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Peak Futures – Broadway

Peak Futures – Broadway

 Peak Futures – Broadway

Peak Futures – Broadway

ARTIST NAME: Peak Futures
SONG TITLE: Broadway




Melody: It’s a mixture of improvising and auditioning ideas onto the backing track and then developing them from there when it comes to the instrumental parts. With the vocal ideas; the featured artists did most of the melodic writing with a bit of input from me!


Inspiration: Soul and Motown such as Isaac Hayes and Donny Hathaway are big influences, along with Pink Floyd… But the process itself is also inspiring to me.
Experience: Recording at Abbey Road is definitely a special experience – everyone brings his or her ‘A’ game!
Songwriting: It really varies from track to track, but will often start with a basic chord sequence that I can jam with the other guys and try out in various forms. If it feels right then the other sections grow from there.


Impact: We always strive for a degree of relatability, but without making things too obvious. I think the listener appreciates having to delve into the lyrics a bit to interpret what’s going on.


Promotion: The promotion has always gone hand in hand with music and performance – it is a kind of performance after all! Although social media and the volume of music being released being so huge now, we have gotten to the point of saturation.
Instruments: The guitar is my first and best, then bass, keys/piano, plus ukulele!


Future Goals: Writing some exciting new material and developing collaborations with new artists for the next album would be amazing.
Recording: Getting hit by the pandemic just as we were nearing the end of the tracking sessions was really challenging. There were a few sessions where it was just beginning to sink in how bad COVID would be, then we were supposed to track “Broadway” altogether… When that got cancelled we had to work remotely and send takes in one by one.


Song – ‘Orion (Reprise)’: In the last track on the album, I wanted “Orion (Reprise)” to act kind of as a response to the opening track – Orion – with a different feel, different vocalist and different vocal style. So it needed to be much shorter, as most of the elements had been heard before, and it became a great opportunity for Pauli the PSM to add a spoken word flow – as well as all the drums he plays on the album!


Album’s Title: “Colours of the Sun” is really a reference to the light that we see being divisible into many colours, many wavelengths, which in turn make the colours of things around us visible.
Artist’s Name: Just as there are many frequencies of sound that make up music. I chose “Peak Futures” because it’s kind of mysterious, and, hopefully, memorable.

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