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Roberto La Posta – What We Feel

Roberto La Posta – What We Feel
Roberto La Posta – What We Feel
Roberto La Posta – What We Feel




ARTIST NAME: Roberto La Posta
SONG TITLE: What We Feel
ALBUM TITLE: Feel The Magic
GENRE: POP, Easy Listening






Share your life story with us.
At the age of 11, I took accordion lessons by the time I reached 14 years of age I was chosen by a band to play for weddings. There were no portable keyboards, you had to log around a heavy piano. When I reached the age of 18 the first portable keyboard that came out was the monophonic Moog. You could not play chords with the Moog only one note at a time so I started playing the Moog with my right hand and the accordion button keys with my left hand. Years later the double-deck organ was invented and soon after the polyphonic keyboard was born so everyone went out and bought one as did I. From there it only developed into the most sophisticated and advanced machine in the music industry. For many years after we did gigs in restaurants, night clubs and mostly Italian, Jewish, and French weddings which were the most profitable.
I started writing when I was 30 and shortly after started touring to New York performing on a few TV shows “Diamante Show” in Manhattan and “Making A Difference” in Long Island. I also entered a few contests like Billboard and was awarded “Honorable Mention”. I was chosen out of 500 contestants to perform at The Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York, and performed at The Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, New York. I performed at quite a few Buffets in Montreal, restaurants like “Bill Wong”, Hotels like “Holiday Inn”, “Manoir Westmount” “Chateau Vaudreuil” in Montreal. I acted as an extra on an Indie film called “Full Masti” in Queens, New York, and “The Stork Derby” in Montreal.


List names of those who supported you so far in your music career and use this opportunity to thank them.
I thank my wife and relatives in New York where I stayed while performing on TV shows.


Narrate your experience while recording in the studio or while touring.
Performing at the Apollo Theater was breathtaking and exciting listening to the enormous applause.


Discuss your songwriting.
Research and ideas of past and present experiences.


Elaborate on your future projects.
To be the top singer, songwriter, or performer and share my music with the world.


Tell us what you are doing to increase your fan base.
YouTube, Music Xray, Radio Airplay, Twitter, and Website.


Tell us that point in time you wanted to give up on your music career.
Never thought of giving up.


Go into detail on how you make your instrumentation or melody.
Experiences of everyday life, people I meet and talk to, songs that inspire me.


Tell us your complete understanding of music licensing.
It’s intended to ensure the owners of copyrights on musical works compensated for certain uses of their work.


Tell us your favorite genre of music.
POP, Rock, Easy Listening.


Tell us the theme of most of your songs.
Experience of life, hurt, happiness, and love.


Elaborate on this song.
What I think, feel, hear and believe.


Discuss digital distribution and streaming.
Selling your music through the internet, iPhone, and iPad.


Tell us numerous ways that artists can boost their revenue.
YouTube views, CD sales, digital sales, streaming, live shows, licensing.


Tell us your opinion on self-training and enrolling in an educational institution to study music.
I would enroll in an educational institution to learn theory and then continue as self-training.


Go on at length on what it takes to write a hit song.
Someone who believes that what they are feeling when they write the song is also felt by the audience.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
I use my own name, it is original and Italian.


State the title of the song and the meaning.
What We Feel, What we hear we feel, What we feel we fear, We believe it’s real.


State the title of the album and the reason for choosing the title.
Feel The Magic: my songs are feelings of life experience.



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