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Party Hardy – If You’re Lonely

Party Hardy - If You're Lonely

Party Hardy - If You're Lonely
Party Hardy – If You’re Lonely



State your favorite genre of music and your reason.
Hip-Hop, it’s great to see all ages jump to something when they were young.


Tell us your experience as a musician. 
I perform live but I really enjoy creating and developing my skills.


Tell us the theme of your song. 
It’s so seductive.


Name the people behind your success and thank them on this platform. 
My engineer and producers.


Go into detail about your opinion on religion and politics. 
It’s all vibrations. You will side with what moves you the most.


Elaborate on how you think your music is inspiring your fans. 
I believe people see the energy and my drive.


Explain the changes you have observed so far in the music industry. 
You can do more on your own now, and don’t need too much backing.


State the artists you cherish most and your reason. 
I enjoy a lot of 50 Cent and Cardi B. It’s their hustler’s spirit that is inspirational.



Give us the links to your social network and stores. 


Elaborate on how you develop your lyrics. 
I make sure it’s rehearsed.


Tell us if you enjoy collaborating with other artists or just singing as a solo artist. 
Solo artists because I haven’t had the pleasure of working along with someone yet.


Elaborate on how you develop your melody and instrumentation. 
I listen and choose.


Go into detail on the recording process of this song. 
I walk into the studio and record.


Discuss your music performance.
I perform an awesome set. Visit website and track when I’m performing!




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