Village Records run by Mateusz Janiczak… I invited two very talented musicians, my friends, Jędrzej Skajster, a Polish pianist, and Michal Mihok, a Czech accordionist and we had a lot of joy recording the song and arranging it all together with Mateusz, the sound engineer.


Discuss the lyrics of this song.
The lyrics are an act of self-support. When I sing, “look, your tears won’t fall, I will catch them all” I’m actually singing it to myself. It’s like a manifest of a friendship that I maintain with myself.
The chorus is pretty metaphorical, it says ”they are not gonna tell us where to ride and which vehicle to choose, we will fly our kites.”
But not everybody gets metaphors and so there was this funny comment from one guy after listening to the song, he said: “hey, the lyrics are a bit stupid, I chose my car myself and I go wherever I want – what is she even talking about!” 🙂
Well, what I’m talking about is going through life the way you want it and not the way you are “supposed to” and this is what I mean when I sing about choosing the vehicle and direction. And if you want to go through life flying a kite – just do it! It’s your life after all.


Discuss the melody of the song.
From what I’ve been told, the melody is pretty catchy. The main vocal is accompanied by subtle choirs… Actually, the choirs were designed on an Erasmus + musical project which I participated in some time ago and I loved it so much that I decided to keep them that way.


Explain your songwriting process.
Usually, it starts with some emotion or a thought, which I transform into music. So I sit by the piano or I take my ukulele, I find chords that represent what I feel and then I continue with the melody of the vocal. Sometimes the lyrics come along; sometimes I work on them in my notebook.
Usually writing a song takes me one entire day and that day I forget the world, which I love! It’s like being in some kind of a creative trance. Then I go to sleep and I can’t wait to wake up, because during the night I totally forget what I created and so the first thing I do in the morning is I listen to the song and it’s funny, cause I’m like “Oh, that’s nice” (…) “Oh, that’s surprising!” (…) “Oh, interesting note here!” as if I was listening to a song written by somebody else. 😉


Tell us what makes this song unique.
While recording “Fly My Kite” I meant to give the listeners this feeling of space so that they can get some distance and feel what’s inside of them. I also meant to include into this song some kind of confidence and peacefulness.
I know for instance that Jędrzej (the pianist) while playing this song is imagining a kite flying with the wind. This kite represents our deepest dreams that we can choose to fly and trust that the flow of life will help us. So answering your question – all these supportive concepts and feelings we put into the song make it unique.


Tell us how you develop your sound.
I’m glad you ask because writing a song having one instrument and one pair of hands at your disposal is indeed different than developing it later so for me doing it in a studio was a new experience. My colleagues whom I invited to the album had a great input in this process: Michal (accordionist) is a composer with huge experience, Mateusz (the sound engineer) is a musician in a well-known Polish band InoRos, Jędrzej (the pianist) also worked in other bands. So I’d say I develop my sound, having a great support team of “older brothers from the business” but also using my own feeling and listening to what my heart is telling me. Sometimes I “just know” and I’m so grateful none of my fellow musicians ask me “why”.


Explain your music style.
The first thing that comes to my mind is that it’s transformative because it transforms life challenges into inner power.
Also worth saying is that I have a background as a mime actress and opera director and I use that in my music creation. I like to tell a story both with lyrics and composition, I like to play with words and styles and I enjoy creating a certain atmosphere within a song.


Discuss your music background.
I took piano classes for a while and I went to singing workshops here and there and it certainly developed my musicality. However, in the matter of ukulele playing and songwriting, I’m a total autodidact, an empirical student-driven by feeling and intuition.


Tell us the factors you consider in a good song.
There are many factors, which seem necessary, but when I think of it more, all it truly takes is the feeling. If the song is able to take us somewhere or bring a memory or create an atmosphere that resonates with us – that’s a good song.


Elaborate on your fan base.
It’s growing and I trust it will always be. 🙂 And when I think of people who enjoy my music I think they are open-minded and good. There is no other option!


Discuss your future goals.
I have my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds so:
Get a manager, build my audience, create abundance for my team and me and bring light to the world with my music.


Mention those that have supported you so far.
Thank you for this question. I’ll start with my mom, who knew the power of following dreams and always encouraged me to look for a passion in life.
Then goes my friend Joanna who gave me a lot of love and enthusiasm when I was discovering my songwriting skills.
Jarek Sadowski, who invited me to his studio to record my very first songs and was always telling me “you gotta do something with it!”
Jędrzej (pianist) who four years ago agreed to play my songs (he does it so much better than me) despite my lack of experience, musical knowledge, or a plan… 😉
The same goes with Michal (accordionist) who believes in me and supports me from the very beginning.
And Kevin, my partner in many crimes, who’s the author of all my artworks, the cameraman in my video clips, and who tells me I’m “like a bitcoin in 2009” whenever I feel tired.
And all the other people who give me feedback, who come to my virtual pre-release parties, and who share my music with others – I appreciate it a lot.


Tell us your opinion on categorizing songs into genres.
I’m not a fan… mixing genres is very common nowadays, I do it myself and so later I have a great dilemma about which genre to indicate as I’m asked to do that on many occasions. I’d rather categorize songs into moods they bring with them.


Tell us if you are interested in collaborating with other musical artists.
Sure thing! Creating together is a great joy! If there is chemistry, of course, that’s a very important factor.


Elaborate on the song.
“Fly My Kite” is a manifest of following the voice within. It’s meant to remind listeners that they are in charge of their lives and their dreams and doing what makes you happy is the best choice you can ever make.
It’s also a story of the most important support you can ever get – from yourself. Too often we look for the approval of other people, but the truth is that if we don’t stand by what we do 100%, why should others?


Elaborate on your artist’s name and the title of the album.
NALA because it’s easy and singable, almost like lalala…
SPARK because I look for light everywhere in my life and with my songs I would like to remind people of their own splendor.
EL MANIFESTO because each song of the album is an expression of my beliefs and my plans for this planet, ha-ha-ha.


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