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Paul Woida – All The Lights

Paul Woida – All The Lights

 Paul Woida – All The Lights

Paul Woida – All The Lights



SONG TITLE: All The Lights


RELEASE DATE: October 2020


GENRE: Pop/Contemporary Christian















Paul Woida is a contemporary Christian singer-songwriter and master looper.
A looper records sounds in real-time and plays back melodies and rhythms using instruments and their voice.
Paul turns heads everywhere he goes with his catchy hooks, emotive vocals, unique live show, and incredible musicianship.
Paul graduated from MacEwan University with diplomas in both Composition and Drum Set Performance thus has the unique ability to combine complex rhythms with melody and harmony resulting in a sound close to that of a full band.
Paul’s musical aesthetic is a blend of Sia’s emotive vocal delivery, her inherent musical sensibilities, and often compared to Ed Sheeran’s accessibility.
Paul is currently writing and developing with a team in Nashville consisting of Nick Schwarz (Skillet, Danny Gokey, I AM THEY), Jeff Cates (Backstreet Boys, Chris Tomlin), Jeff Pardo (Grammy-nominated), Ethan Hulse (Tauren Wells, Zach Williams) and Tony Wood (5X Dove award winner).
Paul’s career highlights, thus far, include selling out Edmonton’s Winspear (2019), winning Hot 107’s $10,000 dollar Hot Factor competition, placing first in the Edmonton Landmark Showcase competition, being chosen to open for Casting Crowns at the 2016 Break Forth conference and winning the 2016 Airmiles ‘Detour Big Break’ Competition which brought him to Port Hawkesbury NS to open for Meghan Trainor.
Besides playing weddings, corporate functions, and clubs all over North America, Paul has played many fundraisers for the likes of hockey great, Glen Sather, and Dragons’ Den star, Brett Wilson. He’s also worked with the E Power Anti-Bullying Campaign which tours schools across Canada as well as with the Robb Nash Project super shows and school tours. To share his passion for people, Paul has participated in various youth empowerment benefit concerts and spent time in China in November 2017 with We Stand, a youth leadership summit. Lastly, Paul is part of the Edmonton United Way Campaign having co-written and participated in their popular 2016 campaign video. Paul’s passion is music and that passion is fueled by his love for people. Paul wants to inspire and be a positive role model for people of all ages.
His desire is to help them see that dreams are achievable if you work hard and keep striving!


Discuss the concept of mixing genres together.
It all comes down to authenticity. My faith in God is at the core of who I am. It’s impossible for me to be authentic in my art without my faith influencing it in some way. The music and its genre are just a manifestation of what’s happening inside my soul. It’s almost as if the genre is “tree” you see above the ground and my faith is the “roots” underneath the surface. Being able to blend both together is a lot of fun!


Elaborate on your childhood background.
My family is incredibly musical. Almost everybody, especially on my Mom’s side, plays an instrument really well. We used to have these huge family jams that would go until 6 A.M…. The family band was short on drummers so they put me into drums when I was six years old. I hated it but I kept to it just to please my Mom. I’m so glad I did! I never knew I’d be a full-time musician all these years later!


Discuss your music life.
Leading up to the crazy COVID-19 pandemic I was constantly gigging. 2019 I played over 220 gigs including headlining and almost selling out a 1700 seat theatre! As of now, I’m really focusing on writing, recording, and producing my original songs and going out and playing at as many churches and venues, and festivals as possible.


Elaborate on your recording experience in the studio.
I have such a love-hate relationship with the studio. On the one hand, collaborating and experimenting with sounds and instruments and plugins and melodies and chord progressions with other writers and producers is so exhilarating. Yet, on the other hand, the amount of energy it takes to explore every possibility you can to make sure the song is as good as it can be is exhausting. I have to manage my perfectionism.


Discuss the songwriting process of this song.
It was the first writing session I’ve ever had with high-level producers and writers in Nashville. They do not mess around in Nashville. We all just started talking about life, and I mentioned my struggle with anxiety, especially in the music business. We went from there with this idea that anxiousness can feel like a darkness inside your heart, and how incredible it is when God comes and just lights it up.



Tell us what is special about the song that can hook a listener.
My favorite hooky part of the song is the synth bass Nick used!



Discuss what you consider in a hit song.
It’s so hard to tell what makes a song a hit; otherwise, everyone would be able to write one. I know for sure though that when a song becomes a hit it’s almost always because it resonates with a lot of people on an emotional level, whether it makes them want to get up and dance or cry.


Tell us your opinion on melody.
I’m a total melody person. The melody moves me more than lyrics do. Claude Debussy has a great quote: “Music begins where words are powerless to express. Music is made for the inexpressible.” To me that is melody!


Elaborate on what you are doing to develop your music career.
There is a lot on the go for me! I’m going back and forth from Nashville to L.A. writing with some amazing writers and producers! I’ve also recently invested in some great gear for myself to learn to craft my own sound. I’m excited about the future!


List your greatest supporters.
I am so blessed to have supporters, although for the first few years I didn’t have many. While everyone else was settling down, getting married, having children (which is still amazing and so important) I was practicing relentlessly in my parent’s basement. In the beginning, it was only my parents and my brother and a couple of friends. Everyone else thought I was crazy. I will forever be grateful for them and they’ll always be a big part of my life!


Compare a music career to a non-music career.
Choosing music as a career is very difficult and is not glamorous. I don’t recommend it to everyone. I’ve heard a few successful artists say if you can picture yourself being happy doing anything else, choose that instead. Only if you have no other choice should you go after a career in music, and I see why. Don’t get me wrong, it’s incredibly rewarding, but it is also very difficult, requires you to be all in. That being said, although I’ve had many hard days, I’ve never regretted my choice!


Discuss your music background.
I studied music in college. I graduated with a diploma in drum set performance and musical composition. They were some of my favorite years and they totally changed the trajectory of my life.


State your future goals.
My ultimate goal is to tour and play my original songs anywhere people would have me. I’d also love to record and produce as well as score games or films.


Discuss what has changed in the music business.
The same powerful tools are now available to everybody for quite cheap when it comes to recording gear! Most hits you hear are made out of a bedroom now instead of a multimillion-dollar studio. It has come down to skill and hustle!


Tell us the most important tools for an artist.
I’ve always related to entrepreneurs as an artist. You have to have crazy amounts of perseverance, vision, and the ability to overcome obstacle after obstacle, an ability to tread forward down trails no one else has ventured down, and a strong work ethic.


Elaborate on the song.
I like that it’s groovy and up-tempo yet still about real struggles in life. Music is so wonderful in how it can blend so many elements of people’s worlds together where people can agree and be united for 3 or so minutes.


Elaborate on your artist’s name and the title of the album.
I am currently performing under my name, Paul Woida. Once the new album comes out (TBA) I will be revealing a new name and brand, it’s a very exciting time.



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