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Second Hand Poet – Loving You

Second Hand Poet - Loving You

Second Hand Poet - Loving You
Second Hand Poet – Loving You


Tell us about yourself.
I’m Jamie, apart from my music I tend to spend a lot of time working, drinking red wine, and listening to copious amounts of music…and probably starting too many Netflix series to actually ever finish.
Tell us about yourself as an artist.
It’s sometimes a burden having music on your mind all the time; it’s hard to balance normal routine life and having enough hours to be creative. I write lots, I also play in another band so the voice recording app on my phone is always consistently full!
Tell us about the genre of your music.
It’s easy to just put my music in the folk/singer-songwriter category so it’s probably best to leave it at that!
Tell us about the story behind your song.
This track ‘Loving You’ has been around for I’d say, four years?
It’s changed the name, it’s been reworked countless times and even the inspiration for the song has changed. It started off a love song and by the time of its release all these years later it’s probably more of a rehabilitation anthem!
Tell us about the problems you are facing as a musician.
Apart from what I’ve already listed earlier, it’s sometimes hard to be positive. It’s a cruel place in the music world, sometimes even getting your work listened to is a painful and mind-numbing experience!
Tell us about the recording and production of the song.
The track, as well as the album, were recorded in London with producer Franc Cinelli at his lovely studio in Chelsea. I went in with the bare bones of all the tracks and an open mind to change them as much as they needed to be!
List the names of blogs, radio, or TV stations that have supported you so far.
Over the years I’ve been lucky to have been supported by the likes of Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent and BBC Introducing!
Tell us more about your music career, experience, and future goals.
I’ve been doing it seriously for about five years, I’ve been lucky enough to have played around Europe and support artists that I’ve generally been a fan of before. I’ve done the whole label route as well as the DIY route.
Future wise, I have another album half-written, keeping the car running is the best goal you can have, I think anyway!


Brief us what inspires you to write, compose and sing.
It just happens when your mind wants to be creative; it’s a way of dealing with things in a way that keeps you occupied as well.
When the end result has been released to the world, the positive reactions make it all so worthwhile.
Brief us the top-secret behind making a hit song.
I am yet to experience this. I don’t always think hit songs are intentional. Obviously, a lot of mainstream stations have a very similar-sounding playlist; I guess that makes it easier for writers to work from.
Tell us the piece of advice you will give to an upcoming artist.
Make sure you’re truly happy with the songs before going to any producer or studio. And definitely don’t pick a studio based on price. Do your research don’t let it become a chore.


Discuss at length your music careers, albums, songs, tours, recognition, or awards you might have obtained.
I’ve released a few EP’s over the years, mainly demos that have long disappeared from the web! I released an EP with a label also. ‘Songs For The Pyre’ is my latest and debut mini-album!
I’ve played a lot in the South of England, and did two Belgium tours recently!
Tell us how you write your lyrics, compose, sing and record in the studio.
I can write lyrics anywhere, they sometimes sound like gibberish, and get ironed out later. Or sometimes a verse or a chorus idea will get written first. I usually use my phone or an interface to record ideas, and then a rough demo is made once the song is in its near-final stage.
I only find an album ready to record in a studio when you don’t need any lyrics or reference sheets to the songs! They should be drilled in!


Name the artists you are willing to collaborate with.
I’d be willing to collaborate with anyone. The list of people I would definitely collaborate with would be extremely long…to mention a few, Keaton Henson, First Aid Kit, Agnes Obel to name a few.


State the links to your social networks and stores for the purchase of your songs.
I’m on most social media platforms!



Tell us about your happiest day and saddest day.
I hope I haven’t had my happiest day just yet, and the saddest day can stay buried…
Tell us how you will spend a million dollars.
I would use it to have as much free time as I possibly could!
Discuss music promotion and how you are boosting your fan base.
I’ve been recently testing a new way of reaching out to people, speaking to them directly rather than wasting time with PR. I think it’s a more human and positive way of doing things.
Tell us how you manage other activities with your music career.
I don’t manage it very well at all!
State the official date of release.
It’s been out a few weeks!


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
Second Hand Poet, I find it easier writing behind a moniker. It takes you out of it just that little bit.


State the title of the song and the meaning.
‘Loving You’ – It’s a non-personal love song, that depicts the feeling and sense of being in love…and also the insecurities that also make you feel in love?
State the title of the album and the reason for picking the title.
‘Songs For The Pyre’ – a pyre is a pile of combustible material that you then set on fire to burn whatever it is you feel you need to ha?
Some of the songs on the album need to just be put on a fire and burned. Not in a bad way, that same euphoric feeling when standing in front of a bonfire, or the remembering in the happiness of a person at a cremation. It’s the ending or the release of something!




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