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Shafer and Danny


Tell us your real names, country of birth, date of birth and childhood experience.

Austin Shafer and Daniel Jernigan grew up together, going to school and playing music in bands. Eventually Shafer learned how to produce and we decided to start a new project with just us!



Tell us about your music career, your band name, musical background, experience and skills.

We both have a long history of playing in bands and writing music, we wanted to put our knowledge and experience together and create a new sound that everyone can enjoy!



Tell us about your genre, concept and idea behind your music video and the song.

We write mostly chill hip hop, we want people to have fun and be able to relax to our music. Our first single highs and lows is about never growing old and always being able to leave and hit the road when you want.



Tell us everything that we need to know about you as a musician and the ups and downs you have faced in the music business.

Throughout the years we have faced a lot of challenges playing in bands, selling tickets promoting our music. It’s a tough grind promoting metal and heavy music so we wanted to switch it up and be more accessible to people.



Tell us about other members of your band, music producer, crew or music video director, how the song was recorded and how the music video was shot.

Danny and Shafer have been writing and producing music for years, so we use our collective experience to shape stuff into catchy and fun music!



Tell us how long you have been in the music industry, your experience and your future goal.

We have been playing music and shows since we were 15 and 16, we had a love for it early and it never left. We just keep growing and want to better ourselves.



Tell us what inspires you to write, compose and sing.

We both have a deep passion for music so that drives us to make catchy music that we would want to listen to ourselves.



Tell us the secret behind making a hit song.

The secret to a hit song is all about groove, melody, and lyrics, but also simplicity. If you fire on all those cylinders you have a recipe for a great song!



Tell us the message you will like to pass to your fans out there.

We want all our fans to follow their dreams, like we have and find something you are passionate about and pursue it!




Tell the kind of advice you will give to an upcoming artist.

Work on yourself and your skill set, perfect your craft before trying to get it out into the world. Once you are ready promote, promote, promote.



Elaborate on your music careers, albums, songs, tours, recognition or awards you might have obtained.

So far we have a few songs on soundcloud that are gaining some traction and we got a placement in RB lifestyle magazine.



List Radio or TV Stations that are airing your songs and blogs that have featured you as well and send message to them via this platform.

We haven’t hit any real radio play yet, but I see it coming in the near future.



Tell us how you write your lyrics, compose, sing and record in the studio.

We like to write the music first then brainstorm ideas until we catch a vibe. Once we start going we can finish a whole song in one night!



Name five biggest artists that you look up to like idols.

We look up a lot to people who push the boundaries of music and creativity, lately we have been into post Malone, Kid Cudi, Mgmt, modest mouse, and Travis Scott just to name a few.



Name the artists you have collaborated with before in your songs or artists you are willing to collaborate with in the future if you have the chance to do so.

So far we have collaborated with this rapper named Details, he has insane lyrics and a great flow and we plan to keep working with him as well as get some new artists on our songs as well!



Give us the links to your website and your entire social network.

You can find us at or



Give us the links to your various stores for fans to buy your music.

Our music is currently not available for purchase, but we have an upcoming album that will be available in the near future 🙂



Tell us about your happiest day and saddest day.

We always have a good time when we get together and work on music. We have our ups and downs but we do our best to channel those feelings into the music we write.



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