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Priya – Falling

Priya - Falling

Priya - Falling
Priya – Falling
Tell us your real names, country of birth, and childhood experience.
Priya Ferguson is my real name, I’ve just turned 18. I was born in Scotland in a city called Dundee and now live in a smaller town outside the city called ‘Carnoustie’.


Tell us your academic qualification.
I left school at sixteen to work and pursue my singing career so I basically have my standard grade qualifications – A in music, B in art, A in PE, A in English. Always excelled in creative subjects than more academic-based subjects such as math and science.


Tell us about your music career, band name, musical background, experience, and skills. 
I started singing literally as soon as I could talk; none of my parents were musical so they were quite surprised. I always knew I wanted to pursue singing as a career and began songwriting at a young age too. I remember I wrote my first song at the age of 5. I started music lessons when I was about 9 years old and played guitar, keyboard, and viola till I was about 14. When I left school at 16, I became an events singer and was making money through wedding singing, funeral singing, etc. I was also working as a waitress part-time.


Tell us about your genre, concept, and idea behind your music video and the song. 
I would say my genre is a mix between R&B and pop. I try to write songs based upon how I feel in the moment however I think I tend to write the best when I’m sad/feeling down as I feel that’s when I can express myself openly… my single “Falling”- which I wrote at the age of 16. Personally, my aim was to write something people can relate to. Obviously, I was too young to really understand anything I was saying in the song but I tend to write about other people’s experiences.


Tell us how to run a record label independently and successfully based on your experience as an artist. 
As I’m just 18 and fairly new to this whole experience I’m still trying to figure that out. However, I would say just to stay focused and do your best to get your music out there through social media as much as possible as there are endless opportunities in that field.


Tell us how you are promoting your music. 
I am promoting my music by sending my single to different blogs/websites. Using social media to promote my single on Facebook, Instagram, etc.… so far I’ve been have been featured in local magazines and newspapers in Scotland such as “The Courier” and “Evening Telegraph” and also have been featured on their websites. I have also sent my single to BBC Introducing as I feel that is a great platform for new young rising artists.
Recently my single was featured on ‘Subithits’ top 25 rising artists “pop” playlist which was quite an accomplishment for me personally.


Tell us what makes you happy and what makes you sad.  
Seeing people demonstrate random acts of kindness to others is something that makes me genuinely happy. I love being positive towards other people and towards myself. Seeing any sort of hatred towards other people makes me sad, such as racism, sexism, or any sort of hatred towards the LGBTQ community. I can’t stand social injustice.


Explain clearly the story or concept behind the song. 
I wanted to write a song that others could relate to. At the time I had family/friends that were going through a hard time relationship-wise so I was simply inspired by what they were going through. I wrote the song at 16 and tried to make it as emotional as I could so the listeners could feel some sort of way when listening.


List the radio stations, TV stations, and blogs that have aired or featured your new song.
  “A&R factory” “The Courier” “Evening Telegraph” “” “Radio North East Angus”.


Give us links to where the song can be purchased. 
The song can also be purchased at Amazon


Tell us about other members of your band, music producer, crew, or music video director, how the song was recorded, and how the music video was shot. 
I am a solo artist; the song was recorded at RSArtists studio in Soho, London with my producer Chris Hall. The song was recorded bit by bit as I would have to travel from Scotland to London once a month. Our studio sessions were often 2-4 hours long. I would say the whole song was finished within a few months. There is no music video as of yet but hopefully, there will be in the near future.


Tell us how long you have been in the music industry, your experience, and your future goal.
I’ve been working with RS Artists since I was 16 so I’ve been doing this semi-professionally for about a year and a bit. My future goal is to continue to release personal music based on my experiences and hopefully, one day have the opportunity to tour and sell-out shows! My main goal is to just get my music heard from as many people as possible and hopefully find a record label that will support me throughout.


Tell us what makes you unique from others. 
I would say what makes me unique from others is the fact that I write based on my own experiences and other people’s experiences. I am sure of the artist I am. I never want to put myself into a box as I want to experience many genres and sounds. I write from a spiritual perspective and feel as if my personality makes that apparent through my music.
Tell us your weakness and strength pertaining to music.  
My strengths are definitely my voice and my ability to write openly in my music. I think I could work better on my ability to co-produce as I am often very reliant on my producer just because I’m so new to being in a studio!


List your five favorite songs including the artists.  
 “Never Too Much” – Luther Vandross
  “Tears Dry On Their Own” – Amy Winehouse
  “Lost” – Frank Ocean)
  “Put Your Records On” – Corinne Bailey Rae
  “The Dreamer” – Anderson Paak


Tell us your position on “DIY” Do It Yourself” and signing to a major label. 
 I would say everyone has a different path, as of now I’m an unsigned artist, however, if I was to be offered a contract from a major label I wouldn’t refuse as I believe you should take all opportunities given. However, I have the utmost respect for DIY artists such as Stormzy, Jorja Smith, etc.


Tell us the instruments put together in this song. 
The instruments were added on the track digitally, mostly slow bass beats, and strings were added onto the track for a more emotional feel to the song.


Tell us other activities you will like to pursue apart from music.  
I honestly can’t see myself doing anything else besides music; however, I love to dance and have been dancing since the age of 8 so I would love to pursue that as well.
Tell us about gaining the confidence to sing in front of a large crowd for the first time. 
I gained the confidence to sing in front of larger crowds when I was about 12 as most people in my school found out I could sing and practically forced me to take part in shows/talents competitions. I’m glad they did as I probably wouldn’t have done it otherwise since I was really quite shy when I was younger. Singing in front of larger crowds has definitely boosted my confidence and made me the confident person I am today.


Tell us the best way to make money in the music business. 
 I don’t think money is everything, I would much rather be creating music I love than just put out what’s popular at the time, money will come and go, and definitely not my main goal as a singer.
Tell us your experience pertaining to TV/Radio plugging. 
It’s honestly so cool to be able to see my songs on websites or to hear it on the radio, it’s genuinely a dream come true and a very emotional experience. I just want to get as many people listening to my music as possible so I can do this for the rest of my life!
Narrate your recording experience. 
My recording experience was amazing! My producer Chris and I honestly got on so well he definitely understood the sound that I wanted to achieve. He listened to my ideas and he came up with great ideas on both of the tracks we worked on together. It was basically my first time in a proper studio and I loved every minute of it and I can’t wait to record more in the future.
State links to connect you on social media. 
Instagram: @priyakf




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