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Sam Woolf and the Como Brothers

Sam Woolf and the Como Brothers

Sam Woolf and the Como Brothers
Sam Woolf and the Como Brothers


State your reason for choosing music as a career. 
Andrew: Music is all I think about.  For me, there’s nothing like writing a song, recording, and performing it for people.  There’s nothing else I want to do.


Tell us how you write the lyrics to your song. 
Sam: Usually I work on lyrics by picking a topic to write about or whatever I’m feeling at that time, and I write down a bunch of lines then pick the best ones and put them in order. It’s Kinda like putting a puzzle together.
Matt: For me, songs have come in all different types of ways but most commonly I’m actually just playing random chords and singing random nonsense until a cool phrase and melody come out at the exact same time.  I usually can build the song around that. Sometimes during the day, a keyword will come to me, whether in thought or conversation and then that keyword I’ll jot down or remember for later because it might be a good word or phrase that feels like a song to me.


Brief us about your music career. 
Andrew: I’ve been playing in bands since I was in high school. It’s been about 10 years now. I was in a Beatles tribute band from 2008-2011; I played George Harrison. Matt would sub in for the John part towards the end of the Beatles band. My dad played Ringo and my Uncle played Paul. I was raised on the Beatles and older music from a young age. The first song I ever remember hearing was the Beatle’s rendition of “Twist & Shout” in my parents’ 1993 Plymouth Voyager in my garage. I’ve been hooked ever since.  Matt and I started writing our own songs around 2010. Songwriting was a hobby that turned into a passion. The duo was just the result of wanting to perform our own material.
We met Sam in late 2014 at a Webster Hall gig in NYC in which we were both opening up for an artist named Ryan Beatty.  After that, we toured upwards of 80 shows together over the next couple of years and then started all writing together.  That eventually turned into our new upcoming EP “Backbeat in the Morning” which contains the single “On It”.


Elaborate on how you come about your artist’s name. 
Matt: It is just our band name ‘The Como Brothers’ and Sam’s name, Sam Woolf, combined into “Sam Woolf and The Como Brothers”.


List your five favorite music videos with reasons. 
John Mayer – Waiting On The World To Change: I just love the vibe of this one.  The graffiti artists doing their thing while Mayer tells his story in a gloomy NYC.
The Beatles – Abbey Road Rooftop Performances: Technically these aren’t music videos; they’re just live performances.  However, behind the Ed Sullivan performances, these videos are a big reason why I do music in the first place.
Michael Jackson – Beat It: Always loved this song and the video.  Love the theatrics and drama of the video.  Nothing beats Van Halen’s guitar solo in this one.
The Game, 50 Cent – Hate It Or Love It: The video is great, but it’s the song that I really love.  This was middle school for me.  There was a good two-three years of my life where basically all I listened to was rap.
Eminem – Lose Yourself:  Most inspirational song of all inspirational songs.  You can’t just beat it.
Tell us your source of inspiration. 
Matt: I find a lot of inspiration in the story of the Beatles.  Two people that started from nothing to go on to rule the music world with songs they created from scratch together just having fun.  I think all songwriters draw from their daily and life experiences – things that are happening around us, feelings that we have, and relationships we are in are all fair game.  Specifically, I find a lot of inspiration in the emotions of longing, motivation to do better in life, being a better person, and overcoming struggle.


Tell us your experience dealing with paparazzi. 
Matt: Not a fan of it.


Tell us what you have on the way for your fans. 
Andrew: We have an EP that we wrote and produced with Woolf coming out called “Backbeat in the Morning”.  Other than that we always have songs in the can.  Stay tuned.


List the names of those that have supported you so far. 
Matt: We are just releasing these group songs and most shows we have played together; we headlined ourselves so together we haven’t supported too many other acts.  We did support Ryan Beatty, a songwriter from California when we all met.  Separately we have supported acts solos such as PJ Morton, We The Kings, David Cook, Howie Day, The Wallflowers, and many more.


Tell us your opinion on the use of auto-tune. 
Andrew: It can be used stylistically in really cool ways (T Pain, Kanye, Cher).  The negative opinions come from people who believe artists that “can’t sing” are fooling everyone and becoming Aretha Franklin because of autotuning.  Autotune can aid performances, it can’t make them.


Tell us your opinion on quality and quantity in terms of releasing songs.
Matt: I think whatever the songwriter feels is a good song is good enough to be released.  Yes we all want to release ‘our best songs’ and maybe in today’s ‘singles’ driven release market that is considered better by music executive stuffed up people but honestly, there is something admirable about acts like John Mayer, Billy Joel, The Beatles – all releasing quantity and albums that tell stories together.  Maybe all the songs aren’t considered their best songs – but they all work together – and the songs are cool because the artist wrote them and that’s it.


Tell us your opinion on categorizing music into genres and sub-genres. 
Sam: I don’t have an opinion about it.
Matt: As a songwriter, I don’t’ care for it.  A song is a song and shouldn’t be pigeonholed into a category – especially since most songs don’t fit any one category.  But as a listener, I guess it’s helpful in finding music you like to hear so I see the value on that side.


State the genre you hate most with reason. 
Andrew: I don’t know that I “hate” any genre.  I have a great deal of respect for anyone that dives into anything and masters it.  If the question were, “Which genre have you not gotten into?” I would say metal.  It’s not that I hate it; it’s just that it’s never spoken to me whenever I’ve listened to it.


List your three favorite movies with reasons. 
Tombstone – because I like old Weston vibes.
The Dark Night – because Heath ledger is badass.
The Post – I saw recently which I really liked.


State the links to your stores and website. 




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