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Paul Andrews – Sunlight on Water

Paul Andrews – Sunlight on Water
Paul Andrews – Sunlight on Water
Paul Andrews – Sunlight on Water



ARTIST NAME: Paul Andrews
SONG TITLE:  Sunlight on Water
ALBUM TITLE: Light and Dust
RELEASE DATE: May 5, 2019
GENRE: Electronic, Dream Pop, Soundscapes



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Discuss your songwriting.
There is no single way of how I write my songs. Sometimes I get an idea for a lyric and I save it on my phone, or maybe it’s a melodic idea that pops into my head while I’m walking around. When I’m out of the house, I use my phone to record all my ideas.
Some song ideas come from playing around on the piano and that one little part turns into a full song.
Some songs start with music first while some songs are written because I wanted to say something specific.


List your other skills apart from singing.
Besides singing, I play multiple instruments, I arrange, I produce, and I mix.


Tell us the most memorable moment in your music career.
My most memorable career moment for me was with a remix I did for Madonna. I remember I had just finished playing volleyball and was walking out of the gym with my friends. My phone rang and I saw that it was the A&R person for Madonna. He told me that she personally approved my mix to be an exclusive version for Tidal. It was a great feeling!


Elaborate on what you know about the music business.
Well, I know the music business is about making money, not always about the music. I realized that the kind of music I like doesn’t always make it in the music industry, so I’m glad there are now ways to get music out there without having to use the major record companies.


List the instruments you can play.
My main instrument is piano, but I’ve studied and performed these instruments when I was in school: saxophone, clarinet, bassoon, oboe, guitar, bass, and percussion.


Tell us how you build your melody.
There has to be a movement for me in a song. Most of the time, the movement is with the melody, but sometimes the harmony beneath the melody can move instead. I do that sometimes to make interesting key changes.


Describe your live performance and recording in the studio.
Performance for me is very personal. When I’m recording, I feel more comfortable trying new ideas with my voice when I know no one is listening. I record by myself and rarely let anyone listen. Sometimes I’ll play a part for my husband or my sister for feedback, but usually, I keep everything to myself until it’s ready.


Tell us if you prefer using live instruments for your recording.
Well, being a keyboard player, I love having so many sounds to work with. I don’t necessarily have to have live instruments for recording, but I do feel having different players brings out something more than I could do all by myself.


Tell us the feedback you are getting pertaining to your music.
I’m happily surprised that the feedback I’m getting is very positive and very detailed. My music is full of nuance, and there have been many listeners who said they hear different parts on each listen.


Discuss how you record your song.
On most of my songs, I create a basic arrangement to use for vocal ideas. I arrange parts along the way so there is an interplay between my vocals and the instruments. On some of my songs, I finish all the instrumental parts then go back and rerecord my vocals with the full arrangement.


Tell us if you write all your songs.
The goal for this album was to do everything myself. I wrote every song, arranged it all, played and sang everything, and produced it. I had Jim DeMain master the album (a wonderful job!). I remember when I was growing up, I would read “Written, Produced and Performed by Prince” on some of Prince’s records. I told myself that I wanted to be able to do that one day.


State your favorite song.
I can’t say that I have a favorite song on my album. I wanted each song to have its own sound and identity, but still feel like it belonged with the rest. I feel like my mother when she used to say, “I love you all the same!”


Discuss the themes of your songs. 
I write a lot about perception, intent, and identity, while also exploring views on spirituality, life, and love. There are a lot of questions being asked in my songs.


Elaborate on the song.
My lead focus track, “Sunlight on Water,” was inspired by my childhood memories of family vacations to Virginia Beach; a time of living without cares, fondly remembered by a man who is now older and bears the weight of life.


Elaborate on your artist name and the title of the album.
The album title “Light and Dust” came to me while I was recuperating from an ankle operation. I was reading the series “His Dark Materials” by Philip Pullman and kept on thinking about the term “dust” used in the books. I’m a spiritual person, so the symbol of light is big for me. I wanted to have a title that represented our true selves (light) that remains when the dust (our bodies) are gone.
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