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Signal6 – Six Days

Signal6 - Six Days
Signal6 - Six Days
Signal6 – Six Days






Signal6 – Six Days



Go into detail on why you decided to choose music as a career.
All of us have been listening to music since our early days and picked up our respective instruments at different stages of our lives. We all could have gone for a non-music profession but our passion was too strong to ignore and we all made the same choice of making music our career.
The 6 of us are united by our music and by our goals, to be able to reach people, make a living out of our creation, and still have the freedom to push the boundaries as musicians and content creators.
Everyone in the band has a different and yet similar musical background, all having different ages our biggest point in common is our love for groove in music. All of us have been listening, dancing, and playing music quite early in our life
We all come from a different musical backgrounds and all have different ages. From early one every one of us has had a passion for music whether it’s playing or listening to it. When the band was formed at London College we worked harmoniously, starting as a 4 piece and adding horn. We work harmoniously together and are excited for the future of our sound.


Brief us the feedback you are getting from fans on your music. 
As we are about to release our first few singles the only engagement we’ve had with an audience was through the gigs we’ve done. We always try to reach people outside of our social circle and at every gig we have managed to make and meet new fans. All of them really enjoy the different moods we give to our music and how they were able to feel different emotions, going from a more melancholic feeling rising into a light and dancing mood. They all enjoyed our stage presence as they said we remained true as a band and good friends.
A good combination of classic soulful vibe and staying true to the modern era music. Fans are dancing and listening …


Discuss the relevance of social networking to music. 
Social networking is integral to music; it has always been and will always be. Especially nowadays to DIY musicians such as ourselves. We are always trying to meet new people in the music environment, we rely on those who enjoy our sound and we are truly grateful to anyone who is happy to help us and join us on our ride.


Tell us how you record your song. 
We used to record at a friend’s studio to make demos. But we had an upgrade to record our two singles. We try to keep it as authentic as possible. So far all of our songs have been recorded as live takes. We even managed to record our two singles in one day. Then we take those takes into our Guitarist’s studio to work on the whole production of the songs and finally, we send it to get it mixed and mastered.


Tell us the story behind the song. 
The story behind the ‘Search’ is one that people can relate to. Traveling through nature, different cities, discovering new cultures in order to understand who we are as individuals and what we want to get out of life. Or in broader words, someone who is searching for himself/herself.
Get Inspired is the result of frustration being turned into a song. Starting from the intro guitar riff, Phil Rose (singer/lyricist) had trouble finding any ideas, and it was only when Hugo Cottu (Guitar player) told him to “just get inspired” that Phil came up with the intro/chorus melody and lyrics on the spot. The main horn section/guitar riff came quickly after when Hugo just heard the melody in his head. The lyrics are about trying to get inspired thereby turning frustration into a song. In one evening we were able to write one of our favorite songs.


State your musical skills. 
Be my guest if you’ve got some ideas!
Jazz Horn Players
Blues Guitarist


Tell us how long it takes to complete a song from the start.
Ages! The writing process never actually stops; even if the final product is recorded we enjoy slightly modify the songs for our live performances. But every song has its own way of coming to life. The actual writing of a song can be done in one day, the arrangement and production can come in a few hours … But we only take a song to the studio when everyone in the band is happy with the way it sounds.
Go into detail on how you develop your lyrics and melody. 
Most of the initial song idea starts with a jam, whether it’s a chord progression, a groove, or a melody. We record a sample of it and then our singer Phil Rose will usually come up with the main story of the song and its chore melody. Taking these ideas Phil and our guitar player Hugo Cottu will sit together to arrange the song, and polish the melodies and lyrics. Only when they feel the song is ready they will show it to the band and we will finalize the arrangement and production of the song.


Discuss music in full detail. 
Everyone has a different approach to what music is for them. We all find that for the 6 of us we don’t think of it as a job or a hobby. We see it as a way of life. Though it sounds cheesy it’s true. It’s the easiest way for us to communicate what we are feeling in present, express our feelings into songs and hopefully reach people who will relate to our songs.
Music is love, music is life and it’s what you want it to be! Nah we just want to enjoy anything we hear.


State your five favorite genres of music. 
The best way to explain the genres of music we prefer is by giving an artist that we can’t help ourselves to always come back to. We love soul because of Marvin Gaye. We love funk because of James Brown. We love Hip Hop because of J Dilla. We love Neo Soul because of Erykah Badu. And we love our Blues and Jazz because of the Three Kings and musicians such as Miles Davis, Chet Baker, John Coltrane, and the list goes on.
Each of these genres represents 5 different moods we all go through in our daily lives.
The soul is because of Marvin Gaye.
Funk because of James Brown.
Hip Hop because of J Dilla.
Neo-soul because of Jill Scott and Erykah Badu.
Blues/jazz because of the 3 Kings, Miles Davis and Chet Baker.


Discuss your rehearsal. 
Before music gets involved we are all very good friends, and it is important for us to have a meal together before or after every rehearsal we have so we don’t forget to connect as friends. Every rehearsal is fun and full of creativity! It’s actually hard to write new songs as we can come with 10 new ideas in just a few seconds. Though we have fun and we do spend a good amount of time working on polishing our songs for both live performance and studio recordings.


State your favorite musical instruments.  
The triangle is our favorite instrument! Though it is a neglected instrument, if the triangle is played at the right moment it will change a track!
And of course, we cannot forget our beloved didgeridoo; I mean have you heard the frequency it delivers?! Truly amazing!


Describe the chemistry between you and your fans during a live performance. 
We make sure people at our gig dance since our songs are quite up-tempo and danceable. We usually get our audience engaged by sharing the stories behind our songs. Everyone in the band loves performing live and having a good time and we think it has helped us gather new fans as they usually want to join along and groove with us.


Discuss your personality in full detail. 
We all have different personalities, some are loud, some are more discrete and some are in between, together we are a pretty balanced band and we help each other find a good balance!


Discuss your music career. 
We are all involved in the music industry; most of us are solo artists, some of us are session musicians, and others are more into the business side of the music scene. But we all enjoy what we are doing and very excited to push this project onto the next level.


Share your memorable experiences with us. 
We really enjoyed the reception we got in one of our first gigs. We were able to finally settle on the arrangement of a 45 minutes setlist. We managed to get 100 people in the venue; the majority of the audience were listening to our music and dancing along.
For us, as a band, it was really a big achievement as we were all happy with the way we performed and the positive feedback from the audience. They enjoyed our music and wanted to meet and drink with us.




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