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Discuss your personality. 
I think the best description of my personality would come from the perspective of someone else.
Brief us about you as a musician. 
I’m a 22-year-old recording artist/songwriter/emcee/producer. I started playing drums in grade seven and spent my first few years in music playing everything from a standard drum kit to a steel pan. Then I made a transition to playing guitar for two years until I broke my hand. From there I took a hiatus in playing instruments and started writing poetry around the time I was 16. At this time I also fell in love with the process of producing and started tinkering with loops on garage band in high school. I quickly realized that there were more professional programs to work with and made the transition to using FL Studio with a close friend of mine in my senior year. We saved up money and made a makeshift bedroom studio – we even made our own studio panels from scratch. It was at that point that I decided I would take music seriously. Fast forward five years and here we are.
Go into details on what has changed in your life for choosing music as a career.
Not much has changed for me to be honest. The types of people I surround myself with have stayed the same. My morals have stayed the same.


Tell us the benefit and drawbacks of choosing music as a career. 
The benefit of choosing music as a career is that I’m doing exactly what I want 100% percent of the time. I don’t think there are any drawbacks to doing exactly what you want to do. Whatever the struggle is along the way, it’s worth it to reach whatever goals you’ve set for yourself.


Elaborate on the storyline of this song. 
I wrote this song about my last relationship. I put a lot of effort in and did all I could to support her but she didn’t value that. She spent half the relationship doubting my intentions and spent the other half projecting that we would split because of our career paths. I wrote the song on the day that she broke up with me. I used to call her my “clementine” so I thought it was a fitting name for the song.


Tell us the means of connecting you and purchasing your music online. 
You can find me on all music platforms and all social media under the tag ““.


Let us know the greatest moment of your music career. 
The greatest moment in my music career was when I decided to put all my effort into creating.


Tell us the highest amount of money you have ever received from your music career and how it happened. 
The first show I ever did was in Toronto at this super small venue. My friend and I organized the event and invited all of our friends to come out for a ticket price of five dollars. We ended up with around 300 dollars for a 45-minute set.


Discuss your experience pertaining to live performances, gigs, shows, and tours. 
I’m really not anywhere close to doing a tour. I don’t think I’ll be doing any live shows for a while I’m just trying to focus more on the creation process. That being said, I’ve done a handful of live performances and the experience was as expected…


Tell us how you interact with your fans. 
I’m not sure I can say whether I relate with my fans or not. I’d like to think that my experiences are mine and mine alone but if anyone can relate to the things I talk about in my music then I guess that’s the relationship we have. I could not confidently say that I relate to my fans without really knowing them.


Tell us what you will like to change if you have the chance to turn back the hands of time.
There’s nothing I’d like to change because I know all of the things that I have dealt with, whether it was a good or bad experience, it has made me the man I am today and I wouldn’t be here without those experiences.


Tell us the most important people that have boosted your music career and how you met them. 
My good friend C-Note was the one who told me to stop testing the water with my music and put both feet in. Ever since I listened to what he said it has elevated process and my outcomes. The producers I currently work with are also my good friends and since I made my start in music as a producer I’ve learned a lot of new tools in terms of mixing and production.


Brief us on what you have in mind before considering music as a career. 
I was going to go to college for architecture.
Name the artists that have influenced the world. 
There are too many to count in my opinion. I think that’s a matter of perspective. What artists you think are an influence or what artists matter to you. In a way, I think it wouldn’t be a reach to say that all artists have an influence on the world in their own way.


Tell us about your moment of rejection as a musician and how you are able to cope and move on. 
I don’t have to cope with rejection when it’s not really relevant to me. If I get denied access to something that I want, depending on the situation I might fight for it, but if it’s helpless then it’s not worth any more of my time and that’s a sign to just continue on to something else.


Tell us the most negative comment you have ever received about your music. 
I don’t internalize negativity so I can’t remember.


Tell us how you plan to make an impact on society. 
By being myself.


Elaborate on the recording process of this song. 
It’s honestly not that crazy. I sit at my desk in my room.




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