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Primes – Nine Lives

Primes – Nine Lives

Primes – Nine Lives

Primes – Nine Lives



SONG TITLE:  Nine Lives
RELEASE DATE: 21 June 2019
GENRE: Alternative Rock



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Primes are three-piece from Falkirk in Central Scotland, Ollie Kitchen (Lead Vocals/Bass), Sarah Monteith-Skelton (Guitar/Vocals), and Reece Ryan (Drums/Vocals).
The band is referred to have taken influential sounds from bands like Kings of Leon, Feeder, Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, and Malory Knox.
Primes have a blend of unforgettable melodies, punchy chorus drops, and a unique combination of three-way harmonies.
Primes have managed to secure their slot at massive festivals in 2019 such as Vibration Festival, ButeFest, Gig In The Goil, and Party At the Palace this year, this gives Primes the opportunity to share a stage with inspiring musicians like Feeder, The Coral, Deacon Blue, Wet Wet Wet, KT Tunstall and The Charlatans.
Primes are releasing new music regularly with six consecutive single releases available now. A further three singles will be released throughout 2019.



State your history.
We formed in November 2017 as Primes. We all have a background in music, Sarah was a successful solo artist and Ollie has been in a few successful bands. This is Reece’s first band but has been playing drums at a young age.


Describe yourself as an artist.
Passionate, hardworking with a never-give-up attitude.


Tell us the genre of your music.
Alternative Rock.


Tell us the story behind your song.
‘Nine Lives’ is about making the same mistakes over and over, never learning from them. Eventually, you will run out of lives.


Tell us the problems you are facing as a musician.
Our problems are usually financial. Being able to fund the band and maintaining the standards required to be successful can often be challenging.


Discuss the recording and production of the song.
In the studio is where we feel the song comes together properly. You get to know the ins and outs of the track. This always gives you a good feel for the song and allows you to play about with ideas to see what works and doesn’t work.


List the names of blogs, radio, or television stations that have supported you so far.
Amazing Radio
BBC Introducing Scotland
Rock Sport Radio
The Sun Newspaper
The Falkirk Herald
Discovery Music Scotland
The Songbird Blog
Heard Not Herd
Music For The Misfits
Spotlight UK


Elaborate on your music career, experience, and future goals.
We have all been really involved in music from a young age and influenced by our families.
Sarah then went on to study music and started performing live shows since then.
Ollie has also been involved in music from a young age and been in a few bands previously.
This is Reece’s first band but has always been involved in music from school.
Our future goal is to be as successful as we can be.


Brief us what inspires you to write, compose and sing.
I think it’s honestly just who you are as a person. There is nothing more inspiring to me than composing our own music and being passionate about it.


Brief us the top-secret behind making a hit song.
Once we have a hit song, I’ll let you know the secret…


Tell the piece of advice you will give to an upcoming artist.
Be nice to people. Believe in yourself.


Tell us how you write your lyrics, compose, sing and record in the studio.
We usually just jam out a song, find a structure and practice the track. We record it on our phones in the practice room without vocals. We then write a melody to the music. Ollie writes lyrics to it with Sarah and Reece’s input.


Name your favorite artists for collaboration.
Dave Grohl. The man is a legend.


Share your press release and reviews with us.
Music For The Misfits
The Songbird
Spotlight UK
Heard Not Herd


Tell us how you will spend a million dollars.
I would look after my family and friends. I would give some to charity. Then Primes would continue doing what we do….at a much higher level, I would imagine…


Discuss music promotion and how you are boosting your fan base.
Promotion is something we are trying to work really hard on. We started off by building a fan base in our hometown then ventured out into bigger Cities. It’s something that we continue to work on daily. We like to keep things fresh and always make sure we have content to keep posting on socials to maintain momentum and consistency. We release music regularly to keep things fresh and we just try to reach as many potential new fans as possible.


Tell us how you manage other activities with your music career.
I personally don’t find that challenging. If you learn to manage time efficiently and are organized you can fit everything in.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
Primes – We just liked the positive meaning behind the word and felt that this is the aim of the band.
“The state or time of greatest vigor or success in a person’s life…
You are in the prime of life…”




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