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Say Kids – Honeydew

Say Kids – Honeydew

Say Kids – Honeydew

Say Kids – Honeydew



SONG TITLE: Honeydew


Feedback: Our fans have received our latest single with nothing but open arms! They have been inquiring about our next live show, which we plan on having booked soon. Overall, people have been super- ecstatic that we are back in the world of releasing music.
Songwriting: We always think musically in band terms. To clarify, we write our music in a way that allows us to play off of each other. We write with the other in mind to add a dynamic to our sound, which is your quintessential four-piece rock group. Lyrics are Peyton’s forte, and the lyrics are always in contention with the vibe the song brings.


Production: ‘Honeydew’ was recorded in our producer’s (Adam Lochemes) home studio. We recorded it in two takes, and that was the most time-consuming thing. We tend to overly prepare for the recording process so we can go into the studio ready to rock. This allows the actual recording process to be stress-free and ultimately really fun.


Mood: Peyton enjoys writing alone in his room. The more peaceful the setting the more fluidly ideas come.
Teamwork: Prior to the pandemic, we played many notable shows with acts such as Arlie, Secondhand Sound, The Thing With Feathers, Parrotfish, and many more. The scene made it abundantly clear that we were not the only fish in the pond. We had to step our game up with every move we made going forward with this project.


Performing and recording: Our first show was played in The Medium’s basement, and it was the place to be that night. It is one of our fondest memories looking back and gave us the courage to take on the real stage at Nashville’s proud rock venue, The End. Our first time recording was an absolute blast. We recorded six songs in one day (in about two hours), again, at Adam Lochemes’s house. It was a blast getting to test how tight we were as a band under the microscope that is recording.
Songwriting: Typically, the music will come along first. Usually, Peyton and Oliver will collaborate on the technical side of the guitars. Once they have a solid foundation Peyton will take whatever they have and write a song. He doesn’t like to reveal anything until he has everything.
Multi-Genre: It is almost impossible these days to make a song without hinting at some influences. Genre-bending is the name of the game. We love to push the limits with what we can do with a song while being tasteful. In other words, it is most welcome.


Training: Music education was the first ‘A’ we all received in school, so we figured we should stick to it.
Vocals: Peyton and Adam collaborate in postproduction to fine-tune the vocals. Peyton and Adam sang together during high school in the choir. Adam has a great understanding of Peyton’s vocal abilities, and they make a great team when it comes to making harmonies.
Software: We record on Pro-Tools!


Song: ‘Honeydew’ was recorded in November before the pandemic, and was written with the intention to tell our fans that we have a lot down the pipeline. We knew it had been a while since we released a song, and we saw it as the perfect way to say, “Don’t worry…we’re back” to our fans.
Artist’s Name:  We discovered the name, Say Kids, after one of our first practices as a band. We stumbled upon a computer-generated band lineup for Lollapalooza on Twitter. We took three names that we liked from it and inevitably decided that we loved the name, Say Kids. 


Album’s Title: Honeydew was chosen because it is a play on words. The lyrics say, “Honeydew (Honey[do]) intend not to notice”. It could be a nickname if you will.



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