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Salomé – A Crazy Situation

Salomé - A Crazy Situation
Salomé - A Crazy Situation
Salomé – A Crazy Situation
Tell us about yourself. 
Salomé comes from a family of 4 brothers and a sister and lived in a rural area in Switzerland. Although it is unusual for a teenage girl in this spot in the world to get in touch with underground hip hop, she explored her passion for underground and old-school hip hop from the age of 13. She started break dancing and her passion for music and singing grew bigger by the year. But it was not until she met underground hip hop artist Sean Strange from New York City as her passion turned into a serious manner. Besides pursuing a career as a high school teacher Salomé worked hard on her music career since the age of 19.



Prema comes from a family of 3 older siblings raised by her mother in Middletown, NJ. Both of her parents worked long hours but were not together. Unlike most kids, she enjoyed time on her own and used it to explore musical and creative hobbies like writing. At age 12 she moved in with her father in Staten Island, NY, where they shared a small apartment with her older brothers. Having 2 older brothers that put her on to artists like Rakim, Gangstarr, and Wu at an early age made it easy to fall in love with Hip Hop at an early age. As a child, she moved a lot between her mom and dad’s place and learned to adapt easily to change. This helped her to explore more, musically and artistically. In addition, being exposed to all types of genres from Jazz to Rock and even EDM helped her mold into the artist she is now. Music and writing were always a passion but it wasn’t until her early adulthood as she found out her father was sick with cancer that it became a more serious outlet for her to express herself and find guidance through challenges.


Tell us about yourself as an artist. 
Salomé The Artist:
Salomé aka SwissMiss is a solo vocalist/producer hailing from Switzerland under the wing of the American label “Nah Bro Entertainment” that has its base in New York City. In an industry filled with one-dimensional artists and auto tune, Salomé stands out for her obvious natural ability to sing and work in all genres of music. Over the last 5 years, Salomé has been working and touring consistently with Underground Hip Hop artist Sean Strange. She has performed in places such as New York City, Switzerland, UK, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and much more. In January 2015 she released her debut album “The Princess of Pain” which has reached thousands of people internationally. It features Swifty McVay from the legendary group D12, as well as collaborations and production by Sean Strange. In her versatile project, she not only shows her influence of Hip Hop but also her ability to sing in a high opera style range. In November 2017 she released the EP “Colors Of My Mind” fully produced and performed by Salomé. Obscure trip-hop influenced instrumentals accompanied by eerie vocals with conscious lyrics.
Prema The Artist: 
Art has been something Prema did to fuel and express her emotions. Her art helps her to communicate deeper with herself and the universe. That’s why her lyrics are like a badge for her and she finds strength in putting words together. She has always been sort of an aggressive person so music is a tool for her to understand and communicate better.
Tell us about the genre of your music. 
Prema is a rapper influenced by old-school hip hop. Salomé’s music on the other hand is hard to put into a category. She tries to be versatile and produces as well as performs on different kinds of songs from hip hop to R&B, EDM, etc.


Tell us about the story behind your song. 
Salomé and Prema went to a hip-hop event in Manhattan called Tocca Tuesday’s, where their boyfriends met up with each other since they are both rappers working with each other for a long time. Salomé told her about the project “Lunar Cypher” where she tries to bring women together to work on an international project. Salomé manages and produces this project where women emcees and singers showcase unique styles of all lengths of hip hop. The two artists clicked right away and started working on a record together shortly. That’s how the song “A Crazy Situation” was born. A couple of days after the recording session at the Mix Lodge in Queens, NY they shot a freestyle video directed by Mr. Hawkins (iNTeLL). The vibe was so intense that the two artists decided to continue combining their artistic visions in the future.
Tell us about the problems you are facing as a musician. 
In the music industry, it is hard to survive if you can’t let go of expectations. It is difficult to find the balance of having fun and pursuing music in a serious manner. Many let downs can stop a musician from finding joy but at the same time tests the strong will of an artist to achieve more. Especially in the world of hip hop Prema and Salomé often experience a lack of respect for women. It is hard being accepted as female artists in a room full of males, which makes this collaboration even more precious.
List the names of blogs, radio, or TV stations that have supported you so far. 
The track has been submitted to local heavy hitting stations like Wrapfm, and Gorilla Grooves Radio which both gears to strictly 90’s hip hop. Wrapfm was started by D.J. Eroc on Staten and their partner Gorilla Grooves reps the station in the Bronx.
Tell us more about your music career, experience, and future goals. 
If Salomé is not on tour with Sean Strange she is working on music. Right now she is promoting her new EP “Colors Of My Mind” and working on the mixtape “Energy Power Passion” which will be released by the end of February. Soon more details to the release of the international project of women emcees “Lunar Cypher” will be announced. Besides that, she is working on her second solo album “Screaming in Silence” and prepares to go on tour in Australia with Sean Strange and Termanology.
Prema is currently finishing up her solo freshman album “Take Flight” and working on “Lunar Cypher” with Salomé and the crew. She promotes, performs, manages, and funds herself as a solo artist. She also coordinates and hosts creative showcases for local artists of Staten Island and all around New York City and plans to continue expanding with event planning endeavors to push and build her fan base. Ultimately she yearns to familiarize herself more with engineering and production skills so she can navigate and manage herself in all aspects.
Brief us what inspires you to write, compose and sing.
Prema and Salomé are both artists who find their inspiration in their negative experiences and emotions; they both lean towards finding beauty in darkness. The two women gain creativity and energy from nature and feel challenged by letdowns rather than pushed down to the ground. Success, progress, and music as well as personal growth are what both artists strive for.
Brief us the top-secret behind making a hit song. 
Perfected simplicity.
Tell us the piece of advice you will give to an upcoming artist. 
It’s important to be patient and find your lane to be yourself. Please yourself and stay focused and true to your journey. And most important: don’t ever give up on believing in yourself!
Tell us how you write your lyrics, compose, sing and record in the studio. 
The two women are artists who work in similar progress. They write everything down, keep books, post-it notes, and paper in arms, reach at all times and constantly jot down thoughts, ideas, and inspirational quotes. Even if it is in the middle of the night although not all of it makes sense. Sometimes a song just flows and gets out and other times the artists can be stuck with the same song and the same line for days. Usually, the lyrics are driven through the beat that translates to a melody or cadence which determines the further writing process.
Name the artists you are willing to collaborate with. 
It’s hard to name specific artists, but if it makes sense and we enjoy their music we are always willing to collaborate.
State the links to your social networks and stores for the purchase of your songs. 
Facebook Salomé
Facebook Prema777
Instagram/Twitter: @salomenahbro
Instagram/Twitter: @prema777
SoundCloud Salome
SoundCloud Prema777
YouTube Salome
iTunes Salome


Tell us how you will spend a million dollars. 
We would totally invest the million dollars in the music label Nah Bro Entertainment run by Salomé and Sean Strange to give all the artists including Salomé and Prema a jump-off by sponsoring high budget music videos and promotion to bring the label to the next level.
Tell us, five artists, you can regard as legends. 
Prema: Nas, Lauren Hill, Slick Rick, Marvin Gay, Bill Withers
Salomé: Tupac, Prodigy, Linda Perry, Bob Marley, Left Eye and so many more of course!
Tell us what you think about creativity and originality in music. 
Music is a way to express creativity but this doesn’t necessarily have to be original. Music consists out of a limited number of musical notes and only a few chord combinations give the big masses of people the feeling they expect from hearing a song on the radio. This can explain the lack of originality in most hit records. In the opinion of the two women; the difference lays in the combination of chords, percussion, and the most essential part of the lyrics. In their eyes, it is a shame to what extent lyrics have lost their importance or may have never been existent in the most part of listeners. However, for the two artists, it still is extremely important to express themselves in an original and creative manner, even if it means going against what is considered mainstream music.
Tell us the major reason you are into music. 
Prema and Salomé are both artists that express themselves and their inner demons with music. The main purpose to create is based on a therapeutic process to release negative energy and to turn them into something positive.


Tell us what you would do for the people if you found yourself in a position of power. 
If Prema and Salomé would find themselves in a position of power they would try to look out for the less fortunate to push against the imbalance of power in society and the whole world.




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