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Roland Greco – Viridian

Roland Greco - Viridian

Roland Greco - Viridian
Roland Greco – Viridian
Go into detail on why you decide to choose music as a career. 
I started playing drums when I was 13 out of an inexplicable urge to tap out rhythms wherever I was. My drumming started out as a pretty casual practice but gradually got more serious. It eventually led to a scholarship to Berklee College of Music, where I dove headfirst into bigger undertakings like songwriting and producing. My passion for creating the best music possible has led me to make a career out of it.


Brief us the feedback you are getting from fans concerning your music. 
I am getting pretty great feedback on my latest singles. Fans describe the music as “dreamy”, which I am happy with.


Discuss the relevance of social networking to music. 
Social media has not been too relevant for me, as I think I need to hone my craft a lot more before throwing myself to the public.  But since I am releasing an EP soon, social media has become much more useful, lately in promoting it.


Brief us about the recording of this song. 
“Viridian” was written and recorded by me in my studio in Los Angeles. It is the last song I recorded for my EP. The song was started by using electronic elements and samples to create the main beat. Then I flushed it out with guitars and other live instruments.


Tell us the story behind the song. 
“Viridian” is kind of an abstract visualization of where I am at in my life. I wanted the word “Viridian” to symbolize this vague idea or goal we all hold on to…something that keeps us going. The lines in the chorus – “Why are the fields around me raining blood, just gotta keep the faith in Viridian”, symbolize the chaos and uncertainty that goes on in our own heads when simply trying to go about life. I’ve seen many people give up on following their passion, and I am trying to stay on the path and stay true to myself with what I want to achieve in life.


State your area of specialization in music. 
I play drums and specialize in producing electronic-based music.


Tell us how long it takes to finish a song from the start. 
1 to 2 weeks if I am producing it myself as well.


Go into detail on how you develop your lyrics and melody. 
I usually start with a concept that is digging at me. I have hundreds of song titles but usually, only write about things that I feel I need to just get out of my system.
Musically I usually start with bare chords and try to write melodies over that.


Discuss music generally in full detail. 
Music to me is the best art form for the day-to-day. While movies may be more captivating than a three-minute song, music is something we can come back to over and over, any time of the day, to experience every emotion imaginable.


State your five favourite genres of music. 
Hip-Hop – due to the rhythmic aspects and level of innovation.
Alternative/emo – due to the blunt honestly and vulnerability.
Ambient – due to the atmosphere and function the music can play.
Classic rock/folk – due to the timelessness.
Electronic – due to the sonic possibilities.


Discuss your rehearsal. 
I practice every day for whatever goal I want to achieve. Usually, that is becoming a better singer and songwriter, so I will try to sing for an hour a day and work on writing for at least 4 hours a day.


State your favorite musical instruments. 
Drums and piano.


Discuss your personality in full detail. 
I am a very quiet person but am very easy-going and passionate with people I am close with.


Tell us about your musical background. 
I’ve been playing drums since I was 13. I then started producing and writing at about age 17. I studied Music Production and Electronic Production at Berklee College of Music.


List your musical work. 


Give us the links to purchase your music and contact you. 


Share your memorable experiences with us. 
Spending time with family is always memorable for me.




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