Nick Almighty - Wobbling

Nick Almighty - Wobbling

Nick Almighty – Wobbling

ARTIST NAME: Nick Almighty


SONG TITLE: Wobbling


ALBUM TITLE: Smokey City Raw




GENRE: Hip-Hop/Rap























Nicholas Bell, popularly known as Nick Almighty, is a fast-rising independent hip-hop/rap artist from North Memphis, Tennessee, who came into the game of music-making to express his ever-burning passion for music.
Growing up in a crime-stricken neighborhood of Smokey City full of gangs and drugs, he learned to use his situation as a stepping stone for himself, making him an inspiration to be reckoned with. To Nick Almighty, music is fun, so whenever he picks up the mic, there’s no limit to his flair. Soon after releasing his widely acclaimed new single, ‘Iron Throne’… he will be dropping his new album, ‘Smokey City Raw’…
Nick Almighty is the CEO/artist at King 5 Music, – an independent label co-owned by Nick Almighty and King Meeteeie. Besides, his music has been featured on multiple blogs, press websites, and by Coast 2 Coast DJs. Nick Almighty is constantly striving to create a niche for himself as a hip-hop artist. Want a piece of lyrically rich and meaningful music with great vibes? – Nick Almighty is your go-to. The talented and energetic rapper, best described by his addictive choruses and killer punch lines, will be performing on a 10 city tour called ‘The Linq Up Tour’ from the periods of 5/30/21 until September 2021. Also, he will be hosting an upcoming TV/YouTube series called ‘Bluff City Hip-Hop.’ Seeing people enjoying his music and having a good time is the driving force behind his musical career.





Wobbling wobbling girl I wanna see that ass
Wobbling wobbling sexy then a motherfucker
Popping it slow motion she dropping it
Independent bad bitch dancing like she retched
I see you wobbling wobbling wobbling
Bad bitches wobbling wobbling
Thots and the wretched wobbling
Pole dancer shake it for that cash bitch
Wobbling wobbling wobbling wobbling


Verse 1
She must be a mermaid how she wet call her Ariel
Bout to catch a body on the beat its a burial
Shawty make that ass go around like a merry go
Outer space rhymes they can’t see me with a telescope
Hot girl summer she just trying to live her best life
Girls wanna have fun she gone get some dick tonight
King 5 records Nick crazy with the mic
Plumber on the side yea baby I lay pipe
Burn the track with a cold flow dry ice
Keep ya team tight lot of rats raising mice
All my niggaz shine ain’t no slow down to
This grind
Brand new chopper I can hit you 30 times


Verse 2
Rolling with my niggaz Mob deep when we’re moving
Pulling up in fly whips it look like a movie
How you gone get mad at me cause your girl choosing
This money and this swag got her wet Jacuzzi
King 5 Records we make moves for loot
Nothing but real niggas all around me loop
Just sent back fresh rounds for the troops
If you violate let em loose no truce
She just wanna hang with the crew let her through
Her girlfriends wanna come too that’s the move
En Vogue baby give me something I can feel
Shawty throw that ass in a circle like a wheel



Recording Experience: I always have a good time when I’m dropping music at Studio 224 with my guy AC Dutch.
AC Dutch and I have a natural vibe and understanding when it comes to music so anything we link upon is going to be on point. I keep the bars on automatic and he keeps the mix on fire.


Song Creation: The first thing you need is inspiration. Whether it’s the neighborhood you grew up in, situations that you’ve been through, how you feel at a certain moment, or how you individually see the world. Without the idea for the song, you got nothing.
The last thing that comes while creating a song is self-approval. You have to come to an agreement with yourself that this is the best possible version of this song that I could have created with the talent that I currently possess and have confidence that it’ll be received well by possible and current fans. For a lot of artists, this could cause anxiety, but for me, I just know I’m the truth so I don’t worry.


Advice: Invest most of your budget into marketing. You need way more than good music to sell music.


Experience: Putting out my first album with no promotion and seeing no results is probably the same thing for most new artists. On the bright side, that failure made me learn more about the marketing and business side of the music game, which is contributing to my current success.


Instrumentation: The beat for ‘Wobbling’ was purchased from a producer named Young Shun via his website.


Sing Along: It’s the greatest feeling in the world for me as an artist to see and hear the crowd singing and dancing along to my music. To have that validation from the crowd that they love what I do means everything and as far as performances go it helps give me the energy to turn up even more for the crowd.


Objective: When I create a song I just want as many people as possible to hear it, enjoy it, and know that it came from Nick Almighty. My ultimate goal when dropping any music is to be recognized as one of the best to ever do it. I’m just building up my resume. Going gold and platinum is good two.


Writing: Either I have a topic in mind and look for a beat that fits the vibe of what I want to say, or I scroll through tracks until one speaks to me and I let the rhymes develop naturally. The one constant to my rap style though is that there will be punch lines in every verse.


Music Style: I would say I’m a punch line rapper, but I can also form my flow to fit any track without losing quality. I’m bringing music with catchy choruses and verses displaying real lyrical ability that hasn’t been demonstrated by most rappers in the game lately and I feel my style will serve to revitalize those hip-hop fans that want to hear some real bars.


Recording: ‘Wobbling’ was recorded in the booth at Studio 224 a.k.a. Dutchland in Memphis, TN.


Songwriting: I write all my own lyrics. Ghostwriters can’t get any work over here.


Fans: Fans are the best. I always have a good time taking pictures and interacting with my fans. Without them my ship sinks. I always have major respect and love for my fans.


Song: ‘Wobbling’ is a twerk song engineered to make Asses shake. Soon as the bass drops peaches drop too. This song always gets the ladies running to the dance floor.
Artist’s Name: Nick Almighty is derived from my Nicholas. I put the Almighty on there because I’m a rap god and there are millions of people with just the name Nick so I had to be a little creative.


Album’s Title: The album name “Smokey City Raw” is named from my neighborhood in North Memphis where I grew up in which is called Smokey City. Everything expressed in the album is a reflection of the thoughts and actions of someone who would be from a smokey city so that’s what gave the album its namesake.


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