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Riah Michelle – It Don’t Really Matter

Riah Michelle – It Don’t Really Matter
Riah Michelle – It Don’t Really Matter
Riah Michelle – It Don’t Really Matter



Artist Name: Riah Michelle
Song Title: It Don’t Really Matter
Genre: Pop
Release Date: September 11, 2018






Riah Michelle – It Don’t Really Matter
Riah Michelle; known for her pure melodic sound. Her lyrics are organic and hypnotizing. In this big pop and fun-sounding track, you will hear that talent!



Tell us your genre and idea behind your music video/song.
I don’t have a genre, I’m going to do it all, and I plan to have my own sound. The idea behind my music video and song is love. Creating a vibe through music that would make people smile and cry based on the feeling.
State the names of other members of your band, music producer, crew, or music video director.
MrBoomBoomBang produced the record, made the beat, and shot the music video while Xxavier edited the music video.


Tell us other activities you are pursuing apart from music.
I am a model and I aspire to have many different organizations including a modeling agency that supports all.


Elaborate on the song/music video.
This song is abstract pop with a melodic vibe. We flew from Houston to Atlanta, to Los Angeles to shoot the music video. The video and song, and beat were produced by one person. This was not an overnight project; a lot of hard work went into this record. I can’t wait to see this song win a Grammy.


Tell us how long you have been in the music business, your experience, and your future goal.
I’ve been doing music my whole life. I love music, I sing everywhere I go and I’ll never stop singing!


Tell us what makes you unique from others.
I’m Riah Michelle, I’m original, my sound is my sound, my art is my art and it will stand out from the rest.


List your five favorite songs including the artists.
Michael Jackson – Man In The Mirror
Whitney Houston – My Love Is Your Love
Florence + Machine – Shake It Out
Alessia Cara – Scars To Your Beautiful
Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us



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