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Roby Fayer – Done Better

Roby Fayer & Rotem - Done Better
Roby Fayer & Rotem - Done Better
Roby Fayer & Rotem – Done Better



Discuss the composition of this song.
We sit together at Roby’s studio and start pitching ideas and compositions, together with some lyrics we might have got in mind. Until we get a tune captured and continue developing it.


State the name of your producer and elaborate on the production of the song.
The process of producing a song starts with writing and composing it with the singer (Rotem). Once there is a sketch Roby works on the production with his very close friend and the producer Ido Namer.


Go into details on the lyrics of the song.
We both love nature and use it as a metaphor in our songs, to describe our feelings. The lyrics of this song are dealing with difficult experiences we all get in our lives. It’s about hopes and regrets. Looking back and thinking about what we could do better.


Elaborate on your music career.
Rotem is a singer/songwriter and guitarist, Roby Fayer is a music producer and a composer, both from Israel. They began collaborating in 2014 and released the first single of Roby’s debut album- “Safety Land”. Since then, Rotem has been performing all over the UK, playing at festivals such as “WonderFields” and “Oxjam” and has released her new single (Hurricane) in the UK. Roby has been working with mainstream artists within Israel, releasing new songs such as the 2015 Assassins Creed Unity trailer “Ready to Fight” and many more, being played on various mainstream radio stations in Israel and online, building his fan base around the world.


Brief us on how you are reaching fans with your music.
Rotem has traveled to the UK to play to a wider audience and build her profile within the UK’s music industry. Roby has been releasing more songs from his debut album as well as producing songs for mainstream artists in Israel such as Shiri Maimon and reaching a wide audience on Media Platforms and radio.


Discuss your motive behind making music.
We are making music because for us it is the best way to express our feelings, and seeing others relate to our experiences is priceless.


Discuss the process of your songwriting.
Every time is different; sometimes lyrics just come to us naturally when we’ve got the tune captured. Sometimes it could take a long time to get in the zone and find the right lyrics. Either way, we put our heads together and write and compose the song no matter how long it takes.


Brief us about your work and achievement so far in your music career.
In 2014 Roby released the song “Ready to Fight” on Soundcloud and received a message from the company of Assassins Creed video game. The day after the song has been announced as the official trailer song together with a video for the 2015 Assassins Creed Unity game. In 2017 Rotem’s new single ‘Hurricane’ and her previous single ‘Waterfalls’ were chosen to be played on Caffe Nero’s playlist in shops across the world, as well as in mainstream radio stations in Israel (88FM).


Tell us your opinion on using a rhymes dictionary or writing software to develop lyrics.
We try our best to come up with our own lyrics to our songs in the best way possible, but if there’s just one word missing, we might try using a rhymes dictionary to solve the situation. We don’t think it makes our creation less creative.


Discuss what is old and what is new in the music industry as in overall changes.
Nowadays, the “rules” of the music industry are changing every day. Today it’s all about being visible on every media platform possible and be real. We never try to be something we are not. These days, musicians can know within a few days or weeks whether they’ve succeeded with their creation and if the audience love and appreciate their music, whilst a few years ago one had to wait and see if people are buying CDs, etc.


Elaborate on how you prepare yourself for a recording session.
We make sure to have a good night’s sleep and good breakfast, Rotem makes sure to warm up her voice. We usually begin in the morning hours and finish in the afternoon, letting the session take us wherever it goes.


Brief us on your preference in terms of tempo as in up-tempo, mid-tempo, or slow tempo.
Rotem is a singer-songwriter and her original songs are mostly slow tempo, and Roby is producing mostly pop songs which are usually more up or mid-tempo. But we find a way to write songs together in tempos that we’re both happy with.


Discuss your shows or live performance.
Roby is performing mostly on live shows on radios and Rotem is performing at festivals and music venues in Israel and the UK.


Discuss working as a full-time or part-time musician.
Being a full-time musician is mostly a lot of fun. As a producer and as a singer/songwriter, you wake up in the morning to do the thing you love the most, you’re independent (no annoying bosses around) but you still got a lot of responsibility.


Send a message across to your fans and supporters.
We want to thank our fans and supporters across the world for sending your love and your warm words across, proving that there’s a reason for hard work and putting our hearts into our creation. We send our love!


Discuss the storyline of the song.
The song is a voice of a lot of us, thinking back over relationships in our lives. Wondering what we could do better, how we can treasure the good memories and deal with bad experiences.


Tell us what makes this song unique from others.
We think that the collaboration of an indie singer/songwriter and a mainstream/pop producer is what makes the song unique from others. It has the softness of Rotem’s music and voice with the up-tempo and the beat of Roby’s productions.


Tell us the subject matter of most of your compositions.
We try to focus on keeping our lyrics real and our compositions as emotional as we feel whilst writing the songs. We also pay attention to the rhythm and balance of the song, so our listeners could sing along and feel the music with us.


State the links to your social media and stores.
Follow Roby Fayer



Follow Rotem



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