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Pete Berwick



Pete Berwick – Just Make It You and Me Tonight
ARTIST NAME: Pete Berwick
SONG TITLE: Just Make It You and Me Tonight
GENRE: Country Americana






Cowpunk/alt-country pioneer Pete Berwick has been touring and recording and hammering out hundreds of shows a year, as a solo artist and with his bands, for over four decades. Along with releasing six albums, he is also an author and actor and has written and published four novels, as well as having appeared in film and television.
He is also an amateur boxer. “Can’t kill a man born to hang” is Berwick’s motto, as he fearlessly travels from town to town and roadhouse bar to roadhouse bar with a lifetime of critically acclaimed songs and his battered six-string…
Over a dozen of his songs have been featured in movies and television, several of his albums have been placed in the year’s top ten by various media sources, and his “Ain’t No Train Outta Nashville” album, recorded and shelved on Music Row in 1992 and eventually released in 2007, peaked at #5 on XCOUNTRY RADIO, now OUTLAW RADIO.
“Island” is Pete Berwick’s sixth studio album, with backing band The Mugshot Saints delivering the musical firepower, produced by Jason Botka at Skye Bleu Studios in Villa Park, Illinois, and according to his critics, his finest work and masterpiece scraped from the trenches and ruins of the long, hard miles and highs and lows of his hard-fought battles in the music industry.
The early reviews of this grizzled veteran’s 2019 album release describe fairly well what his world-wearied heart was attempting to say on this one:
“Pete Berwick is one of the best things to happen to punk-infused, alt-country leaning, folk music since Johnny Cash made his impact on this planet. There is no other entertainer in the business that works as hard or harder than Pete Berwick, hands down! Island is the next step in the evolution of a master craftsman who refuses to slow down, become complacent, or allow the status quo to interfere with his art.”
Joshua Smotherman
Middle Tennessee



“Pete Berwick’s new album “Island” contains songs written with the grit of John Wayne and the soul of mainland America.”
– ‘The Music God’ CJ Christopher Plain, Host of 6 Ways 2 Sunday Radio Show on Firebrand Radio



“Island is a cross-genre masterpiece. Each song is written straight from the heart and delivered like a punch to the stomach. If you like country, blues, or just good ass-kicking rock and roll, “Island” will fit perfectly in your playlist.”
-Rob Weingarten, Radio-Television Personality



“This is undoubtedly the finest album release to date from this inspirational songwriter and performer. Pete Berwick captures his own essence in every song. As you feel his emotions run down your spine you unwittingly connect them with one’s own life experiences and you’re hooked, right to the very last song. Essential modern-day Americana with an organic ‘live’ feel. Ever so highly recommended!”
-Lucas Campbell, “The Rock of Ages Radio Show” U.K.



“There is a ‘tenseness’ in the subdued emotions in the songs, a longing that’s palpable. I feel ‘Island’ is the album we always knew he had in him. I can’t wait to share it with my audience.”
Eddie White – The Cosmic Cowboy Cafe – 2RRR – Sydney, Australia



“No good music collection is complete without a copy of the upcoming album ‘Island,’ by Pete Berwick. It’s a heartfelt slice of Americana that may never truly receive the accolades it so deserves. The album is solid and is reminiscent of the many great Americana / singer-songwriters of my youth, such as The BoDeans, John Prine, Steve Earle, Tom Petty, and the Heartbreakers, even Johnny Cash. It’s an album filled with angst, love, hope, and urgency. This album will reach out and tug at your heart and soul.”
-Nick Katona, Radio Host, Concert Promoter, and President of Melodic Revolution Records, Orlando, Florida



“When it comes to Pete Berwick the songwriting is always top-notch, and I’ve always liked that gravelly growl. The vocals on this one sound like Pete has laid off the PBR and Cigs and has been drinking honey and smokin’ catfish. That turns out to be a sweet combination.”
– Billy Rose, Radio DJ at KMCN, Clinton, Iowa



“A coat of polish can’t wash away the grit of a Pete Berwick album. And that’s a good thing. The enhanced production and beautiful harmonies on his latest release only serve to highlight the heartache and joy.”
– Mike Preston, Television Host, Music & Entertainment Journalist, Professional Comedian



“There is only one Pete Berwick, unsung sword slinging Troubadour of outlaw finery.”
– Chris Gantry, legendary Country Hall of Fame songwriter



“To say that this is “country” or “rock” or any other genre would be misleading at the very least. Berwick’s music doesn’t fit into any of those molds and instead breaks all of them.”
– Jack Simpson, Indie Spotlight Live



“‘Island’ is a perfect slice of alternative-country rock ‘n’ roll, full of the dust and grit to be expected from Pete Berwick. And with excellent musicianship complimenting honest songwriting, it is also quite possibly his best album to date.”
– Craggy Collyde, RPM Magazine



“True country roamer Pete Berwick is back and ready to tell it exactly how it is with his new album, ‘Island’. Channeling influences from Bruce Springsteen to Steve Earle, Berwick has spent many years walking on the dusty side of the country road, spinning lonely nomadic tales of sorrow and heartbreak.


Following on from the punchy ‘The Legend of Tyler Doohan’, released in 2015, ‘Island’ immediately offers something a little different with the opener ‘I’m Getting Tired of This Place’. While the former album opens with a punch, you can’t help feeling that this one finds Berwick in a weary, tired mood – a feeling that permeates through the entirety of the album. The album is no less striking, however. On the contrary, ‘Island’ is truly a fantastic piece of work.


The album is once again packed with stories and multi-layered characters, whilst also appearing deeply introspective. Berwick is a master of getting his storytelling across, and here this depth is backed up by the superb backing band, The Mugshot Saints. The album is something of a journey, from the bitterness of the opener to the romantic last notes of hope on ‘The Streets of Pasadena’. The album does indeed begin and end on the streets.
Tracks such as ‘Anyway’ offer the familiar country-on-hard-times sound, while others reflect the aforementioned world-weariness, such as title track ‘Island’ and ‘I Am Not Afraid’. Others detail his need to hide, for example in ‘Let’s Make It You and Me Tonight’. Berwick is certainly not afraid to turn on the big choruses for this one, and songs such as ‘One Setback at a Time’, ‘I’m Really Not That Kind’, and ‘They Gave Love a Chance’ are standout tracks on a collectively brilliant album.
‘Island’ is a perfect slice of alternative-country rock ‘n’ roll, full of the dust and grit to be expected from Pete Berwick. And with excellent musicianship complimenting honest songwriting, it is also quite possibly his best album to date.”
– Craggy Collyde, RPM Magazine



Album Credits:
All songs were written by Pete Berwick, Pete Berwick Publishing BMI, Nashville, Tennessee



Shotgun Records
Pete Berwick – Lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Jason Botka – Keys, acoustic and electric guitar
Jennifer McCleary Botka – background vocals
Johnny Gadeikis – Bass
Luke Smith – Drums
Jeff Givens – Background vocals on “I’m Gettin’ Tired Of This Place.”
Produced and mixed by Jason Botka at Skye Bleu Studios, Villa Park, Illinois
Mastered by Blaise Barton
Album photography and cover design by Michelle Shalloo Gadeikis


Describe yourself as an artist.
Hard-edged, determined, die-hard, and a survivor. Always growing and never satisfied.


Tell us the genre of your music.
Country Americana and roots-rock.


Tell us the story behind your song.
Just a passionate and emotional song about two lovers lost in love; who find themselves together and seeking solace in each other from the darkness of the world.


Tell us the problems you are facing as a musician.
I don’t have problems. I create them.


Discuss the recording and production of the song.
Recorded at Skye Bleu Studios in Villa Park, Illinois.


Elaborate on your music career, experience, and future goals.


Brief us what inspires you to write, compose and sing.
When I am so pregnant with an idea I have to give it birth.


Brief us the top-secret behind making a hit song.
Wouldn’t know, never had one.


Tell the piece of advice you will give to an upcoming artist.
Read a look at books and work hard. Take more than a Facebook page to build a name.


Discuss music promotion and how you are boosting your fan base.
By putting in long hours and days – a musician has to think ahead of a record label. But most don’t, and that is why they fail.


Tell us how you manage other activities with your music career.
One day at a time.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
Pete Berwick is given to me at birth.


State the title of the song and the meaning.
“Just Make it You and Me Tonight” – Is just a beautiful love song. Two broken-down souls seeking solace in each other’s arms.


State the title of the album and the reason for choosing the title.
“Island” sums up the isolation and melancholy emotions of the music.



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