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Rémar – Baddie

Rémar - Baddie

Rémar - Baddie
Rémar – Baddie


Tell us your view on old school and new school music in terms of preference. 
I’m a HUGE fan of both old school and new school music, to be honest. I’ve drawn inspiration from all eras; from Big and Pac in the 90s, with their storytelling abilities, to artists like Young Thug, Drake, and PARTYNEXTDOOR that started bubbling in the late 2000s. I know a lot of people get into really heated debates about “old school vs new school”, but I’m a firm believer in evolution. In my opinion, evolution is what helps anything to survive and remain relevant.


Tell us your most memorable day as an artist. 
My most memorable moment as an artist to date was back in 2009 when I put together my first mixtape “Intellectual Warfare”. I was a 17-year-old kid, with a huge passion for music, but with little to no funding and resources. Still, I managed to raise some funds for recording, do all the writing, and come up with a concept for the artwork. I got one of my friends who was nice with drawing to do a cover and I somehow persuaded this department store that sold CDs to burn and package 100 CDs for me. Then, I walked every single hallway in my school and sold EVERY SINGLE CD! That feeling of “damn, people are actually paying for my product” is one that I would never forget. The fact that it was the first time people showed that type of interest obviously had a lot to do with it too. It was also a testament that with persistence and prayer, ANYTHING could be achieved.
Tell us what you would do for the people if you found yourself in a position of power. 
There’s really no one thing or a couple of things that I would want to do. I’d want to use my influence and voice to make an impact wherever, however, and whenever I can. So it could be speaking up against an issue or giving funding to an orphanage, I just want to help, period.


Tell us how you protect your singing voice. 
Can’t tell you, that’s a secret…..LOL….
Um, a couple of things. I gargle a mixture of salt, clear corn syrup, and warm water slowly for a minute three times a week, or before a recording session. Other than that, it’s just lots of green tea with pure honey.


Tell us the major reason you are into music. 
It may sound cliché, but I truly feel like this is what I was born to do. I was born to tell stories through music that will entertain, uplift, and inspire people. I really just feel like I’m fulfilling my purpose.


Tell us what you think about creativity and originality in music. 
You know weirdly enough, I feel like there’s both a lack of and a lot of creativity and originality in music today. You’ve got people that are really pushing the envelope with melodies, cadences, and writing styles, even the way they pitch their vocals, and then you got the others that just wait for the forward thinkers to start a new wave to surf it.


Tell us your future plans pertaining to music. 
Building my brand and fan base are my top priorities right now. I’m confident in my ability to make good music on a consistent basis; I’m just trying to get people to check for it on a consistent basis. I’m trying to get to the stage where people can’t wait to see me live, where people are rushing to buy my merch. I’ve got ways to go, it’s going to be a journey, but that’s the goal.


Tell us the secret of success. 
There’s no secret, to tell the truth. Pray, plan, and execute is my strategy, always.


Tell us how you become a musician. 
I think the love and desire come from within. That love and desire then drive you to hone your craft and get better every day until you are where you want to be.


Tell us what makes you happy and sad about this project. 
This is my best song to date. I’d say that without a shred of doubt. The dancehall/hip-hop sound has been one I’ve been trying to figure out since 2012, finally feel like I got it right with this one.


Tell us your point of view on rape and sexual harassment, and how it can be eradicated. 
Well, first of all, I think there’s a special place in hell for people that make the sick decision to violate someone through rape or sexual harassment. I never understood, and I will never understand how someone can get any type of pleasure from such disgusting acts. How it can be eradicated is something I tend to ask myself whenever I come across articles or accounts in the media, but sadly, I could never seem to find an answer. A lot more awareness is being raised these days with things like the “Me Too” movement, these offenders are given harsh penalties, they’re looked at as the scum of society, and yet there’s going to be some other demented persons that are going to come along and do the same thing. It’s just puzzling to me.


Tell us how you get funds to run your music career. 
My manager and I have been handling things in that department from the jump.


Tell us the genre of your music and the reason you decided to go for this genre. 
There’s really no one genre that my music fits into, and I like that. There’s a little bit of hip-hop in there, there’s the dancehall influence in there, there’s a bit of R&B and a little bit of pop. I think that the blend is a reflection of all the types of music I truly love and I’ve been influenced by over the years, and continue to be influenced by.


Tell us if you prefer to write your own songs or you prefer to write with professional songwriters. 
I’ve written all my music to date, but truth be told, I don’t have a preference. Every studio session is going to be different, the creation of every song is going to be different, the headspace that you’re in while creating a particular project may vary. It all depends. I’ve never had the NEED for a writer to date, but who knows? There might be a time when I need someone for help to spark some inspiration. I don’t believe in putting parameters on the creative process and to me, having a “preference” is doing just that.


Tell us if you prefer to produce your songs or you prefer to work with reputable producers. 
I don’t fully produce songs, although I can and I have helped in the process on occasions before. To answer the second part of the question: no, I don’t need a reputable producer to work with. A vibe is a vibe. I don’t hear names when I listen to a track, I hear how dope it is.


Tell us the story behind this song. 
Well around the time that I made this song, I adopted a strategy where I was kind of working backward with my writing process. Typically, people will write a song and then name it. I was writing down what I thought would be dope titles for songs, and expanding on them. So I remembered writing “Baddie” down in my notes on my phone after seeing the word somewhere on my timeline one day and I was thinking “I gotta make a record called ‘Baddie’ soon”. Weeks went by, I didn’t give much more energy or thought to the note I made, but then my producer sent me a beat with some rough melodizing on it. When I heard the beat, I knew that was the beat for that concept I made a note of. Wrote the chorus in about an hour and the rest pretty much was history.


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