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September Eighteenths

September Eighteenths - Slowing Down

September Eighteenths - Slowing Down
September Eighteenths – Slowing Down


Tell us your favorite instruments.
Vocals, for sure. Big fans of singing. We also love the drums. Neither Jackson nor I play, but we very much wish we could.


List the names of those supporting you.
Moms, dads, brothers, sisters, friends. Our friend and producer, Carl Culley, has been extremely helpful and supportive. Tons of people.


Tell us your preferred musical styles.
Definitely indie/folk/pop. Anything in that realm. Things with a heavy focus on the vocals, and lyrics. Indie/folk music also feels like it’s not trying to copy anything. It’s always very original.


List the name of five artists that have influenced you musically.
Damien Rice, Hozier, Weezer, Panic! At The Disco, Marc Broussard.


Tell us your favorite food and hobby.
Favorite food- mashed potatoes. Love them.
Hobby- probably reading. Typically I read a book a week. I think it’s the best education you can get.
Tell us if you smoke and drink alcohol.
I do drink, no smoking.


Tell us your musical experience pertaining to the recording of this song.
This was the first song Jackson and I ever wrote together over a year ago. It’s very strange to revisit it, especially with the growth we have had as musicians and artists. It’s always strange to look back at past work.


Explain what you know about vocal training.
Jackson knows everything, literally everything. He is a vocal coach under one of the best vocal coaches in the country. I have taken voice from both of them actually. I know a decent amount, but Jackson is the vocal encyclopedia.


Discuss the use of live instruments for recording in the studio.
We try to do everything live. Obviously, there are some soundscape effects on there that are computer-generated, but for the most part, live instruments. Recorded one at a time. We don’t record everything at the same time.


Brief us about your songwriting process.
It’s a long, developing process, that’s been evolving since we started. We are typically story songwriters. So we flush out the story pretty heavily upfront, and then start working on a chord progression with which we start humming random things for melodies. It’s usually easiest when we find a hook, and then build off of that. But always story first.


Tell us your other talents apart from singing.
We’re both pretty decent at anything athletic. Jackson is a damn good runner. I do a solid amount of weight lifting and fighting.


Tell us your future plans in terms of your music career.
Keep releasing singles, and slowly bring in some more collaborators. Do some solid live session videos, and then start thinking about a 2-3 week tour.


Tell us the worst experience in your music career.
We’ve not had many horrible experiences. Though we’ve definitely had some rough shows. Just ill-prepared.


Discuss sexual harassment in the music industry.
It shouldn’t be there. We haven’t had any experience with that.


Discuss in detail all we need to know about your song and album.
It’s a pretty simple concept. Probably our simplest. You can listen to it, and understand that it’s about taking control of your own life, and not following any preset path that either you or others have laid down for you.


Tell us what fans are saying about your music.
Well if they are our fans, they like it! We mostly get comments about our vocals and lyrics.


Discuss multi-genre and switching from one genre to another.
I think it’s very healthy to be pretty genre-fluid. If someone is trying too hard to fit into a genre, their music won’t be at all original.


State the links to your stores and website.
Right now we would just love for you to check out ‘September Eighteenths’ on Spotify and Apple Music!!


Explain in detail the title of the song.
‘Slowing Down’. Meaning taking a step back from your day to day, and really pondering who you are, and what you are doing, and whether you are moving in the direction you want to be moving in.
State the reason you are into music.
It’s a way to tell stories.




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