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Richard Lynch – Pray on the Radio

Richard Lynch – Pray on the Radio

Richard Lynch – Pray on the Radio
Richard Lynch – Pray on the Radio



Artist: Richard Lynch
Song Title: Pray on the Radio






Richard Lynch – Pray on the Radio



Discuss music royalties and how to get paid.
It is very difficult for artists and writers to receive what is due them. Everyone needs to be sure they are registered with PRO’s, and places like SoundExchange and SoundScan.


Brief us on how to impress fans during a live performance.
Be yourself! Don’t try to copy any other artist. Always be friendly and welcoming to your fans.


List the names of your biggest supporters.
Oh, my wife Donna for sure and so many others it is hard to list.


Explain what has motivated you so far in your music career.
My Dad, he was an amazing country music entertainer and he created this passion I have.


Discuss your experience as an artist.
For the most part, I love what I do. Entertaining folks and watching them enjoy my music is very special.


Tell us the biggest mistake you have ever made in your music career.
Well, maybe giving it up for a while from just being burnt out.


Discuss the story behind the song.
Pray on The Radio is my newest radio single. It was inspired by an actual conversation with a radio DJ. When he asked if we could pray on the radio it was as if a higher power sent me the lyrics.


Tell us how to fund a music project.
I am blessed that we have been able to stay self-funded.


Discuss your opinion on the safety of fans during shows and live performances.
Fortunately, we have never had a security issue. Really there isn’t much you can other than to be cautious and keep good folks around you.


Tell us the greatest piece of advice someone has given you as an artist.
Be true to yourself.


Tell us what you will improve or change in your music.
I will always stick to my roots.


Discuss vocal training and how you protect your vocal.
I have never had vocal training. I rely on staying healthy.


Discuss your best mood during a performance. 
Very happy, I love to perform.


List your best artists.
I love classic artists like George Jones, Keith Whitley, Conway Twitty, Mearl Haggard, and many others.


Tell us the greatest problem you think is facing society and the solution.
Anger and hatred, wish I had a cure.


Discuss your songwriting and recording.
I really enjoy writing and my process is very simple, let inspiration come to me.


State the title of the album and the reason for choosing the title.
My latest album was Mending Fences and the title came from one of the songs. Seems in ranching, farming, and all walks of life we find many fences that need mending.




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