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Randy Jack

Randy Jack
Randy Jack



Artist Name: Randy Jack
Song Title: She’s up for everything
Album: The Straits Of Mackinaw
Release Date: July 1, 2019
Genre: Country



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Tell us your name, country of birth, and childhood experience.
Randy Jack, born in Michigan in the United States and is an American Country Music singer/songwriter, Nashville recording artist, 2019 NACMAI Male Horizon Entertainer of the year, and the ‘2019 The NACMAI Male Rising Star Vocalist of the year.’
At the tender age of four, my family was encouraging me to sing, especially my grandma Minder and my aunt Patricia.
My grandma would take me to afternoon jamborees and convince the band to let me sing. My aunt would teach me songs and sing with me on family trips.


Tell us how you discover country music.
Every time I got into a family vehicle no matter who was driving, Johnny Cash, Ray Price, Hank Snow, Marty Robbins would all be on the car radio.
I recall summers playing in the back yard with my siblings while LP’s of Johnny Cash, Ray Price, Hank Snow, and many more would be streaming through the window screens all day long.   I’m sure nobody at the time realized that I was absorbing country music and that this would lead to my writing and releasing what will be my fifth country album by the end of September.


Brief us your experience creating your first song.
The first song that I wrote was written about twenty years ago then just put away for years. Last year I decided to record it in Nashville and see what the finished song would sound like. Well, the production was great!  “Cross My Heart And Hope To Cry” will be released on “When April Comes Around” which is my next album to be released on September 29, 2019. My current album has two of my originals on it:  ‘She’s Up For Everything’ and ‘The Straits Of Mackinaw.’


List the name of the artists that have influenced you.
Artists who have influenced me would be Alan Jackson, George Strait, Brad Paisley, Billy “Crash” Craddock, and Brooks & Dunn.


Discuss the difference between the old school songs and new school songs.
The difference between new school and old school country is simple.
Presently, I know I’ll ruffle some feathers here but I believe the CMA is trying a little too hard to draw a younger crowd into country music from the Rap, Rock, and Pop genres by playing that type of music and calling it country.
Old school country music is a distinct sound with steel guitar, fiddle, and good harmony.
Harlan Howard said “a good country song is three chords and the truth.” in other words keep it simple.
Look at how many young fans Alan Jackson, George Strait, Brad Paisley, Travis Tritt, Blake Shelton, and numerous other artists have who stay traditional even if they expand a little. The traditional country draws young people on its own.


Discuss the evolution in the sound of country music.
The evolution in the sound of country music today is that most fast songs are harder like in rock and roll, traditionally they’ve been a honky-tonk sound with fiddle steel and walking bass, or a boogie beat.   This is again is a movement to lure a younger crowd and certainly, it’s working but the sound of country music today would not be recognized by the likes of Farron Young, Hank Williams, Ray Price, and so on.


List the name of your favorite artists and state your reason.
My favorite artists are George Strait because he stays traditional, hit after #1 hit, and  Alan Jackson for the same reason, and  Brad Paisley…Blake Shelton; because whatever they record stays traditional or does not stray far from traditional.  I respect those guys.


Discuss country music in detail.
Country music is a story that might be about trucks, mama, trains, drinking or fishing, etc. but it’s music with a soul that everyone can relate to because no matter what you’ve dealt with in your life there’s a country song about it I guarantee you!


List the name of country music’s greatest producers and state your reason.
I have used three producers on my five projects. Billy Herzig, Chip Martin, and Stacy Hogan – I don’t know who in Nashville are the greatest producers but these are 3 very good ones.


List the name of country music greatest songwriters and state your reason.
Country music’s greatest songwriters….of course, the great Harlan Howard all the number one hits he’s had, I think you have to put Taylor Swift in the mix because of the way she paints a picture in a song that is so natural, one of my personal favorites and someone whom I’m a big fan of is Brice Long.  I think he is a great writer and his songs think outside the box hit after hit with imagination and creativity.  Brice also collaborates with many other great songwriters.   And the great Merle Haggard! I think Merle needs no references for his music.


List the name of country music greatest artists and state your reason.
Country’s greatest artist #1 George Strait! Just count the hits and find anyone in country music who doesn’t listen to George. Patsy Cline: because her smooth voice and her unique style have never been duplicated no matter who has tried. George Jones: because nobody sang like…


Discuss the changes in country music.
The change in country music today is that it’s adapted a country/rock/pop/rap feel.


Tell us how you compose or write lyrics.
When I write lyrics, for me the hook is where it starts.  Sometimes I take the hook and write the song backward leading up to the hook.
Example “The Straits Of Mackinaw” hook “You’re in my arms in the straits of Mackinaw.” I then work on a line before the hook and another before that line until I have a place to begin.  Once the chorus is written I write verses, then normally rewrite the song multiple times and often change directions multiple times before settling in on the finished product.


Tell us how you make the beat.
The beat of the song for me comes from within me.  When I write a song I begin to feel the mood and the beat/tempo of the song and as I read my lyrics.  Once I establish that I stay true to the tempo for the rest of the song.


Brief us about your recording experience in the studio.
My recording experiences in Nashville were all great ones.  I’m hands-on with my music but I let my producers take my creation and put their skills and experience to work bringing my idea to life.
Music comes from your soul so nobody can know what is in there other than you so you have to be hands-on as far as the direction of a song.  When my producers make suggestions or tell me something doesn’t work I can’t recall any time I didn’t take their advice.


Tell us how you get involved in country music.
I’ve performed country music all my life. I went through a rock and roll phase but came right back to country music.  It was a natural progression based on the music my family exposed me to.


Tell us your gain and loss as an artist.
My gains as an artist have been all the great opportunities country music has given me, the great new friends I’ve made all over the world.  The losses would be traveling, playing in honky-tonks till 2 AM as well as the hardships caused to the family.


Tell us the piece of advice you will give to a new artist.
Move to Nashville, be in the middle of everything possible and record, and write and get out to the clubs and events to meet people, play for free if you have to in order to be heard and most of all don’t give up your dream.


Discuss the music industry.
The music industry as a whole suffers from streaming sites where people can hear your music without buying it.  The minute amount of money you get from these sites is not anywhere near what you get from purchase sites.


State your future goal.
My future goals are to perform as often as possible and to do well at this year’s NACMAI in Pigeon Forge Tennessee in March.  I have a concert scheduled in Michigan. The last one of the year in my home state this September 28th.  My 5th album “When April Comes Around” is coming out on September 29th.  Look for a song called “My Hero First” which is already getting great reviews.


Discuss the process involved in making this song.
I was playing the guitar one afternoon and heard this guitar lick in my mind, sexy, soft, belly rubbing guitar lick.  I started playing with it and then began writing down words this started at 1 AM and was finished by 6 AM.
After about 16 rewrites “She’s Up For Everything” was ready for copyright.
During the writing of this song, I tried to imagine explaining a relationship to someone who couldn’t possibly understand its substance…  This helped me write the lyrics.


Tell us everything we need to know about the song.
The song is romantic and emotional.  To quote Alan Jackson “I’m just the singer of simple songs” and that’s the way I write – Simple and with as much feeling and passion as possible.


Tell us how you come up with your artist name and the title of the song.
Randy Jack was easy to come up with as my stage name because it’s really my name, the title of the song was the hook and this is one of the songs I wrote writing backward from the hook to finish the verse once I did that the rest of the song came much easier.




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