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Piif Jones



Piif Jones


ALBUM TITLE: Queensbride
GENRE: Hip Hop/Rap



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“Music is a part of my life, my dad and uncles were singers so it comes from my soul and out of my heart,” Piif says, “I can’t go a day without creating or listening to it.”



With new management found in Metta World Peace and a crazy new EP ‘THIS IS ME’ – a follow up to the blazing mixtape Made For This, Piif Jones is poised to make noise through 2019.
The reintroduction of Piif has been a journey with him being featured on Def Jam artist Dave East’s banger ‘MoonWalking,’ which had the online community going crazy. Piif’s goal with this release is to let people in on his grind and determination. Cam Newton said, “Let The Pressure Fuel You To Be Great”. So with Piif’s first single titled ‘Cam Newton,’ the message will be clear and the vibes will be undeniable – Piif is here to stay.
Piif provides every aspect of the rap game you crave. With his vibrant personality and authentic stage presence, he delivers the bars you will not get out of your head, but let’s be honest – you will not want to!




Share your life story with us.
My name is Piif Jones and I was born in Brooklyn, raised in Queensbridge.
I have 3 sisters and a brother, also an amazing team I call Loopy Life. I always strived to be the most versatile artist ever.
I used to write three songs to one beat just to challenge myself and become better.
I’ve been to many places and met many great people in life due to making music, and I hope it can continue to take me and my family further.


List the names of those that have supported you so far in your music career and use this opportunity to thank them.
First-person I would like to thank is my father; he has always supported me and guided me through everything.
Second, I would like to thank Dave East for always being with me from day 1, showing us a way out, and supporting my dreams.
Last but not the least, I want to thank my team for sticking with me through all the ups and downs, everything is appreciated, and I got y’all for life.


Narrate your experience while recording in the studio or while touring.
When I’m recording it’s always a new experience. I like to think of my voice as an instrument, and every beat gets a different tune.
Touring is honestly one of the best parts of this whole thing. Being able to connect with new fans, and perform new music is amazing; you also get a check too.
When I write songs, I like to stick to a topic, the beat kind of talks to me, and then I can come up with what I want to address, but sometimes I like to freestyle the songs and just let the words in my mind come out.
I am currently working on an LP titled “Queensbridge” where I’m giving you a little bit of all my styles I developed while being in Queensbridge.
I just came back from my third tour with Dave East and I must say it has built my fan base tremendously.


Tell us that point in time that you feel like giving up your music career.
It was a time where my SoundCloud reached 250k plays, and then it was deleted because of copyright. At that point, I wanted to give up because I worked so hard, but my team convinced me to make another one and now I’m back at 250k.


Discuss your songwriting.
I play the beat in my headphones several times then I rap a couple of lines, if I like it I keep it, then I keep building and adding more bars. Then I add a hook, followed by a double of the verse, and an adlib. After that, the engineer gets to work.


Tell us your favorite genre of music.
My favorite genre of music is Hip-Hop.


Tell us the themes of most of your songs.
The themes of most of my songs are things going on in my life. I made a song called “This is Me” where I talk about the struggle I had with my mother as well as my dad.


Discuss how you distribute your music.
I feel like as an independent artist I must pay attention to distribution. Right now I use Foundation Media to distribute my music; it’s a great company.


Discuss the registration of your songs with your Performing Rights Organization.
I have a BMI account for publishing, but I also have to get barcodes to attach to my music so it can be identified, then I log the info into my BMI.


Tell us numerous ways that artists can boost their revenue.
You can do shows, sell merchandise, sell your music online, and get a job.


Tell us your opinion on self-training and enrolling in an educational institution to study music.
Well, I went to Mercy College Music and I must say it was great, although I didn’t finish I learned a lot in the two years and got to use their equipment to make songs. I feel if one can afford to do it and have the patience; go for it.


Go on at length on what it takes to write a hit song.
I feel like it takes a certain vibe in the studio and just having fun. That’s how most of the hits are made.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
My artist name is Piif Jones, “Piif” because I love to smoke weed, and Jones is really my last name.


State the title of the song and the meaning.
My single is titled “G Code,” produced By Emajor, this is me giving you guidelines to the streets.


State the title of the album and the reason for choosing the title.
My album is titled “QueensBridge” – I named it this because this is what defines me and it’s a new generation I want to tell that story.



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